Hi guys,

The latest stable build 0.06 has just been released!

There’s a tonne of new stuff in this build – a new ocean system, new terrain system, new crafting and building system, building tiers and destruction, map editor, new menus, the list goes on! Unfortunately, due to Steam’s word limit on posts we can’t include all the details here and have had to cut the description of some huge changes and systems down to one liners, but if you want more details on a new feature, chances are we’ve covered it in previous patch notes, or just ask on the forums 🙂

Now we’ve got the base of some core features implemented, we’ll be putting the experimental branch on the back-burner and focusing on the stable branch again. The experimental branch is for times when we’re experimenting with new systems that are changing and breaking every day. At this point, the new terrain, ocean and building system are stable enough that we can move forward on the stable branch. But with that said, don’t let the “stable” connotation trick you – this is Early Access and there will still be some bugs!

Also, don’t forget to reset your key bindings as the crafting menu and crouch keys will more than likely be bound together!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed a large bug since initial release with large object collections reducing FPS dramatically.
– Fixed visual errors caused by depth texture banding.
– Fixed an issue with cameras using different culling methods.
– Fixed an issue with sharks spawning at wrong positions and being destroyed.
– Fixed a selected object staying highlighted if “Item Highlighting” turned off.
– Fixed world seed dialogue’s input field not auto-highlighting.
– Fixed fish not entering and exiting polling mode correctly resulting in low numbers.
– Fixed using held item when confirming crafting.
– Fixed low generation of potatoes and shipwrecks.
– Fixed a bug where crosshair options were not taking effect.
– Fixed the scrollbar in graphics options menu displaying incorrectly.


– Added building combination descriptions.
– Added optional ocean rotation for moving platforms.
– Added menu slider for new rotation feature under “Gameplay” section.
– Added tooltip functionality for settings selection in options menu.
– Added large trees to procedurally generated islands.
– Adjusted Palm Tree’s level of detail.
– Adjusted Rock’s level of detail.
– Adjusted player walking speed from 3 to 4
– Adjusted player sprint speed from 5 to 6.5
– Adjusted player crouch speed from 1.5 to 2
– Adjusted player jump height from 4 to 5
– Changed placing distances for various crafting items.
– Changed Stick model to suit new wood tier.
– Changed culling distances for various layers – particles, objects, animals, etc.
– Changed various UI menu design elements.
– Changed key bindings so pressing escape will also cancel constructing.
– Changed key bindings for crouching to default to left ‘Control’ key.
– Changed key binding for crafting menu to default to “C” key.
– Improved performance for SLI/Crossfire systems.
– Improved visuals for distant islands (Still a large work in progress).
– Improved visibility of menu cursor icon.
– Improved ambient lighting.
– Improved lighting to add more contrast.
– Improved terrain loading times.
– Improved grass and small plant models for the follow spawn system.
– Increased shadow strength for more contrast.
– Increased inventory slots from 8 to 15.
– Removed materials re-appearing in front of you when cancelling a construction.
– Removed settings dialogue on start. All game settings, including resolution, are now made through the in-game options menu


– Added new UI menus!
– Added new Crafting Menu!
– Added new Map Editor!
– Added new World Editor!

– Added new Terrain System!

– Added new Ocean System!
– Added better Caustics!
– Added Tides!

– Added new Building System!
– Added new Building Structural Support!
– Added Building Collisions and Structure Boundaries!
– Added new Destruction Gibs!

– Added DirectX 11 Support!
– Added new DirectX 9 starting option!
– Added new Reflection Probes for DX11!
– Added new HDR Tone Mapping effect!
– Added new HDR Eye Adaptation effect!
– Added new Motion Blur effect!
– Added new Depth of Field effect!

– Added new Rocks!
– Added new Cliff Rocks!

– Added new Ceriman Plant!
– Added new Banana Frond Plant!
– Added new Philodendron Plant!
– Added new Ficus Trees!
– Added new Palm Trees!
– Added Tree harvesting particles.
– Added Speedtree and billboard support to Ficus trees
– Added Translucency option to graphics menu to toggle cloth and foliage translucency.

– Added a new building tier – Driftwood!
– Added new Drift Wood resource!
– Added Driftwood Foundation building part.
– Added Driftwood Floor building part.
– Added Driftwood Panel building part.
– Added Driftwood Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Wood!
– Added Wood Foundation building part.
– Added Wood Floor building part.
– Added Wood Panel building part.
– Added Wood Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Plank!
– Added Plank Foundation building part.
– Added Plank Floor building part.
– Added Plank Panel building part.
– Added Plank Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Steel!
– Added Steel Foundation building part.
– Added Steel Floor building part.
– Added Steel Panel building part.
– Added Steel Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Corrugated!
– Added Corrugated Foundation building part.
– Added Corrugated Floor building part.
– Added Corrugated Panel building part.
– Added Corrugated Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Cloth/Tarp!
– Added Tarp Panel building part.
– Added Tarp Panel Caps building part.

– Added a new building tier – Container!
– Added Shipping Container Panel building part.

– Added a new Salvage part – Shipping Container!
– Added a new Salvage part – Steel Scrap!
– Added a new Salvage part – Corrugated Scrap!
– Added a new Salvage part – Plank Scrap!

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