Stay Alive

Yes, we are still alive 😛 This month has been crazy!

We want to apologize for dropping off the radar this month. The response to the teaser trailer was amazing and we received a tonne of emails, tweets and comments! We don’t get time to reply to every comment and email immediately, but we do see every single one and we’re doing our best to get back to you. It’s something we’re working on and we’re trying to find a good balance between the time we spend with the community vs. the time we spend actually developing the game. Most of our fans understand that, but some new ones might not know how much we appreciate their support and patience 🙂

So to answer the most popular question at the moment – yes, we are releasing this January 🙂

The date will be announced very shortly!


Stay Alive!
:: Sam

12 thoughts on “Stay Alive

  1. That is great new!

  2. Hopefully it will be out before Dying Light comes.
    This just seems like my dream game. Kinda the forestish but no cannibals or supernatural stuff.

  3. Cheers BT haha

  4. Я не силен в Английском, но мне кажется речь идет о фанатах, и о многочисленных письмах от нас. Ждем вашего триумфа BEAMers 🙂

  5. I think I speak for us all when I say: Sorry if we were a bit impatient, we understand you’ve been working your asses off to give us the best possible version of the game for release (and greatly appreciate it). I think most of us were just a bit concerned at the silence, and had some fear of a soon-to-be delay announcement. I know personally whenever I get that hyped up, I always have the worry in the back of my mind that something will happen to take the wind out of my sails.

  6. My biggest concern is the system requirements, all I have is a laptop, which if it had a better graphics card is actually pretty decent. Hoping I can lower the graphics quality to something playable.

  7. In the future could we have a super hard mode to the game? Instead of just a hunger bar (it seems according to your steam page that there will just be a hunger bar), there could be a full calorie system in play, you need 2,000 calories per day on average (possibly more if you do a lot of exercise), so maybe make it higher because our character will probably be doing a lot of cardio. Add in how much protein is needed, carbs, fats, etc. to be healthy. If we miss those marks, lets say we get enough calories, so we aren’t “hungry” we maintain our weight, but we start to get weaker anyway, start losing muscle mass, get scurvy, our immune system weakens, or whatever matches the vitamins we’re lacking. For realism, well a human can’t live on meat alone, they will die.

  8. Shameless rip off of Stranded, Stranded 2 and Stranded 3, those games were created by one talented guy working alone in Germany and you have completely stolen the entire idea! This game is exactly the same in every way just with better graphics! What a joke. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

    The fact that this website claims that Stranded Deep is being developed by two people is highly dubious, I mean wake up people it looks like f***ing Crysis!
    Stranded 3 has been in development for nearly 3 years and it’s not even on Greenlight yet.

    Also, it’s funny that the contact page says that “Beam Team Pty Ltd is an independent video game studio based in Brisbane, Australia.” When their sever is located in the United States! This smacks of a US company stealing somebody else’s ideas and lying to cover their tracks.

  9. ииииииииииирнми

  10. DatTru, based on your logic, every survival game out there is a ripoff of Stranded. I’ve played Stranded myself, the very idea of “survival without monsters” are all going have some similarities. By the same logic you could say The Forest is a ripoff of Stranded, they just added mutants (horror). Then there is Rust, they just made it into an MMO. For it to not be similar to Stranded they would have had to 1.) make it not a survival game and/or 2.) have no crafting system. If you noticed that those were two very broad elements, then you’ll notice you could say almost all survival games are just rip offs. Also are Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor all rip offs of each other because they’re all war games? In all of those you collect ammo and do missions… they have some differences, but they’re all war games where you charge into battle and kill people, therefore they must be ripoffs. This game has been in production for like 2 years, and they worked their asses off making it. They saw a huge hole in the market for “survival game without mutants/zombies/monsters/supernatural elements, etc. with nice graphics and they went for it. If you’d like only one company to be able to fulfill the simple hole I just mentioned than enjoy never seeing innovation again.

  11. another copied game with crashing plane. trololol.

  12. can i join in your team to bulid this world,i am chinese ,I’ll game design,please to ask me

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