Hi everyone,

The latest stable build 0.10 has just been released!

There’s some big new features in this update along with a few important bug fixes and a lot of little tweaks and new things!

This update introduces the new Farming System! You can now plant and grow your very own harvestable crops. There’s two new fruit trees that you can collect and plant, with more on the way! Food spoiling has also been included so you will really need to plan what you’re going to do instead of stock-piling and hoarding massive piles of food. See the patch notes for more info.

Also the new Player Character is included in this build. It’s just the basics for now while we sort out the intricacies of how the player is going to interact with items and other creatures, but it’s nice to not be a pair of floating arms anymore 🙂

There’s an important fix for users running Intel Iris and some ATI graphics cards experiencing the “black spots/tv” artefacts on items, trees and the terrain. The lighting for foliage has also been improved for lower-end systems that need to disable shadows. Foliage translucency is attenuated by shadows, so if shadows were disabled they would appear fully translucent and overly bright green.

We’ve added quality settings for the Ocean which should help users with lower systems until we get to do a proper optimising pass on the ocean.

We’ve also added an extra branch for the players who liked the older 0.04 version. This will also help players with systems on the lower fringes of the minimum system requirements as we’re aware that the current build is not as optimised as it could be for now while we focus on getting content into the game. However, please do not post any bug reports or start topics on the forum as this is an outdated branch.

Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Fixed “Black spot/TV” artefacts on items, terrain and foliage for users running Intel Iris and some ATI graphics cards.
– Fixed “wobbly” ocean visual artefacts.
– Fixed “horizon line” visual artefact in fog.
– Fixed being able to place camp fires underwater.
– Fixed player crouch toggle sticking sometimes.
– Fixed player not being able disengage tree/ladder when near ground.
– Fixed drowning damage UI causing artefacts.
– Fixed Crabs stacking on each other and not moving.


– Added quality settings for ocean.
– Added food spoiling.
– Added Quwawa plant to general terrain generation.
– Added Kura plant to general terrain generation.
– Added Palm Tree chopping again.
– Changed building to require a Hammer again.
– Changed farming to require a Hoe.
– Changed Vehicle placement to function like steps (snap to 90 degree angles).
– Changed highlighting visuals.
– Changed translucency to disable when shadows are disabled to prevent foliage from looking over bright.
– Changed Watch to give alerts only when the health stat is critical.
– Improved Rope model to stand out more.
– Improved terrain grass.


– Added new Player Character!

– Added new Farming System!
This update introduces the first iteration of the new farming system. There’s two plants for starters, the Quwawa and Kura plant. There’s a lot more on the way and each one has been planned with a specific purpose to affect your health or abilities in the future.

To be able to plant crops, you need the new Hoe item. When you have the Hoe equipped you can construct a Farming Plot from the Farming section of the crafting menu. You can interact with a Farming Plot to plant the fruit of the Quwawa and Kura plants and begin growing your very own harvestable plants. Plants need to be watered with fresh water every few game days and will take a few days to grow. Even when matured, plants will die if they’re not watered within a 2 game day period. There is a temporary UI at the moment to provide you with some level of feedback for when a plant needs water. If a crop dies, you will need to clear it with the Hoe before planting another crop. If a crop has grown fruit before it died, the fruit will remain behind and will be spoiled. You cannot eat spoiled fruit without being sick, but you can replant it to try again.

This system also introduces a new universal concept – Things that are Yellow are safe to eat or could be used medicinally.

– Added new Hoe item.

– Added new Quwawa farming plant!
– Added new Kura farming plant!


– New game time and calendar systems.

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