Hey everyone,

The latest stable build 0.15 has just been released!

Hi everyone,

This update focuses on a section of our roadmap to reclassify tools into two new categories, Crude and Refined. Eventually this will change the focus from finding the good tools, to allowing you to craft them. A refined version of a tool is created by upgrading the existing Crude version. The combo’s to upgrade to refined tools will likely be adjusted when we introduce smaller sundry items like leather and leaves in the future.

We’ve also been hard at work on improving loading times between islands and generating better billboard representations of the islands you’ve discovered. These developments aren’t ready for this release but we’re seeing very promising improvements. The progressive loading and dynamic billboard generation should hopefully be ready for the next update. There’s also some exciting developments with our concepts for the new main menu design, which won’t only improve the aesthetics but will also affect how you enter the game in a cool new way.

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Fixed being able to switch items with hotkeys while operating a vehicle.
– Fixed bird landing spots causing a hiccup when loading between zones.
– Fixed projectiles stuck in mid-air when crafted.


– Significantly reduced the performance overhead when creating new items at runtime.
– Categorized new and existing crafting items into Crude and Refined.


– Added new Speargun item!
– Added new Speargun Arrow item!
– Added new Airtank model.
– Added new Stone Tool model.
– Added new Refined Knife model.
– Added new Crude Axe model.
– Added new Refined Axe model.
– Added new Crude Spear model.
– Added new Refined Spear item!
– Added new Fishing Spear item!


– Upgraded to Unity 5.4.

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