Whoa! This year is just flying past us, i think its time we post a little update.

In the past we’ve talked about our procedural content and how its used to create the world’s environment. This time we would also like to show off other features that use a similar, yet simplistic approach.
As the title implies i’m talking about trees. Trees play a big role in Stranded Deep, they’re your protection from the sun and rain, a supplier of natural foods, your lookout upon the endless ocean, you might even form a bond. Unfortunately for them, you’re going to need wood..and alot of it!

We don’t want player’s to hack mindlessly at a trunk until it disappears and logs fall from the sky, creating realistic ‘tree chopping’ is no easy task and we’ve looked into many different approaches; animation, mesh deformation, masking and splitting, etc, etc. All of these approaches were surprisingly time consuming and performance heavy.. not to mention out of place.
After much trial and error we decided that we would use predefined log segments that are randomly generated onto a trees foundation, similar to a pipe system.

First a stump is placed and is then followed by an array of  seamlessly joined unique trunk segments with the final vegetation piece placed on top. This allows us to create much more interesting segments with bends and curves in the future that will create much more interesting combinations.
When interacting with a tree, the segments retrieve their required components and rely on the physics engine. This procedural approach allows us to easily create a variety of trees during runtime and makes it much easier to balance out the distribution of wood to a player per island, you find yourself contemplating over each trees life and end up scheduling their sacrifice in your survivals development. Its awesome!

Heres us having some fun with the generation parameters, i’m sure modders will love creating their very own Hollywood island 🙂

..and i bet you’re wondering if you can cut them down..(Things get a bit crazy)

Hope this gives you more insight into our development, we’re currently in the process of switching lighting and getting everything looking fine but i’m sure you’l hear more of that in the future. We’ve had many questions regarding the release and our lack of updates… the truth is we’re both super busy and working harder than ever on getting this out for all the hardcore survivors.

Stay tuned!

19 thoughts on “Lumberjack

  1. I’m sure it’s our lack of patience and not your lack of updates… Any teasers like this are a bonus for now.

    Keep up the good work guy’s !!

  2. Ok, seriously I am starting to think this game isn’t real, it’s just too perfect. Great work you guys!

  3. Awesome! So excited for this to be released:) Maybe we can get an estimated release date? Also, maybe you guys could showcase building in your next update? That would be sweet.

  4. Sweet! Looks like it’s going to be super fun! I love survival games. I can’t wait until it is released! Looking good! 🙂

  5. Any tree system is better than Rust’s 🙂
    I love the game, but having there be “no wood left” in the tree after you smack it a bit, is quite unsatisfying. This system looks like it could work pretty well.

  6. Those are some tall palm trees.
    Anyway, very interesting news, I especially took notice of the “protection from sun and rain”. It’s sounds really awesome that you’ll have to seriously consider before cutting down those trees.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  7. supernize 🙂 “go beam, go beam, we like it, we like it”

  8. kid we need a demo…. something old is kool!

  9. you just have to release early access before the forest does if you want to be successful

  10. I don’t think they do because they are not the same as the forest … I think all three games will do fine ( Stranded 3 , Stranded deep and the forest ) because they are not the same , Stranded 3 is going to be survival on an island , Stranded deep ( from what we see ) is going to be more survival on the sea then an island , and the forest is zombie survival on an island … so I would rather see later release that is good then an early one full of bugs
    and missing stuff

  11. This is my dream game.

  12. Could you post more updates? I am curious about what’s going on with this great project 🙂

  13. 😀 hey best SurvivorTeam ever.. what about a little bit news for us.. your hungry survivalNerdz :D? hope your progress is still that good 🙂 we love u 😉

  14. spraycanmansam May 9, 2014 — 12:10 am

    Hey Alex, keep an eye out for an update in the next day or so 🙂

  15. mehehehe 😉 i nearly look everyday. 😉 maybe iam one of your hardest fans already ;D

  16. Count me in as well. I also check everyday! 😀

  17. I join the list too 🙂 I even check every comment lol 😀

  18. …you see Beamers 🙂 yours FanCommunity loves you already now 😀 and we cant wait to see more of yours survivalStuff 🙂

  19. Coconuts should regenerate during a week in game, or something like that.

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