Just thought we should check-in to let everyone know we’re still here again! The launch went great and we are overwhelmed by the support and fantastic community that Stranded Deep has! Thank you all so much. We’ve decided to take a small break from the normal website updates while we put our heads down and focus on punching out as much content as we can in these early days. We’re also looking into a more dedicated website, so we’ll keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, you can always chat to us us on twitter: @BEAMTeamGames And also on the steam community board: We love hearing from you 🙂


Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

22 thoughts on “CHECK IN

  1. I’m Litteraly jumping with excitement because this game has so much potential to be the best survival game out there and one thing I would love to see is an island kinda themed off the one on castaway. I think it would be cool to live in a cave system. Anyway YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME

  2. i was wondering if you developers where gonna add the raft whit the ornge thing over it in the game would be realy awsome this game is so cool bes 15euro;s spend ever

  3. GJ guys.. Loving the game so far, mechanics are really nice, graphics are great. For an A0.1 build…. wow.


    -Larger islands with things to explore and discover on them, such as an abandoned hidden research outpost with medical supplies, possibly inhabited by some nasty wildlife, making the trip in as dangerous to your health as the loot is beneficial to it after the attempt.

    -Cave systems with “air pockets”, so you enter them from an underwater entrance, once inside you can rise to the surface within the cave system and explore for loot types, perhaps even live here to escape the elements!

    -Upgradable wooden raft. I’d like to be able to attach rafts together with lashings to drag supplies from an explored biome, perhaps with the ability to put supports and low walls on so things dont roll out.

    -More shelter building options. Perhaps the ability to have a higher level with a fire pit on top (“it might save your life, or scare predators away” 😀 )

    -Ability to create simple shelters with four sticks and some salvaged tarp from a fishing boat wreck. Just drag the tarp over the top of the lashed sticks and hey presto transportable shelter. 😀

    -Advanced weather system that effects health, things like temperature and exposure to winds and high heat, making the above suggestion even more attractive as you would likely need to use two slots of your backpack if you want to be protected on longer exploration.

    Keep up the epic work guys 😀

  4. Thanks for this awesome game that game have the potential to be the best when more Stuff come out and the little bugs be fixed so that is a Alpha and that game is now awesome!
    Thanks for that i waiting for this Game so long…

  5. Suchs a great AO.1!!
    been playing that game for 20 hours by now, really enjoy it.

    I wish you guys would make it possible to build shelters against shipwreck and maybe build shelter upon shipwreck.

    Maybe ad some more on-land wildlife and touches.

  6. Love the game and it has great graphics. Things to add: co-op, more items to find and craft, way to mark your island. Maybe were ever you set your bed it would show or you could place a marker down.

  7. I see a lot of suggestions for 6x bigger islands, bigger backpacks, regrow able Palm trees, markers on your island and an on screen compass compass. I just hope BTG stick to their goals at the start of SD and think long and hard before bringing this sort of stuff in. Don’t stray away from this immersive challenging game just due to popular demand of ideas that’ll make the game even easier.

  8. Come on Beam Team. Don’t just “Check in”. Drop us some juicy details of some upcoming features hahaha

  9. Great launch indeed, excellent speed on that hotfix too by the way!!!
    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to all the things to come. 🙂

  10. The game what I’ve always wanted to play 😉

    + Bigger Islands to explore and discover.
    + More Crafting Items
    + More Crafting Building Items (Window,Door)
    + Building Destroyable (to build it on another place again)
    + More Animals species

  11. One word = Seasons.
    And, of course, a body and a world that are affected by weather. Imagine this game on the rain season, when you literally can’t go out in the storms to get supplies because of the cold (not very harsh,because its the pacific) or the lightnings.

  12. Hey first off, I’m really happy with how this game is going to turn out, let alone how great it is now 🙂 I do have one idea though, with island variety in mind (Bigger, smaller, caves etc) maybe you could have a map in a bottle that shows you your world (Each game would have a different map of course.) anyways, once again, great game!

  13. well you add small animals ans a boat that you can craft and hold stuff in the boat plz plz plz

  14. Die Deutsche Seite von Stranded Deep.
    Hier kriegt ihr alle Infos und news auf Deutsch.

  15. Features I would like added:
    1.) A bit of variation in island size, nothing huge, but a bit larger. Even if there were no additional resources on the bigger island, it would make for a nicer “base” island.

    2.) Weather effects. We have weather, but my watch says its always 100 degrees, I believe you guys mentioned a while back your character getting hot and cold, so maybe this is just an alpha thing you already plan on fixing. But I would like to be able to:
    – Get chilly at night; I’m thinking also some craftable clothing, to help protect me against this chillly weather.
    – Night + Wet = Awful cold; I can sit by the fire for protection, changing into dry clothes also helps (how with food works “Fish” -> “Cooked Fish” putting wet clothes by the fire could yield “Wet Clothes” -> “Clothes”) clothes could also dry naturally but it would take 1/2 time if they’re placed by the fire.
    – Discoverable Wet Suit; removes all cold/wet status from going in the water
    – Hypothermia – stay cold too long, or even in the water too long and you can get hypothermia (realistically even waters as warm as 75 degrees can give hypothermia after too long)
    – Sun Burn/Poisoning; begins just as irritating sun burn (maybe removing 1 health slot), not seeking shelter soon will result in sun poisoning (3 health slots?) give us an incentive to build that shelter and avoid the sweltering sun.
    – Shelter building, or using wrecks can help protect against both the sun and the rain

    3.) Map building similar to Miasmata would be nice (does not show your location or direction facing, just a realistic map), the ability to plot geography (the islands) with a compass telling us what direction we’re facing. Maybe after harvesting a particular item on a mapped island, it would show up that the island contains that item. It could also show if we have a shelter built on that island. There are so many little islands it can be difficult for players to keep track of which ones they’ve visited, this could help.

    4.) A journal, it would be entirely optional, but it could be cool to write in and maybe upload to Steam if we wanted to. I know some people can be quite humorous in their writings, could be a funny side-feature to the game.

    The game is already awesome, I’d just love to see the increase in difficulty that could be achieved if players had to worry about temperature and weather (other than the visual, “I can’t see where I’m sailing” effects). I have found no reason to really explore because with the large amount of islands it’s just too easy to get lost and never find my original island again. If a compass and a map that had the ability to plot was added, it would make it epic. The journal could be a lot of fun, I know just from reading some of the funny comments on Steam that some really funny journals could be created.

  16. After playing the Alpha release I can say that you guys know what you’re doing and am loving my experience with this survival game you have given to us, can’t wait to see where this game ends up after a few years as it has so much potential, the atmosphere alone is so peaceful.
    Thanks again guys, keep up the great work!

  17. Coop is needed 😀 Although it may take time to make models of characters I would enjoy it if there were floating arms and tools in the air haha well keep up the good work!

  18. Love the game! I’d like to add 2nd floor to my shelter. Will we get the possibility to build higher shelters?

  19. a good game !!! could be great to craft a bag to transport more stuffs.i agreed with burlyhayd for the atmosphere. i m so excited to see what i will discover in the next update!! thanks from France

  20. this game is awesome! but i have 3 wishes: 1. More islands and bigger islands
    2. more loot and 3. More things to craft

  21. a los creadores de este juego tengo que decirles que …..GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS por este juego.

  22. Just a thought on this awsome game.
    Maybe an adjustment to where you can put your bed. I can seem to put it in my hut I made. And make it move able so u can move it around.

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