Let There Be Light

This past week, I had to take a slight detour back to the fish system; Ben had been finishing up the functionality of the spear-gun and mentioned that “it’s going to be great when you can go proper deep sea fishing.”

“Yeah that sounds cool… oh wait…”


It was something that had completely slipped my mind. The idea is that there are different fish populations for different biomes, depths, etc. Around the islands you’ll find schools of smaller fish, stingrays and the like. Go out deeper and you’ll be able to fish for the bigger, more rewarding species.

So as of this week you can actually do that!

Ben’s been finishing off the player buff system. I mentioned in a previous update that there is very little UI in Stranded Deep. We’re attempting to provide most of the in-game feedback visually and audibly from the player character themselves. You are able to actually see if you have a broken arm, cuts or infections.. You’ll hear your stomach grumble if you’re hungry, or your watch may give you the occasional beep to let you know one of your stats is low. Paying attention to yourself is going to be an important part of the gameplay in Stranded Deep as there will be no traditional UI constantly in your face.

The audio system and animation system also got a quick once over with some work to add in more customisation and variety for interaction between all the different items. As we clean up and finish more items, things are starting to look and feel better and better. One of Ben’s favourite new items is the lantern. It’s one of those items that reacts really well to the environment around it – walking around an island at night with your lantern leading the way. Per request last update, we thought we’d throw in a short clip of messing around with the lantern ..and the campfire burning away as well 🙂 (The quality is a bit dodgy on the page so it’s best viewed on Youtube in HD 😉 )



Stay Alive!

:: Sam

21 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. this looooks sooooooo amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing 😀
    iam really be a bit upset that i cant play it KNOW for my own. . . ;D
    please go ahead i wanna have something to do around christmas ;D

    go work, really good work dudes!!

    Greez from Germany 🙂 Alex

  2. That looks reaalllyyy amazing..

    You guys are doing great!

    The only thing slightly bothering me is how the axe is being held..
    like..right in front of your face..

    reminded me of this : http://i.imgur.com/hpHaix3.jpg

  3. Yay for videos! Seriously, videos are awesome. MOAR VIDEOS. The fire and lantern look so awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on this :DD

  4. Yessssssssss !! Finally a video 🙂 Thanks guys.
    Keep the good work !
    This look amazing

  5. AMAZING WORK!! Really tho i love it! 🙂 one thing that is bothering me is that i dont know why there is a floating light in front of your face i would think it would be in your other hand. Anyway that might just be me but still GRRRREAAT work!!

  6. I wondered why the lantern was floating as well Bob… it does say lantern “test” though, so maybe they’re still working on the art for your character grabbing it and whatnot, and just wanted to make sure the object actually did it’s job before progressing. Either way just the fact that it functions is good enough for an early access.

    It looks absolutely amazing guys, I can’t wait to play it (I know, I say it every time, but it doesn’t get less true). I absolutely love that you read my comment and actually posted the fire video I asked for, it looks perfect.

    Some more idle questions about the game I have, you may have already answered them (sorry if you have).

    1.) Will their be different seeds for the island? Like will seed “00001” always be the same island, but a random button would give us a random number like “59274”, thus keeping the experience fresh and unique? Although the replay value is already extremely high, with how every decision (like where to make base camp early on), will probably already give you major changes. Would be a nice feature in the finished product though.

    2.) What specific predators were you thinking of placing on the island (other than sharks, which you have already gone into some detail about), if any? I believe you guys have stated previously that there would be some larger predatory animals on the island, I’m assuming a species of big cat that would fit the jungle habitat you seem to be going with so less likely a lion, but perhaps a Bengal Tiger or a Jaguar.

    3.) Will the animals respond to the day/night cycle? For example the previously mentioned predatory cats are usually much more active at night (which would make a midnight trip into the forest for more fresh water truly terrifying, I can picture stumbling around in the dark, armed with only my ax and a lantern, unsure if I was being hunted, on top of my fears of tripping over something and breaking my fool neck). Also prey animals, like deer, are usually more active in the morning hours.

    4.) Will we have a map? Obviously not filled in the moment we step foot on the island, but something that fills in as we explore? I’m thinking an Assassin’s Creed type thing where you have to “synchronize” it, maybe an in-game hour would go by as your character drew on the paper. Maybe give us the ability to mark things down on it? For example the map shows geography only and our position, but we could mark down that a particular beach had a really good crab population. Or that we saw some wild pigs at X location. So like we could add notes to the map… I know I’m getting crazy with how in depth I want a map to be, but if it’s possible it would be awesome! Doesn’t need to be ready for early access, but maybe at some point.

    5.) Speaking of mapping out the island, can you provide a rough size estimate for it? Would be really cool to get an idea.

    You can pickup the lantern, but all physical objects in the world can also be dragged around like the previewed mechanic. We’l go more into this before release.

    We’ve covered almost all of these questions previously, but in a nutshell…
    1. Each new world has a unique seed, every biome (island, reef, trench) is generated based on this seed, giving you a unique world each time. Yes, every island will be different 🙂

    2. We like to think of islands as safe heavens, nothing is planned to include a threat of that scale on them at this time.

    3. Vaguely.

    4. Not at this time, but other devices such as a compass.

    5. Something like this, http://stranded-deep.ru/newsimg/GD-South-Pacific-Micronesia1965.jpg


    DAAAAAMN! cant wait for release… it looks soooo f…. awesome! Great work but u say release in this yeahr.. u let us wait long enough. TIME IS COMING FOR RELEASE P L S 😀

  9. Oh I hate the developers soooo much! (Joking ofc 😉 )
    To show us all of these amazing things is like dangling a piece of candy in front of a child >:)

    This all looks amazing and I can’t wait till I’ll be able to get my hands on it 😀

  10. Please, don’t put a floating lantern in the final version…

  11. Love the lantern’s effect on the environment, but I personally feel that swinging the lantern around in front of you feels a little off given its role as a tool for illumination. I personally think using the lantern would “feel” better if it was one of the tools that functioned like a weapon (i.e. rested in your off hand) or was attached to your belt instead of floating in front of you. Personal opinion. I’m interested in others’ thoughts on it.

  12. why you don’t relase an alpha version for this game?

  13. Re comments about dragging the lantern; Dragging items around is a key mechanic in-game. You’ll use it a lot for crafting and building. As a result, most items can be picked up or dragged. While it may not be realistic, it makes a lot of sense and feels more natural in the game. Of course, you don’t have to drag items and you can pick them all up instead if you like 🙂

  14. Its possible to know when we can play an early acess please ?

  15. Hi guys! First of all I want to thank you for such a game, it’s really worth it. My friend and I expect this game the most, of course, no more than to end the war at home, but nonetheless. Immediately apologize if something is not clear, I bad speak English. I would like to know whether the Russian translation of the game? It’s a game that we all have been waiting a very long time, no zombies and other things that bored. Once again, thank you!
    Donetsk, Ukraine.

  16. PLEASE RELEASE before the fall sale is over

  17. Thank you for getting back to me @benmassey. So the islands will be relatively small, I imagined something a bit bigger, not huge, but a large enough scale that it would take several hours to walk across (game time, not real time). With the idea that that a central predator would exist in the mid range of the island (causing you to have to walk around the island until you felt ready to face it). However having a predator on a small island (the way you seem to be going) would cause problems of people possibly dying their first night from a jaguar walking into their camp and killing them in their sleep, it would be quite frustrating.

    Will there be boars on the island? Not an animal that’ll naturally attack humans, but could be a danger when cornered or injured? I like the idea of a smaller island though, makes resources like wood more scarce; or at risk of becoming scarce. Love it, can’t wait to see more.

  18. So excited for this! Like all I’d love a time estimate (ex. early 2015) but I understand that it’s hard to give one!
    Here’s my question (sorry if it’s been answered)
    As the island is small, it’s considered your safe haven, however it could also be considered your death bed, if you use all the resources you could be screwed. Will there be smaller islands out of sight in the distance where you can attempt to reach (compass would come in handy) to gather more of your needed resources? Perhaps these smaller islands wouldn’t have much in the way of food so it’d force you back to the main island making a two way trip a necessity, bringing the dangers of the deep to surface a bit more?

  19. @ tyyni 1 the game says on steam the realese is 2014 but that was back in 2013
    2 the game is randomly genrated so there is no main island at the start of the game you are on a raft till you get to an island since the islands tend to be shot on supplies swimming to other islands is probably somthing you will do

  20. @Jacob Oh right, haha for some reason forgot about the raft. Also I’m assuming the steam date is off considering it’s the end of 2014 and no word of alpha release. Thanks for the response.

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