A few weeks back i put together a quick speed art trying out some new techniques. Our many Russian friends over on the Stranded Deep RU page showed a lot of interest when it became our twitter banner so we thought it worth posting a higher resolution for those interested.

Stranded deep Speed Art 1080p


We would love to see fan art from our many talented followers sent through our contact page or even tweet us @BEAMTeamGames

Be sure to check back for more frequent updates

5 thoughts on “

  1. Amazing! This just shows us how skilled you guys are!

  2. Weeks waiting for this “update”?? Wow.. if this is the sort community support we can expect to see when the games out, I may just not buy the game… Surely theres more to share then just a high res peice of art work? you guys heard of Hammerpoint? their comms were like you when they brought out their game.. their games pretty much dead now..

  3. @Courleone this is not an update, just a post 🙂

  4. yeah, @courleone not everything they post has to be an update (even though like 90% are), they’re allowed to make general posts as well. Their game is not yet out, so they really don’t have to keep us updated at all, nobody has any money invested in them. That being said they have probably worked on a lot, just things that can’t really be shown unless you wanted to look at an image of several strings of code. I say keep any and all posts coming Beamers, I would rather see a post that has no updates as all, than no post and be left wondering if something is wrong. I’m eagerly awaiting the early release Beamers

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