Update 0.03

Hi guys,

Version 0.03 is now live. See the change log here: http://bit.ly/19hbUP7

If you’ve been following on the forum, we’ve mentioned in a few threads that a lot has been going on internally. We’re reworking a few things at the moment and focusing on laying a solid foundation for the future of the game. So while that’s happening, things around here are pretty busy and we might not have a chance to communicate as much as we’d like. We know that can be unnerving and some developers have let EA users down in the past, but we want to reassure people that we’re just as excited and committed to this project as ever 🙂

We’ve got a lot of feelers out at the moment to help cover some areas that we don’t specialize in. Our animation and audio systems are admittedly terrible and bulky. Neither of us are animators or audio guys, so we’re looking at hiring someone to completely overhaul these systems. We’re also on the hunt for some concept artists and illustrators to help expand our vision for new craftable tools, building structures and tropical environments to find and explore.

In the coming months, we’ll be looking into improving existing features and implementing more new features. We’ve been thinking about a skills tree, but we have no idea how we’re going to pull this one off how we’d like at the moment. We really don’t want a big bulky SKILLLS MENNNU! ..but it would also add a great way to progress and be able to improve your character’s abilities. So we’ll put our thinking caps on for that one.. We’ll also be looking into creating floating structures like house boats and better rafts. It’s been on our list for a while and seems to be a regularly requested feature. There’s also the more “behind the scenes” systems tied into the survival aspect of the game, like more advanced temperature and stamina systems. The systems are actually there and functioning already and are quite advanced for a game, we just need to implement them more fully with the player and environment. An engine upgrade to Unity 5.0 is on the list as well. We’ve got a tonne of ideas and couldn’t hope to cover them in this post, but there’s plenty of good stuff that we’ll be sinking our teeth into and gives you an idea of what we’re looking at.

But for now, the March update is here with Sea Forts, multistory building, some UI gameplay changes and plenty of bug fixes. Performance is also generally improved. Enjoy 🙂

 SeaFort_005SeaFort_001 SeaFort_002 SeaFort_003


Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

24 thoughts on “Update 0.03

  1. looks like some creppy ufo base… especially with that fog…

  2. Awesome guys, new features are keeping me searching and on the look out for new things!
    However i can’t overlook that no matter where i stand on my island the sound of the waves and water in general is now just so loud, like i may as well be standing knee deep in the ocean and its really off putting.
    Thanks for the hard work though and can’t wait to see bigger islands!!

  3. They said they’re not good at audio

  4. i just cant even look at them. its so scary to me. i found one and i looted it though, its loot central

  5. I want linux version!!!! 🙂

  6. Great update but i might have found a bug. My raft just dissapeared in the middle of the ocean. It’s just like the bug in version 1.0. When i dive i can see it at the surface but when i come up it’s gone.

  7. had the same issue as the guy above. The raft suddenly decided to park itself on the bottom of the ocean.
    Also, I don’t really get the purpose of the sea forts. They are identical to the Maunsell sea forts, but nothing like that is found in the Pacific. Same goes for the Discus, a fish only found in the Amazon river. What’s next? Alligators? 😉

    Keep up the good work, this game is truly something new and I really enjoy it.


  8. We are not alone with the sinking raft bug!

    Pls bring us a hotfix for this as fast as possible

  9. HalfManHalfWolf March 23, 2015 — 5:32 pm

    It seems they have fixed something and made something different but they still haven’t fixed these bugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn3D0NfUXVo

  10. A fix for sinking rafts, among other things, is coming tomorrow 🙂

  11. Awesome update overall, but I think I have found a bug. When I save the game, quit (not to desktop) and then countinue again the island has repositioned itself negatively on the y axis. All trees, bushes etc. are at the same level as before but the island is not. When I after that save my game, quit and countinue again the island goes back where it was from the first place, and all the items on the island “bounces” high up in the air and lands all over the ground and water, almost like the island (when it goes back up), pushes all the items on the ground high up in the air. This is an issue because I’m having trouble finding all the items again. I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but I figured out I should report it anyway so it hopefully gets fixed.

    PS. Thanks for the awesome update again 😀


  12. Fixing the bug that permitted you to pick up an object while in the crafting menu is a bad idea. PLEASE REVERSE THIS FIX. It is not possible to gather enough building materials AND transport them all to an island to test build structures efficiently, or without the game lagging to a non-playable state. It will now take dozens of hours to build a modest multistory and to test object placement, architecture, etc. This fix essentially kills the game. This is a non-negotiable for me, and I will not be playing this game any more because of it.

    I suppose the argument for fixing this bug is “realism” or something along those lines, but this is a computer game. I am not interested in actually being stranded on a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean. I am, however, very interested in this idea of a playground built around the plot of being stranded. If “realism” or “survival” is really the end game here, then why would anyone do anything besides cook food, eat it and eventually run out of firewood before rafting for a few hours to rinse-and-repeat? That is not a fun way to spend time, and suddenly this fix makes cyanide pills an appealing “Wish List” item. After all, we all know that a rescue scenario would certainly defeat the entire purpose. This is a game, and the appeal for a lot of people was the playground of building/crafting…. the appeal of crafting a lasting base while staying one step ahead of death. With this bug fix, it is inevitable that every player will run out of the consumable resources that are within practical proximity.

    Alternatively, the lasting appeal to this game would come from character development, attributes, talent trees, item bonuses, status effects/buffs/debuffs (static and over-time,) bigger islands, multiplayer/group objectives, etc., etc., but that would take teams of developers, serious investment and years to pull off. In the mean time, let us use this unique and compelling platform to build a crazy island base without having to spend literally days supply-chaining a few stacks of sticks to build something that we’ll have to abandon soon enough….

    I have enjoyed the game up until this point, and I thank you for that entertainment, but all things must end. Please reverse this one bug fix. This game is a good concept and it has a lot of potential. It has gained traction because of its novelty and simplicity, but novelty has an expiration date. It will lose momentum once it becomes clear that there are really no goals to accomplish, nothing to plan for and nothing to conquer. Let us plan buildings and conquer these islands!

  13. @FakeHarry – I suppose you’ll never read this, as you say you’re quitting playing this game, but I hope you remember that this is an Early Access game. So why are you whining and complaining that it’s not yet a finished product when it was just released like, 3 months ago? Instead of ragequitting, in your shoes, I’d nicely ask the developers to include a sandbox/creation/god mode, or something, so you can build your giant unnecessary cities on the small islands they give us.

  14. ^ Yeah, a creative mode could be interesting… x3 This isn’t Minecraft though, so if it’s worth adding depends on how much effort it’ll cost the developers. If it’s mostly talk about creating a new interface window for spawning items then it should be cheap enough though.

    Personally I’d like to see more sustainable ways to survive though, like having driftwood sometimes spawn on island beaches – such as planks from shipwrecks or dead branches. Which unlike sticks can’t be used for building, but when dried, can be used as firewood. Then people will also be able to afford spending more time and sticks on constructions too.

    With that said, resource limits are fine to an extend and an obvious part of the survival challenge, but as it’s also seems to be a sandbox game I’d rather see it applied in a way that extends and enriches the gameplay. For example have lighters with limited gas requiring you, once you run out, to start a fire with i.e. a combination of dry driftwood and dried grass (or other forms of tinder, maybe another use for rope?) instead. Together with an exhaustion and exertion system that would be an excellent form of survival challenge. With exertion I mean that more crude methods exert you more and thus drain your hunger, hydration and exhaustion levels more. With exhaustion I mean a fourth life quality bar that makes you more likely to fail tasks the more exhausted you are and would make sleep a real need – it would make you have to plan your moves more, making such things as paddling the ocean require more considerations than just the sharks. That’s a type of challenge that offers more fun than cleansing isles for palms in my opinion.

    But I dunno, I’m probably slightly biased as I prefer endless games. And I don’t doubt the game will still be plenty of entertainment whatever way it goes. It already is, and it can only get better I believe. :3

  15. Hey guys, I’ve been watching footage of this for a while and have been loving the concepts and the work put into it. I would be interested in helping with audio (making some music) using my guitar. So if you want I could lend a hand. Please email me if you are interested and hopefully we can sort something out 🙂

  16. Looks great. I would love it if you guys could worry about co-op/multiplayer a bit more. My brothers and I really want to play together and thrive better and my uncle wont get it until there’s co-op. I love the game and keep up the great work. Thank you for your time.

  17. Hi developers i know that you are just 2 guys struggling to accomplish this as soon as possible it is hard .;) . I would suggest u to go on unity 5.0 coz it is easy to use than 4.6 or other i would like to help, i am computer engineer and i think that i know thing or two 😉 you should e-mail me. All the best

  18. Thank you guys, you are amazing 🙂 i really enjoy this game and i look forward to see how this will evolve into the best survival game there is 🙂
    Keep it up with the good work!

  19. Fakeharry is not aware that this is an early acces. Shame on you Harry!

  20. Game looks nice but it’s starting to be boooooring (yawn) at the moment after a week of playing experience.

  21. Nice update ! ^^

  22. the raft should be a bit bigger and also you should beable to drag tree’s/logs after the raft I mean tree’s/logs do float at least my raft made our of it does, but I love to see this game grow, just got it few day’s ago and I’m loveing it, and tree’s should also grow in time I have no mure fuel so I need to peddle all ove now again, binoculars should zoom better, I have to get so close to an island before I can see if its my island or I have drifted off corse

  23. is there going to be co-op if there is when also you should add way more stuff i love the game but co-op would make it great

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