Hi everyone,

The latest stable build 0.09 has just been released!

This update introduces the new raft building system! You’re no longer stuck with just your yellow life raft or a small wood square! You can now create your own unique rafts from the existing materials and new scrap materials added in this update. The new rafts significantly increase your ability to explore and even scavenge more parts to add to your floating creation. Motors are also back with the introduction of a new vehicle system. All “vehicles” like sails, motors and even the life raft use this new mechanic. See the patch notes for more specifics on how to use all these new systems.

There is one small issue with the ocean in this build that we’re aware of. Now that you can freely traverse open waters it has highlighted a visual artefact with the ocean – While you’re sailing you may see some “wobbles” in the ocean. We’re aware of this and working on getting it sorted asap.

Have fun on the high seas 🙂

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Fixed no height limit on foundation building pieces.
– Fixed a bug preventing you from exiting the options menu in the map editor.
– Fixed a bug with lanterns activating other lanterns materials.
– Fixed a bug affecting lanterns when destroyed.
– Fixed a bug affecting sharks when destroyed.
– Fixed incorrect ocean tide level.
– Fixed shipwreck loot containers being spawned 100% time.
– Fixed problems with sharks having difficulty locating player.


– Improved error testing and reporting for invalid or corrupt world and map folder structures.
– Improved speed of save file validation significantly.
– Changed life raft functionality to incorporate new vehicle system mechanics.
– Changed plant harvesting to no longer display real time growth as too confusing for players.
– Added preview images for new pieces to crafting menu.
– Added more complete descriptions for building pieces to crafting menu.
– Reversed combination’s materials required and available order in crafting menu.
– Added new Decal system.
– Added new Yucca plant model.
– Added individual driftwood log pieces to terrain generation.


– Added new Raft Building system!
This update introduces the first iteration of the new raft building system. The new rafts are constructed from three components – a Raft Base, a Raft Floor and a Vehicle. You first need to construct a floating Raft Base with the various buoyant scrap you can find. A Raft Floor can then be added on top of the Raft Base, from which any Vehicle can be attached to. The raft system functions in a very similar way to the normal building system – snapping the different components together. There is no limit on raft size at the moment, but be aware that the buoyancy is only calculated for a certain number of points across the raft’s dimensions for performance considerations, so very large rafts may lose some accuracy. As the system’s development continues, we’ll be adding more extensions like canopies and storage containers to carry items more reliably on your raft.

– Added new Vehicle system!
Vehicles are objects that you can interact with (like you would to open a container for eg) to begin operating them. In general, vehicles are controlled with the WASD keys. There can be slight variations depending on the type of vehicle. Vehicles with a rudder or sail are controlled normally with the WASD keys, however the life raft in particular is controlled by moving forward with the W key and looking in the direction you want to paddle. We will be fine tuning the different vehicle characteristics and benefits as development continues

It’s worth mentioning that the life raft is also missing the paddling animation, but this will come back when the player model is incorporated soon.

– Added new building category – Raft Bases!
– Added Wood Bundle Raft Base building part.
– Added Tyres Raft Base building part.
– Added Barrels Raft Base building part.
– Added Buoy Balls Raft Base building part.

– Added new building category – Raft Floors!
– Added Driftwood Raft Floor building part.
– Added Wood Raft Floor building part.
– Added Plank Raft Floor building part.
– Added Corrugated Raft Floor building part.
– Added Steel Raft Floor building part.

– Added new building category – Vehicles!
– Added Tarp Sail vehicle.
– Added Boat Motor vehicle.

– Added Tyre building material.
– Added Tyre Pile salvageable scrap.
– Added Barrel building material.
– Added Barrel Pile salvageable scrap.
– Added Buoy Ball building material.
– Added Buoy Ball Pile salvageable scrap.

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