It’s just a quick check in this week.
We’re super busy with all the things mentioned in the last update —

The new building system is beginning to take shape. I’ve been working on a crude tier system and basic structural support as well as gibs for destruction.

Our new ocean system, Ceto, is in place. Ceto is going to be a fantastic Unity asset and by far the best ocean system available for the Unity engine. However, it’s still not a drop in solution for Stranded Deep. Ceto’s current stage of development is missing a few features like shore effects that have taken a bit of work to re-introduce and integrate with our rendering pipeline.
It will be in the “work in progress” stage for a while as it continues being worked on by the developer and incorporated by us. But overall it’s been worth it and even in its current stage we’ve created a beautiful Frankenstein.

The new terrain is also progressing. At this point, there will be one island that’s been placed by hand which will primarily be a tester for placing all our new elements and trying different configurations. The rest of the zones are filled in with procedural content, or what we’ve called “resource islands”, which are similar to the islands that exist now.

There’s still a lot to do this week, but sometime towards the end of the week we’ll be cleaning up most of the loose ends and hopefully getting it out on the experimental branch 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

18 thoughts on “1ST SEPTEMBER BLOG

  1. Nice, great to hear. Looking forward to see the changes going live (or experimental build – just need to find out first how to switch to it).
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Sounds interesting, good work

  3. Great news guys, can’t wait to see some of these new features. Keep up the great work.

  4. Looking forward to the new stuff! Great job guys!

  5. Good news and nice work. You can bet the testers are chomping at the bit for something to help with.

  6. Pretty light on content and light on development

  7. Nice!, I appreciate the hard yards you guys are putting into making the alpha in a fully fledged game with the major tasks of the static islands the coop to come and more options for building which is I think what most look forward to. If there was a way for this small team to get additional props to us in the mean time that would be great as currently I think we’ve all seen and done most everything on offer, do even just new items to find as a little update of content would be cool. So you guys from Toowoomba?

  8. Here here! There is a sign of life… message in a bottle tekst.

  9. Hey guys! Would love if you could putted some attention in my video ! 🙂

  10. Fantastic job, Beam team! I always look forward to new bits of information from you and get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever you release an update. Thank you for such a serene and beautiful game! =D

  11. Cant wait! I’ll Finally have the space I need for a proper Light House, could be easier with a ladder I could place on a wall to climb up the interior… Just sayin, my zigzag stairs tend to cause me to fall to my demise every now and then. But my whining aside I Cant wait to take an old fishing boat apart for resources!

  12. Looks GREAT! Can’t Wait to pull some ladders off these boats!

  13. Ive been watching your game since the day it came out on greenlight, growing more and more excited for the release. When it came out, I put in well over 100 hours into your amazing game. I’m dying having to wait for the new update, but Im willing to wait, if it means a much bigger, better update. Can’t wait to put hundreds more hours into your game! 🙂

  14. remplis de bugs mai bon …. il semble normal pour eux de procédé de la sorte .1ère maj pourrris buggé de partou pui 2éme maj 1 semaine après pour arranger 10% pui 5 moi pour le reste ……

    a par les vagues rien a changer voir beaucoup a été enlevé , plus que de rajouts .

    je ment ? harpon , grimpé au arbres , system de construction simple ,
    temps qui bouge ( bloqué sur 11 h pour le moment ), casser les objet sur le sol , etc etc etc etc etc etc

    bravo pour la qualité d’image et le slot de votre jeu mai déçu que l’on fasse un si grand bon en arrière

  15. i look all the mod and modder him work for nothing $$ , his most quick to créate a new upload . beam team game go move you !

    all go base 0 now , 6 month after the release !
    no time , no animal , no coconut , no construction , yes water wave wtf , no effect light , no multi , , the fondation like luxe hotel wtf ? survive or game of carpenter, joiner ?

    no ready for play AND FOR TEST .

    time again , your comunity , WAIts FOr PLAY

    thank modder , no beamteamgame

  16. I have no idea what you just said barbibul. ;-; But anyway great job devs! Cant wait to see the updates in the future! :]

  17. I just purchase this game and every time it starts loading….. It turns off and says game has crashed! I can’t seem to get an answer or my money back please contact me.

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