35d1451a53a66a4eacec3da2bf64dd852ef3b278Hi guys,

The latest build 0.08 has just been released!

This build features more extensions to the building system with new doors, arches, windows and half-walls! There’s new pieces for each building tier, totalling 20 new pieces. It’s worth mentioning that there’s been some refactoring of our building system’s connector code to allow it to be completely universal to support the new raft system coming soon, so there’s a possibility that your existing saved structures might load back inccorectly. Please try replicating any bugs on a new structure before posting them. There’s also been some performance tweaks that should improve performance for systems with lower-end CPUs.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed visual artefacts with distant objects appearing in ocean refractions.
– Fixed adaptive tone mapping buffer increasing triangle count by ~100k.
– Fixed visual artefacts in building placing shader.
– Fixed lighting artefacts on ocean when using a torch.
– Fixed building wall rotation being flipped 180 degrees.


– Increased performance by significantly decreasing draw calls.
– Reduced terrain mesh popping from over-aggressive tessellation.
– Optimized ocean overlays for non-islands biomes.
– Improved entire Corrugated building tier appearance.
– Improved Wood tier’s wall caps appearance.
– Removed ability to place walls as roof panels for now (use floors instead).


– Added Driftwood Steps building part!
– Added new building category – Half Walls!
– Added Driftwood Half Wall building part.
– Added Wood Half Wall building part.
– Added Plank Half Wall building part.
– Added Corrugated Half Wall building part.
– Added Steel Half Wall building part.

– Added new building category – Arches!
– Added Driftwood Arch building part.
– Added Wood Arch building part.
– Added Plank Arch building part.
– Added Corrugated Arch building part.
– Added Steel Arch building part.

– Added new building category – Doors!
– Added Driftwood Door building part.
– Added Wood Door building part.
– Added Plank Door building part.
– Added Corrugated Door building part.
– Added Steel Door building part.

– Added new building category – Windows!
– Added Driftwood Window building part.
– Added Wood Window building part.
– Added Plank Window building part.
– Added Corrugated Window building part.
– Added Steel Window building part.


– Upgraded to latest Steam SDK 1.35.
– Upgraded Steam API for Steam SDK 1.35.

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