We’ve just released the latest experimental build, 0.04.E3.

Two large bugs have been hanging around on the stable build, one being the unusually long loading times for OSX Yosemite users, and the second being the more recent NVIDIA driver upgrade causing consistent crashes.

The upgrade to Unity 5 on our experimental build has fixed these problems and improved performance in general. So in between working on the terrain and coop, we decided to push forward with this update and will be testing it’s stability in the next week or so as a candidate for a stable release. Bug reports are handy, so if you find any post them here on the steam forum here —


Everything else is progressing nicely. Unfortunately, a lot of it is pretty boring to read about. We’ve been running a lot of test projects for coop gameplay, testing the best ways to sync everything between players, ai, etc and the larger island tests are also looking promising.

We’ll keep you posted 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

16 thoughts on “EXPERIMENTAL BUILD 0.04.E3

  1. nice! Thanks, everything is working perfectly! 🙂

  2. Awesome… I’ll give it a try in a couple of hours.

  3. Same as before.. nothing added. They fixed again what they broke. Whats next… Unity 5.5??? Really this is going nowhere….

  4. I like to keep optimistic, but I left this game over a month and a half ago and nothing is really new? I already moved once from a house to an apartment, I set my computer up and was looking forward to playing some new stuff on Stranded Deep, but alas nothing new…

  5. With all the money your earning from steam maybe its time to add some new talent?

  6. Please take some time to read through our blog posts and all your questions should be answered.

    TL/DR: We can’t release a build with a percentage of coop functionality completed, or a percentage of a new larger island system. These things don’t happen in a month 😉

  7. keep up the great work i am loving this game so far, and i cant wait to see how co-op works and i cant wait to explore the larger islands

  8. Good job !!! im cant wait to see the coop too 🙂

  9. So are you guys positive that we won’t see any new add-on’s until at least next year? Because it would be really nice if something new was added to the game soon… I know you guys are working on game performance but at least give us some new items and easter eggs to find and use… I really don’t get that you guys would go for multiplayer before even finishing the story line… what use is the game if there is no story line to go with it? We would like to be saved before 2020.

  10. I too agree with Josh. While the game is fun, after weeks of playing I’ve resorted to “dev cheating” and the game is quickly losing it’s luster. I would suggest adding new crafting items, new foods, respawning coconuts, and to have a menu option that allows you to set the game time to sync with your pc’s internal clock. I would prefer a realistic 24 hour period vs. in game clock which speeds so fast through the day.

    Anyway, great game! (We all will be waiting patiently for new content.)

    P.S. Even with cheating I’ve still not found Wilson or Wally or whatever his name is. So I think you should allow us the character to make our own effigies =)

  11. Wished they’d fix the flashlight/torch bug…2 months is long enough, and has been reported many times. Again here is the details, when you move cursor over one of them, game crashed. Stranded Deep x64.exe not responding. PLEASE FIX THIS BUG so I can play!!

  12. The game is amazing, I spent many hours on it, but things are going too slow. Last stable build update was on May 5th. Now it’s July 9th and what? Only graphical and performance updates. I’m patiently waiting.

  13. Guys, development takes time. They have done a magnificent job so far, and the devs obviously want to finish this project just as fast if not faster than you want them to. But more than that they want to do it right. The amount of bugs in this game are almost nil compared to the potential for the screw-ups that could be happening with a game as complex as this.
    As one of the devs said, shit don’t happen in a month. Oh and as for the flashlight/torch bug all you have to do is opt into the beta!

  14. shouldnt you recruit some ppl ? only 2 dev isnt enough ?

  15. Please add a air bar, Example: in left down corner there will be a air bar like 30/30 when u go into water for 3 seconds it will be 27/30 if you know what i mean.
    Your Air Bar will increase +40 When You Kill a Great White Shark with Knife Or Spear
    Please make it will be hard i know but please :).

  16. When you kill a shark? They are trying to make the game realistic. 🙂

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