Two by two

A lot’s been happening since the last big update and it’s hard to put it all into one showcase so we like to break things up a bit.


Lets Talk Animals and Biomes.

As a lot of our followers know, Stranded Deep is infinitely procedurally generated. Along with this generation, a variety of different biomes and habitats are also created that our animal system heavily relies on.

The conventional way to populate worlds in a lot of games is a “spawn in system” – a player triggers a zone or event and a spawning system kicks in. However, we’ve gone into a little more detail, creating a system that incorporates population, breeding, and territories. We really want to put emphasis on your resource management and the visual impact you can have on environments; You can strip an island bare for wood, extinguish the crab population, eradicate reefs of fish, and even push back shark territories.

To survive in Stranded Deep you have to be smart and care for the environment, giving it time to heal and replenish or even aid in its development. Sure, you can think short term and stock up on crab meat, but long term when your fridge runs dry and there’s nothing to populate the crab holes things may get a little scary.



No ocean survival adventure is complete without them. We’ve spent a lot of time developing sharks behaviours and one of the biggest challenges was balancing how they’re portrayed. Let me run through some of these behaviours:

Sharks are assigned territories within biomes and are continuously exploring these areas as they would in the real world. You can find tiger and reef sharks scavenging the shallows and great whites ruling the depths.
You might randomly stumble upon a shark’s course or you could lure them with careless activities such as spear fishing or bleeding out.

Shark Raft_wm

All sharks have different traits, some are more curious than others whilst some are completely frightened of you. If a shark is interested in you during an encounter, it is likely to start circling, trying to get an idea of what it’s confronting. It might lose interest and continue about its day or depending on the circumstance, build aggression for an attack. What happens from here is something we wish players to experience first hand. We believe we’ve depicted sharks as realistically as possible, not as careless killing machines but as the curious creatures they are.

This is just a small glimpse of Stranded Deep’s wildlife; birds, turtles, stingrays, sea snakes, the list goes on and we might get to cover some more in a future update. With the help of Early Access we can continue to balance and develop new exciting systems that will all impact your survival.

That’s it for this update. We get asked a lot of questions about hunting and wildlife so hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight. We appreciate everyone’s support and absolutely love reading your thoughts! Exciting times ahead during these final preparations before release 🙂
Be sure to stick around for more updates!

:: The Team at Beam

32 thoughts on “Two by two

  1. This is great to hear! 🙂 Good job guys!

  2. Sounds amazing, but I wish we could get a video update or trailer. It has been a while since the pre-alpha video went up. We don’t want a rushed and sloppy game, but don’t get too ambitious. Keep up the great work!

  3. Relase date? :3 early acces? :3 Can’t wait !

  4. Exciting times ahead during these final preparations before release. ^.^

  5. next sensation level!!! 😀
    Alex like what he sees 😛

    and yes.. you Beamers use the two words i wanna hear for soooo looooong 😀


    the behavioursystem and the function of the biomassSystem sounds really interessting.

    so i got some questions 🙂

    Will there be “tides”?? and
    Will there be possibilities to use this tides for creating some type of trap to catch fishes in the shallow water??

    Will there be flotsam and what types of flotsam?

    so its located in the pacific ocean… what about possible bunkers or trash from the second world war? or other types of civilisation odds like Ruines or maybe Survivor Remains??

    what about digging on a island? and what to find :D? (maybe a piratetreasure or rumsmuggler hideout ^^) ??

    what about vulcano activity?? :)?? will there be vulcanicIslands?

    what about sleeping?? is it maybe like in stranded 1 or stranded 2 where you decide to sleep.. “light goes out” and than you wake up few hours later?? and various things are happend?

    hope you find the time to answer 🙂 and i wish you a good start into your week ^.^

    Alex from Germany ^^. best regards:)

  6. A video update would be nice, it would make waiting a little easier.

  7. A video update would be nice, it would make waiting a little easier.

  8. Finally realism, you guys are the best!

  9. YAY! Almost done waiting for Early Access! Have you all thought about incorporating Peacocks into the game, eventually? It might be nice to stumble upon a few while roaming near the beaches.

  10. I am not a developer but having been following the game since pre alpha and even played the demo they removed
    The usually don’t do videos but most people have one for early accesses
    Anonymous Since it’s realistic most likely no peachocks since there not in there not on islands I don’t think but there are colorful fish
    1 tides since it’s realistic water probably
    2 they talk about crafting things like traps and stuff
    3 yes there’s a post earlier about boats
    I think the was a fishing boat but there could be more types
    4 there are secrets and Easter eggs so maybe some of those
    5 mention a lot of tools to use so I think you can dig
    6 haven’t said anything about that but maybe a rare biome seems like it would come out in early access
    7 sleep hasn’t really been mentioned but since it’s realistic yeah most likely and that’s really one of the only ways to do it in video game

    Hope this helps

  11. Sorry just noticed a huge grammar error I didnt catch I you can’t edit posts. anonymous since it’s realistic I don’t think there are peacocks I don’t think any live on islands but iam not sure

  12. oh.. thanks Jacob.. but i hoped that the Beamers answer that ;D my be, they are in a better shape to do this. but thanks for real for your support ^^.

    What Demo you mean??

    Demo from “Stranded Deep” …. never heard of that Jacob????

  13. Nice, thanks for the insight Jacob. I did learn that peacocks live in Malaysia and Loas, which I’m sure are tropical island environments. Hopefully, it’ll be possible in the long run. 🙂

  14. *facepalm* I misspelled Laos.

  15. Thanks a lot to the developers of this amazing looking game!

  16. If a shark attacks you and you kill it, will you be able to harvest meat from it?

  17. That crab is just so adorable..

  18. Any idea of a release date or price yet?? I wanna be able to get this day one.

  19. Sounds amazing guys, I like the idea that you have to watch out about over-hunting individual types of animals, I’m curious though for certain animals will it be more species oriented or type oriented? Let’s say I start killing ducks (provided their are ducks, I’m just making it up here), will the heron population also drop (so is it more birds or more ducks, herons, eagles, etc. species identification)? Or let’s say I deplete species of prey animal in an area, will the predator of that species also decline in population as I diminish their prey? For example you have crabs living on the beach, which are preyed upon by seagulls, if I hunt all the crabs will the seagull population leave to find more readily available food?

    I love that the sharks will be attracted by blood in the water, very realistic.

  20. I also love that they won’t be mindless killing machines like so many games make them out to be, they’re amazing animals that shouldn’t be portrayed as “Jaws” but portrayed as realistically as is possible. That being said, will the larger sharks be able to sink our smaller makeshift water vessels, by taking test bites (the curious nature of great whites) or bumping it (another common shark behavior when they are curious/slightly aggressive)? So it could be not recommended going very far from shore in tinier, earlier rafts.

  21. I would absolutely love to see realistic shark behavior, especially from different species of sharks. It’s the curious ones that are actually the most dangerous to a diver/swimmer.

  22. no new update?
    I hope they are getting real ready to release 😀

  23. still no update? common devs!

  24. Sorry guys, should have got back to you sooner.. A new update is in the works – I’ve caught a nasty bug and spent more time throwing up than on the computer this week, so please bare with us!

  25. @SprayCanManSam, 😀

    i got something for you guys, maybe it helps ;D

    good luck catching the ugly bug 🙂

  26. I understand one of the devs being ill but is this really the excuse for no update? Is no one else within Beam team able to provide the update bar spraycanman? doesnt build confidence… will probably just be another one of those games that look awesome but end up dying with the first couple of months due to lack of comms from the devs…

  27. What happened to fortnightly updates? Also, id go doctors if youve been ill since the 29th of september? I presume youve been ill since this date as that was when the next update “should” have been due……..

  28. “Anonymous”… dont be that anti-… it sucks.
    there would be some good reasons why the update is not online this time. . .

  29. Anonymous could have been a bit more polite Alex but I’m also wondering about the fortnightly updates. I am 100% sure the Beamers are very busy with preparing everything for release and I’m confident it won’t be long till they start with early access. But if you say you’re going to give the community more updates and then don’t do it, some people will say something about it. Say what you do and do what you say is how I think about it. Probably wasn’t the best idea to promise more updates, because this requires more time and from what I gather the workload is already quite close to the max.

    But don’t let the naysayers demotivate you Beamers. No updates means more time for developing and if I have to choose I prefer you spend time on the last. Hope you feel better soon spraycanmansam and good luck with all the preparations before release!

  30. @Anonymous, I’m very sorry that it’s been almost 2 years now and you still have doubts about our commitment.
    @Dr. Anonymous, yep over 2 weeks. I don’t need to give you the details, but it sucked.

    Guys, we wouldn’t just leave you in the dark unless something pretty bad had gotten in the way. Enjoy the new update. Be happy 🙂

  31. The sharks are killing machines in game, I’ve never had one lose interest unless I can get away from them. I suggest them only being interested if blood is in the water via wound or spear fishing. As soon as I enter the water there is a tiger shark waiting and it is way to easy for them to knock me out of the raft. Every 10 seconds my raft goes flying 20 feet away and I drop in at the sharks mercy. I understand that the sharks need to be a danger but they have made travel very annoying for me. I have been hoping to see an acknowledgement from the Devs that raft construction was at least being worked on. I don’t want a pirate ship but a small house boat would be awesome! Lastly the mod that allows shortening walls and supports looks very cool and I think the end product should use this concept. The people at Beam Team are amazing though and I wish you all good fortune in your future.

  32. Sometimes i find it hard to get shark’s attention but when I do I can’t spear them because I can’t reach! But when I do spear them it takes forever to kill them. I really like this game and I was wondering if multiplayer will come out. That way I can finally kill sharks easier with someone helping. Can you please include birds. 🙂

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