Procedural Islands

Heres an update on the environment side of things,

Initially we had a vague vision of how we wanted the island biomes to look.. small in size, scarce in resources, and fairly basic. We figured this would produce a much more stranded vibe and emphasise on how susceptible to death you are.


However this ended up looking a bit bland, probably due to the limitations we set ourselves. We were confused with how players might portray their island, Why would they ever want to be rescued from this paradise? Is their enough to explore?, enough resources for gameplay elements? It’s not easy finding a nice balance.

However, this is the beauty with procedurally generated content , there are no resets or scrapping design elements. I personally felt it lacked in vegetation, you want to feel like this is your salvation and need to be comforted by the foliage to escape from the infinite open waters. So, we played around with a few variations whilst figuring out what was lacking in atmospheric flavour, trying finding a nice balance in all the generated content.

Anyway, this is where we’re at right now, no doubt we’l end up changing a few things, figuring out what works and what we can get away with.



I know we’re still lacking in some up to date footage (we’re working on it) but development is speeding up alot now that we’ve setup the whole generation system, we’ve ironed out most of the issues and everything seems to be running smoothly. I’d like to go into more detail on the system but i’l probably wait until after release. It’s very user friendly and the detail generation consists a lot of spawning parameters like splatmaps, heights, biomes, groupings, variety, rarity, etc, etc. It’s very flexible, i’m thinking of re-using the system for universal use later in the future, instead of specifically for the environment we’re looking for.

Anyway, everything is running super nice and i’m pretty please with how it turned out. All a work in progress, as usual.

12 thoughts on “Procedural Islands

  1. This is shaping up real good

  2. This is so awesome, im looking forward to this game =)

    I really hope you will make something like this as a co-op game, would be awesome to play this game with friends, thumbs up for you !

    Excited for release , and sure hoping for a beta =)

  3. Please post more.

  4. When will you post a video? :O

  5. cannot wait for this game going to play full price for this WOOT

  6. Hey Team 🙂 What About a little NewYearsUpdate 😀 😀 😀 your Community is wait’in… :>

  7. is this game dead now seems hardly any updates?

  8. Of course not, they’re an indie developer. They’re not always going to have the time to update people every week.

    I’m sure they’re hard at work trying to put out an alpha build, don’t worry.

  9. Thanks Adam, you’re absolutely right.

  10. Hopefully they do. awaiting this Game sooo hardly.. O.O the alpha video and the pictures tell stories far enough… hope the have a good time and good progress. :> love survival games.. without horror aspects. this will be a greeeaaaat game.

  11. I keep checking back here for updates. I’m so pumped about this game just as much as I was many many many many many many months ago. Each update is looking more fantastic! It’s hard being patient haha. But keep up the good work! If you ever need a tester I’d be more than happy to drill into it!

  12. a new year 2014 whitout news about SD is nooot good :(:(:(
    plzzz. share some newzzz… :> we hardly wait’in O.o

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