UPDATE 0.07!

b0a1635c47aa645004010e31436341396a78387fHi guys,

The latest build 0.07 has just been released!

This build features an extension to the building system with triangular shaped foundations and floors! It’s a handy little piece of geometry that will let you build a much more unique structure than a square box 🙂 You can also now find doors on shipping containers, with doors for the other tiers making a return in the next build.

We’re also working on a new billboard system so please forgive it if things pop in and out at weird times or too soon at the moment.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed a possible cause of the game not falling back to DirectX 9 when DirectX 11 not supported.
– Fixed artefacts from tree billboards not facing camera properly in depth texture.
– Fixed ficus tree and tree billboards rotations not matching.
– Fixed displaying name on rocks.
– Fixed wall’s placing with incorrect orientation.
– Fixed white spots on terrain.
– Fixed footstep sounds.


– Improved feedback when trying to destroy a building piece that can’t be destroyed.
– Improved sun rendering and colouring.
– Removed ‘Depth of Field’ effect temporarily.
– Increased Tiger Shark’s per zone from 3 to 4.
– Increased Great White Shark’s per zone from 3 to 4.


– Added Shipping Container Door building part!

– Added new building category – Wedge Foundations!
– Added Driftwood Wedge Foundation building part!
– Added Wood Wedge Foundation building part!
– Added Plank Wedge Foundation building part!
– Added Corrugated Wedge Foundation building part!
– Added Steel Wedge Foundation building part!

– Added new building category – Wedge Floors!
– Added Driftwood Wedge Floor building part!
– Added Wood Wedge Floor building part!
– Added Plank Wedge Floor building part!
– Added Corrugated Wedge Floor building part!
– Added Steel Wedge Floor building part!

– Added Driftwood Steps building part!
– Added Plank Steps building part!
– Added Corrugated Steps building part!
– Added Steel Steps building part!

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