Wow, what a week!

So this week we moved our experimental build over to the stable branch. We’d like to say it went smoothly, but the transition was a little rough. A few large bugs slipped through the net and took us by surprise. It’s amazing how many things can pop up even after 2 months of solid testing on the experimental branch with no problems! Ironically, most of the problems were caused because people were able to run the game too well! But we’re glad to say it’s all sorted now.

We have received a lot of criticism on the new update. It was mentioned in the patch notes, but it’s worth mentioning again that this stable update is only a midpoint to some big upcoming changes so it might not look the prettiest at the moment.


Other News

We’ve hinted at a lot of smaller features that we can incorporate now that the world isn’t quite so procedural. One of those is the new global illumination in Unity 5. Basically, the new system allows you to pre-compute or ‘bake’ the lighting data and then use that data to calculate approximate indirect diffuse lighting based on the sun light’s position in real time. We’ve only just started playing around with this feature, but the results look promising —

GI Tests


We also have a new character artist, Tito. Tito has previously worked for Ubisoft on projects including Assasins Creed, Farcry 4, Splinter Cell and more. We’ll keep you posted with any progress on that front 🙂

We’ve got big plans for the next major version of the experimental build. We’ll be switching to our new tester island which is in it’s early stages. Obviously this means the procedural generation will be removed and exploration will be limited, but it will give players a chance to kick the tyres. There will also be new vegetation that really takes advantage of the new foliage shaders I wrote a while ago. And if all goes to plan, we’ll have the new ocean system in as well. This will be rough around the edges as some features aren’t officially implemented yet and we won’t be spending too much time on band-aids, but it will still be a good opportunity to play around with it and get an early indication of any problems we might have in the future.

We would also like to update the stable build with the new foliage in the meantime, as the old foliage is looking a little poor at the moment.

So it was a difficult week for us community-wise and the bugs stalled development a little, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of good things are in motion 🙂


Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

48 thoughts on “THE NEW STABLE BUILD

  1. looks good

  2. Letters on picture should be black, i manage to see them if i open the image and looks closer but probably someone with not that well sight cant see it just in case it says:

    Left: Without Global Illumination.

    Right: With Global Illumination.

    Nice blogs btw keep them up and also updates of course ❤

  3. Great job guys, keep up the hard work 😀

  4. hmmm Tito Sounds good.. fellas..


  5. still hope for co op

  6. an overview of the game looked like cool, bought ^^ do Russian and other languages please

  7. Just release the co-op and multiplayer already!!!

  8. Really would like to be able to make bigger rafts and maybe a chest for storage

  9. Please do not remove procedural generation of the world map completely. Just incorporating the larger islands into it will be enough to make it awesome; losing the randomness kills an enormous part of the replayability of the game.

  10. Hey guys so I just wanted to post a comment because I have had this game since day one and I’ve played about a total of 25 to 30 hours so far. I have been keeping up to date with all your updates and even tried some experimental builds but I thought you guys should hear this. I’m not trying to sound like a know it all or like I have a lot of experience in game development but what I do have experience in is playing games and honestly I really think that you should spend a lot more time focusing on the actual mechanics and adding objectives to the game rather than shaders or lighting effects. I mean yes obviously upgrading to unity five is a great idea and makes the game look a lot prettier but to be honest who really cares what the game looks like if there’s nothing to do. Like how about the whole idea of a rescue system that you guys mentioned when this game was released. It would be so awesome if you added something like that rather than working on lighting effects or something of that insignificant nature. Not to say that lighting effects and such aren’t important just nowhere near as important as the actual gameplay. I would play this game all the time if there was some type of decent mechanic or objective. Now obviously I understand that this game is still in Alpha and in early access so don’t take this the wrong way but between the bugs that have been there ever since the game was released and the fact that sharks are super aggressive and they spawn all the time it just makes it a very boring and/or frustrating game to play. Anyway I hope this helps a little bit to get you on the right path in making this game amazing. This game is such potential it’s baffling please do the right thing and make it at least somewhat interesting. Thanks so much


  11. Please oh please fix the horrible LOD system. Every distant island looks exactly same.
    And add some kind of way to make use/maps in this game.

  12. add co-op no one gives a fuck about shadows

  13. Well said, Daniel.

    However, as I see it, they are really focused on immersion. Lights, shadows, etc.. are all part of that immersion. Also I would think that being stranded on a desert island would be very boring, frustrating, and repetitive. So I think they hit that nail on the head. The objective, if you need one defined, is definitely already there: Survive. If anything, it’s still probably not hard enough yet, what with basically infinite resources and 5 minute raft rides to island hop.

  14. Ignore all the naysayers. You have a huge foundation of players who are having fun going through the beta testing process with you ( like me!) I’m really looking forward to this game being finished in the future! keep it up!

  15. looks good but when will linux support come?

  16. waiting for coop 🙂 good works !

  17. Just one thing: thanks for continuing to make this game better.

  18. Hey I’ve been a supporter since the first month and I think you guys need to focus on adding the rescue system that was previously mentioned and the co-op. My log time is 20+ hours and I really feel like that is what would get me more interested in the game because I feel like I’ve already done everything there is to do.

  19. Thanks Guys ! Keep up the good work ! Love the game ! Greetings from Germany !

  20. Hey guys, I’ve followed this game progress for quite some time and I must say it looks amazing and the concept is also great (you don’t see many open world games without zombies in them these days :)) still I was wondering, will you going to add a storyline to the game, where the player will be able to eventually escape the islands or something like this, I mean how many islands can one explore before gets boring 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Please add workshop!

    You could add so much replay ability and just the overall fun.
    And once you incorporate workshop everybody would play this.
    L4D2 did not get its fun from the original non modded game.
    After they put in workshop everybody played and people still do.

    So please put in workshop!!

  22. And I’ve been a member right when this game came out!

  23. It makes me so happy that the devs don’t seem to be downed by all the complete idiots that post things like “just release multiplayer!” and “who cares about shading” ON a post about the gameplay features theyre working on and why they’re doing what they’re doing atm..
    I mean, it’s not like every single post Beamteam makes explains why they need to work on underlying features before they can begin to expand on things that are not even done, no siree
    /roll my fucking eyes

  24. As many of you, I have been playing for quite some time. I am thrilled at the progress, and will keep tracking it closely. I know that they will eventually get the escape/rescue and multiplayer portions incorporated in the game because that is what they do and I know how to be patient.

    The new release removed the ability to climb trees, but didn’t allow for an easy way to get coconuts from taller trees. This could be easily solved by allowing us to build a ladder in the same way we build steps to the hut. It is not a show stopper, but it is annoying that we can make the very tool we would need, but can’t use it.

    However there is one thing that has plagued this game from the very beginning, it is still there, and it nearly ruins the game. The sharks are on every island, all the time, and they’re always hyper aggressive. It kills on of the biggest aspects of the game because you can not properly explore around the island. You spend all your time spinning in circles looking for the Tiger that is ALWAYS there (100% chance in each island I have been to in the new release). You reach levels of paranoia that prevent you from even going out into the water much less attempt diving and exploring.

    In reality even aggressive “man-eating” sharks do not actively seek out humans for food, and are no where near this aggressive. If they could fix this issue this game could go epic because you could spend so much time diving, fishing, and exploring! Then no one would care too much how far another island is because the journey to get there could be pretty fun.

    That leads me to the final thing that has been bugging me from the beginning, and it may be getting fixed with the new physics… You can’t put anything on your raft to island hop with. It just sinks, and if it is lite enough the shark will just come up and knock it over. Again, in reality life rafts are always used to store survival gear, especially when island hopping.

    Other than that – I love where you’re going with it, it’s been really fun playing the new stable build, but I may wait for the sharks to get some prozac before playing it again.

  25. this game will provide a very amazing open world/ survival simulator like no other when complete. all be patient. and like they say., stay alive! someone will find u eventually or u will find them 😉 thank u beam team. ur game should always be made the way ur passion for it allows u to do so. and so far, this game is getting better and better. every thing being made is being made for a reason. ive put a lot of time into this game and I truly believe there are small things we don’t know about within it nw that is providing clues as to how the rescue objectives may work. if all else fails and im wrong about that, ima just start paddling 2000 miles east eating nothing nothing but archers and coconuts the entire way. note tho, ive tried that. and all that happened was after quite sometime I just wound up ryt back on the island I originally left 😉
    beamteam is not going to waste their time makein mediocre shit because of some clueless scrubs that for get its in an early access state atm
    because of that
    U R NOT PLAYING THE FINAL MASTERPIECe. ima huge early access fan because if u like the game u literally take part in making it to be what it may eventually be. or like with others ones be a total flop fail. this game is going to change open world simulators for a long time. ive never snorkeled or even been in an ocean but I know when all is said and done with all the fine tuning will make sense to u all. the future visuals ito come will blow ur mind. then I could say I snorkeled. ty again beamteam!

  26. This looks much much much better than the sperimental!

  27. You Should make this game Multiplayer that would make it SOOOOOOO much better even though it is already good

  28. Ideas!

    Maps – Treasure maps/Maps from crash debris could be found by the player. This then would allow for a simple in game map

    GPS – A GPS system could be found by the player, perhaps this item was in the luggage of the crashed plane etc. The GPS could possibly have 4 markers/transmitters attached to it which can be placed on certain islands by the player, allowing them to view a GPS map however as there are only 4 transmitters, the player would have to be tactful in choosing where to place them. This would allow for a more advanced in-game map. – (This could also be used in connection with the simple maps previously suggested)

    Building – allow us to change the size of walls/supports/windows (like half walls for example) – and possibly allow the creation of crates/boxes to hold our items.

    Misc – Possibly after a certain period of time, the player becomes stronger and more efficient, as they are getting more used to their environment they can now chop trees down faster, swim faster, craft with less items etc. – this would give the player something to work towards and look forward to.

    I have been playing this games for about 2 or 3 months now and it really is good. I always keep in mind that this is an early release game and it is no where near the finished article. – There is still so much more to be added to this game and so much more that will it more interesting and fun to play.

    Excellent work!!! 🙂

  29. plz add a house boat that would be amazing because im always having to findthe island I have my house on and a house boat would solve this problem for me

  30. Amazing job on game all around!!! my favorite survival game now. And its getting more and more amazing graphics. Looks beautiful. i have no complaints, keep doin what you’re doin 😀 just remember to add some more stuff along the way, and make inventory 4 slots bigger. or make a backpack to carry around with 5 slots 😛 STAY ALIVE xD

  31. What about the ability to build a bow and arrow and several pieces of cloth could be sown together as a bag or sail otherwise happy with the progress

  32. Guys the game is awsome but once you have the motor bout and a cool house you can’t do anything so you should add things so we want them to have so we will play more you know. For exemple minecraft is a game that adds only new things and it have a lot of succses and the graphics sucks.

  33. I cant wait for this game to be complete! I’m not really playing it anymore but when it gets more content I will

  34. Is this game still in development? Or has everyone given up on it? Sorry I haven’t played it in a while and I haven’t seen a lot of it on YouTube lately

  35. You should add something like a Swiss army knife to you could use it as a normal knife, use the screwdriver to open up lanterns/torches to replace battery’s or get items out of them etc, have scissors on them to cut off plant leafs to make roofs instead of cutting down the whole tree etc, a file to make wooden spears sharper etc, but you should make it a ‘rare’ spawning item that you find in the under water wreckages 😀

  36. On and you should also be able to find old luggage bags in the plane wrecks so it acts like a smaller secondary inventory, but if you wear it too long it would start to take health off slowly or the more items it has in it the slower you move! Or you could choose to use the knife to get fabric/cloth from them 😀

  37. At some point, logical inventories will be a must. While piling 10 sticks and stones in a physics-enabled, messy pile works right now, at some point, you should handle this more elegantly and make a “pile of something”-type of item that has inner inventory and could contain much larger number of items, without weird physics and strain on CPU/GPU resources. Crates, boxes and such would make sense and look better than piles even.

  38. could u pls try to work more on the multiplayer 1st? cuz originaly my friend bought us both the game so ill play with him but we were waiting a long and time and even tho u did do a lot of progress with the game we feel like we couldved used the money for better resources..
    im not trying to complain or anything and I really liked the game but I think that for 15 dollars a game that isn’t even finished to be processed or added with more content should be selling at this high price yet or even at all. really not trying to hurt u guys but Im talking from my point of view /:

  39. Is this game dead or smth?

  40. still waiting for co op

  41. Still not a real update, smh. On top of focusing on minor things instead of adding ACTUAL CONTENT it’s been more than 2 weeks, NOTHING. Already told 3 friends not to buy this game because it has NO DEVELOPMENT. They bought Don’t Starve instead, worth the money, unlike this game.

  42. Really? I mean, srsly? August 16, 2015 — 8:21 am

    Guys everything you are doing for so long (like 3 or 4 monthes?) is graphics.. And fixes.. I mean, sea forts is OK, but it’s just another “Island” which is looking differently. Fish traps? Game is already providing easy infinite food sources.

    Where is new mechanics? Where is actual POINT to play this game? Where is ending? All the stuff that is actually interesting and which makes this THE GAME, and not just engine with cool graphics. I was really encouraged when saw this game for the first time, when I was testing build 0.2 or smthing like that. But since then nothing really changed.

    Sorry for my english, best of luck in development, try to focus on really important things and not things which you think is fun to develop.

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