Update 0.02

Hi guys,

Our latest 0.02 update recently went live which was shortly followed by 0.02H1 hotfix! You can see the change log here:

Heres a couple of screenshots showcasing some of the new (mostly underwater) content.








New Website – We want you!

We have always wanted to upgrade from our blog page and give Stranded Deep a dedicated website. If you are a web designer and are interested in working with us, drop an email at contact@beamteamgames.com with the title ‘Web Design’. We would love to see what ideas you have for our website and any relevant work you’ve done previously.



Its been an interesting last couple of weeks. Stranded Deep has done amazingly well and grown quite a following in such a short amount of time which has been very overwhelming! We have both decided that its very important to take some time to regroup and figure out what our priorities are with what we want Stranded Deep to become and the best way to achieve that.

Updates are likely to come monthly as anything less can be really restricting to our development. We know players will agree that they’d prefer much larger and meaningful updates monthly than random ‘bits n bobs’ weekly. This timeframe doesn’t include hotfixes, which we can release anytime to address issues in between updates.

We’ve also launched a trello board for some of the public development you can follow between updates https://trello.com/beamteam 


Thats it from us this time, busy busy busy!

Don’t forget you can follow us on twitter: @BEAMTeamGames And also on the steam community board: http://steamcommunity.com/app/313120/discussions/ We love hearing from you.


Stay Alive! 🙂
::Beam Team

25 thoughts on “Update 0.02

  1. Awesome work guys!! wow!

  2. Looking Nice! Keep up with the Great Work! 😀

  3. Looks great! Would love to see some bigger islands with more flora and fauna in future updates though but this looks awesome! 😀

  4. I am a CGI student, and you guys are really inspiring. Such a beautifully made game, amazing and impressive, really makes me motivated to make beautiful games one day. Keep up the great work beamteam 😀

  5. Nice Work my favorite game so far

  6. i like the game one with the best option to give the user what the want to feel free. im very happy to see what it can be in future. i hope the dev look in the steam forum 🙂 for some new ideas from the community:)

  7. Really good job from you guys!!

  8. i sent a email today about a bug i ahve that needs to be fixed pls help 😦

  9. there is no controller support just saying

  10. I’m seriously LOVING the game so far! I haven’t experienced many bugs at all and I’m completely impressed. Keep up the awesome work guys. 🙂

  11. THE GAME IS AMAZING! The only thing I have a problem with is getting knocked off the raft every two minutes when I travel to different islands. Its either a shark or a sword fish that will knock me off of it and once I’m back on the raft i get knocked off again.

  12. this thing is inspired me to make another survival game

  13. The thrill of being pushed off the boat gives me a chill, plus the fact that it’s only you two guys making it in my city!

  14. Great game guys, i love to play this game when I’m high 😀 i would enjoy bigger islands though. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that you have to explore the different islands to survive but it would be nice to have the option to generate bigger islands. But seriously, this game is crazy awesome! The potential is crazy! Please keep up the great work, you guys have made an amazing game!

  15. I must say, I’ve never really cared for Survival games….esp the ones with Zombies, but Stranded Deep! WOW!! Hooked from Day 2, almost 30hrs! Great game….just waiting till I see Hammerheads in this game now 🙂 Keep up the great work , Beam!

  16. Hello? Anybody here? Seems like forever since you guys talked to us….

  17. Beam?! You’re still alive? Working hard on the future update? We would really love to know, when the next update’s coming for our favorite survival game 🙂 Keep up the fantastic work 🙂

  18. Great game. Needs more updates though. Great works guys.

  19. Update soon please, need more stuff to do! 🙂 BEST GAME THOUGH!

  20. Will the new update have anything good? How often are you guys going to update?

  21. You guys should make tons of items, and bigger islands so we can actually build like villages and other stuff.

  22. This game has huge potential, i actually relived “Cast Away” when the plane crashed and i was in the water at night on a little raft. Two guys made this you say? well done lads keep up the great work, expand your team and push out updates and this game will go gold sooner or later if the passion persists 🙂 Respects from Norway.

  23. Also Finding Wilson on one of the islands, it was clear that Cast away was one of the Inspirations here 😀 love it. There are so many good ideas that could be implemented here but i will leave ideas to the devs, seems they have a goal on the horizon.

  24. Hey guys! I’m back with Stranded Deep to show you everything from the new update! Sea Forts, Fish Traps, New Crafting and Animals as well!

    This Island Survival game got a small update and didn’t want you guys to miss it! The Stingrays and Sea turtles are so cute! This is update 0.03

    What do you think should we move to the Sea-fortress?

    Make sure you subscribe so you always know when the next part comes out!

    Hit me up on Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TomGirlGamer

    Or even Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TomGirlGamer/

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