Update 0.03.H2

Hi guys,

Hotfix 2 for version 0.03 (0.03.H2) is now live. See the change log here: 

Now, this month’s update is a small one. It’s probably the least content we’ve released in an update so far …and there’s a reason for it.
We had to make a big call for this update. We were working on some big systems this month and last week we realised we weren’t going to get them done for this update. So we’ve had to pull a lot of content from this update. This highlighted a bigger problem that’s become more and more evident as the game’s development has progressed under Early Access – working to a monthly build has been very prohibiting. Our monthly builds need to be stable enough so that you’re not losing you’re progress every update. It’s just not fun playing a game in pieces. But at the same time we need to move forward and the things we want to move forward with are going to break the game …a lot. What to do? Well starting as of this update, version 0.03 will remain the stable build and in the next few weeks we’ll be starting a new experimental branch that players can opt into. The experimental build will be just that, highly experimental. It will allow us a lot more freedom in development and will allow you to see more immediate progress of the things we’re working on. Because you won’t be seeing that progress reflected in the stable build which most players will be playing, we’ll be going back to fortnightly blog updates on our website how we used to, to keep you up to date with what we’re working on. And of course we’ll be uploading the experimental builds if you want to check it out.

  • We have a lot of big things planned. Some of them include:
  • Moving over to Unity 5.
  • Reworking the terrain system.
  • Reworking the ocean – Better and bigger wave animations and more complete buoyancy.
  • Reworking a lot of behind the scenes for co-operative game play.
  • Incorporating a proper player model with shadows and animations.
  • Creating an actual audio system.
  • A new loot system incorporating proper scavenging mechanics.
  • Improving the construction system to build on the new scavenging system to create more unique structures.
  • A tool crafting system – scavenging different handles, bindings and blades to create unique tools and weapons.
    Improving the weather with procedural cloud cover and better weather events.
  • A map editor and modding tools.
  • Heaps more…

We’ll be posting a blog post in the next few days with more details and concept art on what we have planned for the above so stay posted.

The main point of all this is that we don’t want Stranded Deep to turn into an early access game where you come back in a few months and updates time and it basically looks like the exact same game – a game where “progress” is made every month, but nothing really changes or grows into something better. It’s been a hard call to make this month, but we know it’s the right one. We have big plans and are pretty excited so we hope you’ll understand and support us as we do that 🙂

We’ll post an announcement soon with more details on the experimental build.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

10 thoughts on “Update 0.03.H2

  1. Hi =)
    Just wanted to thank you for this great idea to split the experimental and the stable part! Sounds like a lot more fun than most early access games.
    Also including multiple safe games is great as well as adjusting the spawn rate of sharks!
    Thank you for your work and the updating.
    It’s a very very fun game to play!
    All the best

  2. I don’t think you could do this any better Beam Team 🙂 Stranded deep = best Steam game i have! Take all the time you need for this beauty.

  3. well played ^^

  4. Thanks for the update.
    I think there should be one options file per player.

  5. Comment: I would Like to suggest some more variety of animals (I am sure you have had plenty of these requests) I am also sorry you actually read all of this! Shark: -Lemon Shark: Near shallow reef areas: Act like Reef sharks, but if you attack, they attack back. (don’t run away as much) -Great Hammerhead: Deep ocean, more common then great whites (28% chance): aggressive when you get to close, but mainly when you attack. -Short fin Mako Shark: Deeper waters: FAST: Not extremely aggressive, but if provoked, will attack. -Whale shark: DEEP waters, about 14% chance of spawning, NOT AGGRESSIVE! Biomes: -Coral Reef: Colorful fun reefs to explore, no shipwrecks, can have lemon sharks/reef sharks. -rock islands: have seals. Spawn in deep waters so sharks can spawn near it. Fish: -Trout: People like trout. -Tuna: Fast fish that travel in large groups in deep water: can warn if a shark is nearby. -flying fish: travel in LARGE groups and will stay near surface: adds to scenery nicely. -flounder: DELICIOUS: at bottom of reefs and shallows. -manta rays: Passive large rays that stay near deeper waters, but can go into deep reefed areas. -MANATEES!!: fan favorite: passive: travel in small groups. -Seals: its a seal. (travels in abstract ways, and groups. -Dolphins: kill sharks on occasion, travel in groups of about 2-5, passive. -Clams: at the bottom, can find pearls for no reason, fill 1 1/2 hunger raw, and 2 1/2 cooked. Items: -Flag? -bigger variety of weapons (different kinds of machetes and axes, but still fit in one slot in inventory) -scuba TANK, automatically straps onto back, has a meter on watch. -some kind of Armour system? like a jacket, or a bullet proof vest? -people on plane in beginning? -some kind of journal? or signs that you can make to right notes on for later. -swords? katanas/knight swords? -bow and arrow -fishing rods/ hooks -different boats and more recently crashed boats (like speed boats and BIGGER BOATS like cargo ships and yachts?) Thank you for reading (if you made it through) and I hope at least one thing sparked an idea, because I am sure you guys probably thought of at least 10 of these and said “eeehhhhhh no”. I honestly love this game, but I want to see more things that are there in the real world, I was born and grew up in Miami Florida, and I have just gotten back “into” all of this ocean life and stuff all because of this game (so thank you!) and now, I just want to keep playin’ !

  6. ALSO:
    -some kind of bigger boat/raft, because the traditional raft can be kind of annoying, and takes too long to get to islands + for role play purposes. (maybe a fully intact generally clean speedboat or whaler boat ( you have to have Jerry cans though [plus sharks cant knock it over, besides great whites, whale sharks, and whales})
    -maybe some kind of animals on some islands, and some bigger islands, but not all (just big enough to support mammal life/reptilian life.

    I hate to make you go through reading all of this, I just love the game!

  7. OOOOOOOO, i hate to keep adding to the list, but i think i have two more things! sorry!
    -animal retrieval, i have had a MAJOR problem getting a great white shark as a prize on my island, because they instantly plummet to the sea floor, that i can’t even get to in god mode. Maye the sharks could at least fall a little slower/ float for a little bit of time.
    -shark sizes: sharks could have different random sizes, and along with this, there could be some sort of scale, such as a tape measure and then when you measure, you can hang them up on a foundation or something but the tail as a prize and have a sign that says their measurements on it. (sharks kind of glitch out when i leave and come back to the world, and same with stingrays and other fish)
    Watch out, because i may have MORE IDEAS!!!!! HAHAHAHHHAHA

  8. AHAHHHA more suggestions!
    -Squid! small squid for food, and GIANT SQUID that are dangerous and big! they are in the deep ocean and are SUPER RARE.

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