So we recently updated the experimental branch with a new build and it might look a little different than the last —

pIvKZxD - Imgur

It’s Stranded Deep… just bigger and better!

There’s been some pretty big changes with a lot of the features we’ve been talking about starting to be introduced like the new ocean, terrain and building system. It is on the experimental branch so keep in mind that a lot of the features aren’t fully incorporated or optimised!



The new ocean is probably the first thing that is noticeably different when you start a new game. It’s already looking great, but we still have a bit to do to integrate it better (removing some artefacts, optimising for different systems, etc) but when it’s finished it should easily look and perform better than the previous system. We’ve started integrating the ocean with the player movement and rafts as well which definitely adds to the experience of being stuck in open ocean in a little life raft. We appreciate that some people might get a bit motion sick so we’ve added an options slider for the effect. Eventually we’ll incorporate more gameplay elements like drowning that will make it hard to traverse open water, necessitating ‘vehicles’ like rubber and wooden rafts, life preservers, boats, etc. On that note – the raft mechanics are currently being revamped so there might be a few glitches before we push the new mechanics.



The terrain system has had a complete rework for the recent update. We’ve been torn between procedural generation and hand-crafted world design so we came up with a solution to combine the two. The new terrain system is split up into ‘zones’ where each zone has a biome with parameters that can be procedurally generated at run time or hand-crafted and loaded from disk… or a mixture of both. For now you start on a hand-crafted starting island which is mainly just a tester for all our new game elements. Eventually this starting zone, and many others will be detailed out by a level designer. The idea is to have the community involved with this process as well by allowing you to make your own custom map zones to share. You’ll be able to download any community created zones and add them to your custom world like a jigsaw puzzle. In-between these hand-crafted zones are ‘resource’ islands which are completely procedural like you’ve seen previously but are now up to 4x the size. Yay! All these changes meant reworking almost all the game mechanics.



The crafting and building system is also getting a huge rework. The new building part of the system has been introduced with the latest build. It’s in a very early stage, but it’s already incorporating new features like structural integrity and destruction. These features will be integrated more fully as the system progresses. The building pieces are just simple block-outs for now while we finalise the designs and how it will all work together with different material tiers. The building side of the crafting system is also running on the newer system while the crafting side is stuck on the old system. The ‘floating camp-fire’ bug is a casualty of the new crafting system being midway. We’re also working on a new crafting interface as part of the new system. The current menu system does not fit the new system well with placing panels and building parts so we’re sorting something out asap. There’s a bit to add and clean up with the new building system, but once it’s sorted the move to customisable rafts also shouldn’t be much of a problem.



The character model is coming along nicely and is nearly finished. Tito’s done some great work. and we’ve added a close up shot so you get an idea of the attention to detail that he’s putting into it. It should be finished in the next few days and then it’s animating time!

Character Model 2 eyes



We’ve also got lots of little bits and pieces going on the side. One little piece is new snakes —

SnakeProgress1 SnakeProgress2
These are all animated and are looking great. We’ve also got new rocks in the works, new building parts for different tiers, shipping containers, tarps, etc.
Right now we’re working on integrating the new map editor and getting the new crafting side of the crafting system incorporated.
So that’s it for this week 🙂 If we hadn’t mentioned it enough, there’s been a lot of big changes most of which meant we’ve had to pull the game to pieces and rework every system or create new ones and we’re still in the middle of it all.
But overall, the latest update and this build is a huge leap in the right direction for us and Stranded Deep.


Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


We’ve included the change log in this blog post as it was too big for the Steam announcement page!


Bug Fixes
Culling – Fixed a small error with too many layers being excluded from lights culling masks that may have contributed to graphical errors on AMD/ATI cards.
UI – Added tooltip functionality for settings selection.
UI – Fixed scrollbar in graphics options menu displaying incorrectly.
UI – The position for the World seed dialogues input caret and highlighting was incorrect. This has been fixed internally with the upgrade to Unity 5.2.
Ocean – Fixed ambient occlusion writing over ocean surface underwater.
Crafting Triggers – Fixed errors with objects not leaving collections. This was also causing crafted items to not ‘appear’ where they should have.
Crafting Triggers – Optimised triggering algorithm and trigger collider types.

UI – Removed settings dialogue on start. All game settings, including resolution, are now made through the in-game options menu
Terrain – Improved terrain loading times. Zones are generated on startup to reduce runtime generation and biome transition hiccups.
Terrain – Improved grass and small plant models for the follow spawn system.
Building – Changed building mode color to blue.. again!
Saving – Saving system has been reworked to incorporate the new terrain and building system.
Trees – Improved large tree mesh normal. Overall better looking trees.
Player – Improved moving platform detection for objects like rafts, should see less jitteriness and less likelihood of falling off rafts during biome transitions.
Removed – Palm tree cutting. You now collect wood from small trees and drift wood. Other cutting trees will be added in a future update.
Removed – World re-centering. Transitions between biomes should now be much smoother.

New Content
New Systems
Terrain – New terrain system! The new terrain system has large Islands, handcrafted zones, procedural content, and more! The terrain system has been rewritten to support biome zones with much more detail. Zones now allow for large island either hand crafted or procedurally generated. The world is currently limited to a size of 5×3 biomes but will expand as the system progresses.
Ceto – New ocean system! This will be in the “work in progress” stage for a while as it continues being worked on by the developer and incorporated by us.
Caustics – Improved caustics. The switch to Ceto allowed us to rework the caustic system and incorporate our original caustics again which are more fluid and dynamic.
Tides – A simple semi-diurnal tide system has been implemented. This will have more impact when buoyancy and currents have been fully implemented.
Building – New building system! This system is in very early days. Only the lowest building material tier is available to build with for now. All building pieces are placeholders.
Building pieces also have a basic structural support mechanic implemented:
– Roofs and floors need a foundation with two walls to support the next level.
– Foundations, floors and roofs can support one ‘tile’ out from themselves.
Be careful not to place something where it won’t be supported as you will lose all of your materials! The building combos are all basically a stick.. and if it needs another piece (eg: to build steps you need a foundation and a stick). Hopefully this will help everyone test things quickly.
Building – New destruction gibs! A basic system for gibs has been implemented. This will evolve as the building system progresses.
DirectX 11 – Added DirectX 11 support. This will allow users with capable video cards to run the game under DirectX 11. This will also open the way for DX11 specific optimizations like running the ocean simulation solely on the GPU.
DirectX 9 – Users with DirectX 9 can select the “DirectX 9.0” option on start-up or add “-force-d3d9” to the game’s launch options for a more permanent solution.
Reflection Probes – Users running the game under DirectX 11 will have the new reflection probes. Currently there’s an internal bug stopping probes from rendering correctly under DirectX 9 and OpenGL. The reflection probes only contain the sky at the moment.
Unity – Upgraded to latest version of Unity 5.2. According to the release notes there’s been “CPU side rendering performance optimizations across the board. We’ve seen between 5% and 30% lower CPU cost for rendering, depending on the setup.”

New Content
Foliage – New foliage! The new foliage makes better use of our new shaders with translucency, etc.
Foliage – New ceriman plant
Foliage – New banana frond plant
Foliage – New ficus trees, can be harvested for sticks
Foliage – New palm trees
Foliage – New heart-leaf philodendron plant
Rocks – New temporary rocks, cliff models
Drift Wood – Drift wood, harvest driftwood logs from driftwood piles scattered around island shores.
Effects – New HDR tone mapper and eye adaptation. The new tone mapper is much better quality than the previous built-in tone mapping we were using.
Effects – New ‘Motion Blur’ effect. This is only recommended for higher end systems.
Effects – New ‘Depth of Field’ effect. This is only recommended for higher end systems.

Known Issues
OSX – There is a bug at the moment where wave overlays aren’t applying properly under OpenGL. This affects foam, shore fading, etc.
Ambient Occlusion – We’ve started seeing some weird haloing related to the terrain. We’re looking in to the cause.
Shadows – There are a few visual artefacts related to shadow cascades. We’re looking in to the cause.
Rafts – The rafts are in the middle of a rework. There may be some visual glitches when paddling. Try to stay in the centre of the raft.

Dev Notes
Intro– The intro scene has been removed temporarily.
Atmosphere – Weather has been disabled temporarily.
Crafting Triggers – This system is in the middle of an overhaul. There is a bug where picking up an item in a crafting pile won’t remove itself from the ‘collection’. Drag them away from the pile first before picking it up.
Crafting – Crafted position. The crafting system is also in the middle of an overhaul. Be careful where you choose to craft an item. Craft items in an open space, don’t craft panels on top of stories, etc or they could go flying or get stuck.
Building – There is no collision checking for the building ghosts at the moment. Be careful of placing foundations too close to other foundations (unless they’re snapping together) as it will cause bugs with snapping connectors interfering.
Sea Creatures – None of the sea creatures have been fully integrated with the ocean yet. You may see a few popping through the waves.



Bug Fixes

– Fixed not starting with your lighter and water bottle.
– Fixed time of day not advancing.
– Fixed large rock collisions on main island.
– Fixed missing mesh for world barriers.
– Fixed sea creatures spawning under new terrain.
– Fixed crashing when dying or quitting to main menu.
– Fixed shipwreck marker bubbles not displaying properly.
– Fixed menu tooltips not resetting when in-game.
– Fixed cloud shadow direction.
– Fixed not being able to damaged steps building piece.
– Fixed detail object spawner not reloading properly.
– Fixed a potential overlapping scenario with saving.
– Fixed ocean artefacts when using binoculars.
– Fixed ocean artefacts when changing field of view in game.
– Fixed terrain generation causing sharp cliff edges.
– Fixed an error when collecting coconuts from trees.
– Fixed some trees not spawning coconuts.
– Fixed shark swimming above ocean.
– Fixed fall damage from waves while on rafts.


– Added fish system back.
– Added fish trap crafting combo back.
– Added optional ocean rotation for moving platforms.
– Added menu slider for new rotation feature under “Gameplay” section.

New Content

– Added new rocks.

Dev Notes

– SMAA is not working.


  1. Wait, wtf, are you serious? Why would you get rid of the ability to cut down palm trees?!

  2. Can someone let me know why I can’t make a fire since the most recent update?

  3. Nice update and nice new features except I am a little puzzled as to why you would remove features that were already implemented. For example why remove the ability to craft a raft and the outboard motor? Why can we no longer chop down palm trees for both wood and palm fronds? Yes the new building features are nice and yes the ocean looks a lot better and realistic etc etc but it feels as if it has almost taken a step backwards with loosing some of the features that were previously available. I certainly hope these return asap as it has certainly, in my opinion, taken something away from the game

  4. The new-updates are nice, but where is are the sharks in it?? Where is the wild life? Like tropical birds and poisonous snakes etc etc… More food? Why can’t I chop down palm trees for coconuts and use the palm-fronds for materials? And where is the abillity to make a motor engin? What is going on with this game?? The sea is gr8 to look at but it’s way to heavy to cross from Island to Island and it makes you eighter tumble over in the silly raft of you get shot up in the sky and this figure break legs and limb. And wot duss those yellow ball’s represent?
    Is this a border and there is nothing on the other side? Whats up witht that crap?

    ffs you guys have a lot of explaining to do, cus this sucks!

  5. MAN! You guys just complain.. They release a really cool and good update to the game and all you guys just whine.. You guys try to make a game and see what happens. This is an (EARLY ACCESS) game. They will be taking things in and out of the game all the time. To be honest I didn’t like how you could make a boat motor and cut down palm trees.. HOW IS THAT REALISTIC? This game strives to be very realistic and that never really fit in in the first place. I just hope that this game doesn’t turn into an (easy) game. I want it to be hard and make me think.. What would I do if I was really in this situation. So devs, please just keep doing what your doing and don’t let these complainers get to your head. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. I really like this game, really a lot! But would be awesome with more wild life on the islands and in the water, birds, snakes, etc, and would be awesome if you could make somthing with the stingrays and the turtles, more food options.

    But i dont want to complain to much, this game is really awesome and i cant wait to see all the new things that will be in the future! 🙂

    Why don’t fix a ball? So we all can have a Willson with us 😉

  7. You guys know they just took that stuff out to work on it and make it better, and then they will put it back. It is just temporary.

  8. People need to read update notes and comments from beamteam.
    They remove things from the game temporaly to make them better, funnier and so on.
    FFS be calm and wait for the great updates! (:

  9. I realize that you’ve said the game is bigger and better than ever, but…. you’re just wrong. Getting rid of the infinite, procedurally generated world is a MASSIVE pull, and from what I understand, regrettably permanent. Even when we get to the point of the game, I can only use the island I select, meaning that exploration is now out.

    While I get that it is EA, it is, as of now, smaller and worse than it was prior to the big update.

  10. Some one says its not realistic to chop down palm trees or build a motor. Well if you can build an axe you can chop down any tree or wooden object.
    If you find the motor parts you can build an engine.

    I think more craftables and food options is a must, I have gone as far as I can go with this game in so little time of playing it and find myself restarting islands with different seeds only to do the same thing over and over again.
    Now all I do is wait for a patch and see if anything new has been added and find myself hardly ever playing the game.

    at 1st I thought it was a fun game until I visited all the islands and wrecks and find myself on my island collecting coconuts and water and also going off to fight the odd shark every now and then just to amuse myself.

  11. Can you build a (hand made) axe that’s not very sharp and cut down a tree with it in like 10 seconds (10 minutes game time)? I bet you cant even do that in real life that quick! Can you just find 4 parts of a ship wreck and build a motor so easily and make it work on a raft? Second, why does it take people SO LONG to understand that there are two people working on this game and its (EARLY ACCESS)! The game is not even close to be getting done. There trying to make it a small nice experience for everyone first and then they are gonna add (A LOT) more content.

    Please just be patient and don’t complain. There doing there best. 😦

  12. Hold me closer tiny dance January 28, 2016 — 12:07 pm

    Beamers aint ever gunna throw out a new post on ere

  13. Six months later , nothing is new ???? !

  14. Watch there,
    They have made lots of new stuff but apparently won’t update this blog

  15. good job man . congratulations

  16. “– Added new rocks.”

  17. I hope this game continues to get developed over time. My current pc doesn’t have the performance requirements for the past couple updates. Can’t wait to play it when I upgrade though!

  18. 2 years of shit July 9, 2016 — 11:34 am

    badest devloper ever

  19. Worst* Developer*. Oh and check steam and you will see they are still updating the game:)

  20. why aint this game done yet like come on give me a job someone needs to get this in order and finished already

  21. lol nice detail on the character.. the one we see from first person.. since there is no cooperative/ multiplayer gameplay.

  22. Still waiting for coop.

  23. I love it. I’m having great time even though I’m playing on a Mac. The character looks great, too. However, I noticed that when you start a new game, looking around while in the plane (before the crash), you can see that you’re already in stattered clothes 😆 So, dude never had a good pair of slacks on before he crashed anyway 😜

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