Check In

Just a quick update this time around.

We’ve been doing a lot of the same things we mentioned last week – getting everything tied up, chasing bugs, squishing them, etc..

I spent more time than I should have trying to figure out why the highlighting system was broken.. In the game there’s an item highlighting system that helps you visualise what items you have selected or grouped together for crafting and building, etc. I eventually figured out that it was the LOD system we integrated last week – some items we’re flipping over to their next LOD level which uses simpler shaders… so yeahhh, there’s always fun things like that 😛

I had to knock up a new burning system. The existing system is pretty great, but at the moment it’s a bit of a bulky monster. It’s likely to make a return, but there’s a few practicality/performance issues that need some more thought. So for now, a simpler burning and cooking system has been implemented and it’s working great 🙂

There’s a lot of boring loose-ends to tie up at the moment that doesn’t make for very exciting reading, but it’s all progress 🙂

Back to it 😉




Stay Alive!

:: Sam



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10 thoughts on “Check In

  1. Colin says:

    That’s so cool. That fire looks sick. The whole thing looks sick. I love it. Great stuff!

  2. Sgt-Gadget says:

    Progress is good, and thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date 😉 (nice screen)

  3. Alex says:

    melting my brain 😀 my body is ready :DDD

  4. atiggerx33 says:

    While I’m far from complaining (more begging really 😉 ), next time could we get a short video? Nothing amazing (like a trailer), just maybe a 15 second video of the fire… just burning? Or a crab scuttling around, a reef with some fish. I just wanna see some animations. I still go back to that video of the water gently lapping at the shore, the sun perfectly reflecting off the ocean, and think “Wow, it’s breathtaking”. The photos are beautiful as well, but seeing a still picture of the water, does not do justice to it’s beauty in the video, and the way the light shimmers just so. I’m just so excited for this game! I really just can’t wait to explore the world you’ve created. Curious question, will mosquitoes/ticks/flies exist as annoyances in the world you’ve created? Can we get some sleepless nights from making our “home” too close to a fresh water source?

  5. Matthew says:


  6. brutosaur says:

    Is this game still planned to be released before 2015?

  7. will it be on linux at launch?

  8. Broza says:

    I saw on the site Steam Grennlight that the game will be available on : PC, Mac, Linux

  9. Zidious says:

    We need this game, like last month 😛 The game looks Great! Keep up the awesome work, cant wait to test this game out 😀

  10. H&L Gaming says:

    We need this game nowwww

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