After two years, we’re finally ready to show-off our first teaser trailer for Stranded Deep.
We are incredibly humbled by the response of our growing Stranded Deep survivors, so we hope you enjoy watching it us much as we did making it.

Without further ado…

Let us know which parts got you excited the most?


:: Beam Team

50 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. Beautiful ! What a work guys ! Can’t wait to test it out 🙂

  2. This looks even better than what I was expecting, and I was expecting much!


  4. Looks a lot like The Forest, hope you guys don’t mess up so many things as they did

  5. can’t wait. been waiting forever

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!! Best teaser ever ! Thank you so much !! Really thank you , I will buy from January 2015 THANKS ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Looks excellent!

  8. Looks soooooo good ! Im officialy hype !!!

  9. I’m already working on the model for the Wilson mod 🙂 http://puu.sh/drBhg/7a14a7f0e1.jpg

  10. one special Alex , is very special happy today :)))

    thanks Beamers. you are very special nice ^^.

  11. Looks awesome guys!! Now I’m just hoping I can play this on my laptop… Any ideas about the minimum system requirements yet?

  12. Wow. Absolutely amazing. I already see myself playing the sh*t out of this game (if it’s not too expensive). So many amazing games coming next year O_O

  13. Guys I have to say…. absolutely amazing! After seeing that trailer I have never wanted to play the game more. It looks breathtaking, I don’t think my laptop can handle the graphics from the video, but maybe on a lower spec. Doesn’t matter though, I’m not buying just for the pretty images, I’m buying for the premise, the idea, the fact that there are no other games like it. I’ve been looking for a long time for a survival game that isn’t “survival horror” where no “monsters” (zombies) attack you but captures the realism of being stranded, lost, and alone. Any games even somewhat like Stranded Deep are so outdated, lacking the efficiency of a modern system (like so old that the graphics render it unplayable, or annoying controls because of the limitations of the time).

    The part that got me so excited was EVERYTHING, the spear fishing (& shark hunting), the diving into wrecks, the crab traps, just everything. I think most of all though was seeing the shark hunting, and the beautiful savagery of a storm.

  14. Wow, this looks better than I expected! Great job guys! 11/10

  15. This looks 100% amazing. We finally have a release date! 🙂 If you guys are planning to release the game in January, do you have an idea of what you plan to charge for the game? Even just a range would be nice, helps people to prepare.. 😉

  16. Haha, thanks for the great comments!
    We’l be bringing out an update that talks about the making of the trailer very soon.

  17. Am I the only one to think that the release date was the most exciting part? 😉
    Greaat work guys! 😀

  18. Great work. We need more trailers!!!!!!!

  19. This looks absolutely incredible, will a small island be able to support you I definitely with food or will you need to set yourself adrift in order to survive? I hope we need to keep pushing ourselves into danger so we can be rescued.

  20. Early January would be good 😉

  21. thought it was end 2014 its been the longest game release ever and honestly getting tired of the theres only 2 of us qq be interesting to see if it ever comes out

  22. Anticipation is gradually turning into impatience for me too but these things take time I guess. Hopefully the more time spent on it now, the less bugs and the quicker it can go through early access. The last thing I want to see is Stranded stumbling through early access full of annoying bugs that seem to be taking ever to fix.

  23. Yeah it has taken a lot time, but I prefer to wait for something that I’m actually able to play. Look at The Forest for example, when it came out it was very early access and you weren’t able to enjoy a thing. At the moment it’s quite a bit better but still not in a state where I would buy it. If the guys give us something we can enjoy from the start, I really don’t mind the waiting.

  24. Have to agree with @Raymond, when games release too early they tend to take even longer to fix than if they’d just waited another month (I don’t know why this seems to be, maybe from trying to fix everything at once?). I think it also ruins all the hype and general excitement; when people follow something for over a year, buy early access, and realize they paid for something that’s not going to actually be playable for another 6 months. You get your hopes so high, only to see them dropped like hot potatoes when the game turns out rushed.The game then suffers from terrible early reviews, because as much potential as you see, could you honestly give a completely unplayable game a glowing review? These negative early reviews could deter future buyers, and if BeamTeam decides to produce another game down the line, discourage people from buying the early access because of the nightmare last time.

  25. Looks amazing 😀 Can’t wait to get this!

  26. mann Come out soooner! i want youuu

  27. Christmas has come early this year

  28. Everybody get HYPE!!!!

  29. Imagine if tomorrow the Beam Team is just like “Just kidding about the January release date. Merry christmas” and then released SD

  30. Looks so good! From what i see, best game ever…

  31. Merry Christmas BEAM Team!

  32. About due for another update/game release I think BT 😉

  33. anticipation builds 🙂

  34. Take my money! I look forward to buy this and see it develop.

  35. I think we need a countdown until release that I can get excited about.

  36. For all of the people complaining about the delays, you just need to chill out, anyone that played the release of Battlefield 4 knows that it’s better to wait for a game that works than get a broken PoS.

  37. I really enjoyed the Part from 0:00-1:10. AWSOME!!!!!

  38. January 6th sounds like a good release date

  39. Just release it relatively bug-free in January sometime and I’ll be happy #straya #StrandedDeep

  40. Hey Beam Team. Can you like let your fans know what you are doing more? It takes like 10 minutes tops to write up a quick update. Even if its only “I squashed this bug today that would make lightning shoot out of the spear and electrocute all the fish”. Just a bit of communication is all I ask.

  41. @BigBoyBob – Have some patience, they are planing to release the game this month so they probably have a lot to do before early access is granted to us 😉

  42. @Kimogon, I think we’re all trying to be patient, but they gave us such big news (game coming out this month), and then they just go silent. They got us all hyped up, and we want more, like a day… or just a “still on schedule guys” to let us know something hasn’t happened that’ll cause delays. We’re all sitting on the edge of our seats… it’s less impatience and more just anticipation (and a tinge of worry at not hearing anything).

  43. @Kimogon – It’s not impatience. The game will be released when it can be released. They can only work so fast. It’s the fact that we are updated maybe once a month if we are lucky. Lets be honest. Communication between the devs and the closely following audience has been mediocre at best. Compared to other sites and games where the developers will actively answer questions and communicate frequently with commenters this seems pretty bad.
    All I ask is a couple of lines saying “Hey we are still alive. Squashing bugs. I made a feature where you can build sandcastle on the beach
    :: Beam Team”.


  44. Please do not screw this up.. So many half-hearted survival games have been released, with developers that stop working on their games leaving them half done. Or the devs who just end up ignoring the players. I don’t know whether it is because it is really damn difficult, or it because no one feels like actually going through with it. But I have yet to see a survival game that was actually good in the long run, most of the games just become unplayable either because everything gets boring, or because the game is so full of bugs and glitches that it just cannot be played.

    This game can become great, but only if you as developers allow it to, and allow the players to influence you throughout the creative process it is, to create a game.

  45. Stranded Deep – Release Date Announcement

  46. Shameless rip off of Stranded, Stranded 2 and Stranded 3, those games were created by one talented guy working alone in Germany and you have completely stolen the entire idea! This game is exactly the same in every way just with better graphics! What a joke. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    The fact that this website claims that Stranded Deep is being developed by two people is highly dubious, I mean wake up people it looks like f***ing Crysis!
    Stranded 3 has been in development for nearly 3 years and it’s not even on Greenlight yet.

    Also, it’s funny that the contact page says that “Beam Team Pty Ltd is an independent video game studio based in Brisbane, Australia.” When their sever is located in the United States! This smacks of a US company stealing somebody else’s ideas and lying to cover their tracks.

  47. 2Tru4u, look up the game Limit Theory, that game is being worked on by one person and looks fucking great, its a matter of how good are you with your tools and how much time and effort youre putting into the game, dont forget that these guys have been working on this game in silence for like 2 or more years, they are also perfectionists so obviously their creation is gonna be fantastic, also, did you even read their update note? they tell you what they did to make the game look this good, now shut up and get back into your place cause youre not doing your research you ignorant bastard.

  48. You Guy’s are a joke. Do gamers a fovor and quite please

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