Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.18.02 has just been released!

By popular demand this update features new Craftable Furniture! Craftable furniture hasn’t been very high on our list as it’s not something that screams ‘survival’ but we appreciate that being able to craft furniture signifies you’ve reached a point where you’ve made it past pure survival and can afford to spend resources to make your island existence more comfortable. There are also plans in the future for things like stick storage, cabinets and baskets to help with organisation once the new storage UI is completed.

This update also features a new Fire Torch. A Fire Torch can be lit by interacting with a Camp Fire. They can also be used to light extinguished Camp Fires and also other unlit Fire Torches. Fire Torches last approx. 3 game hours at the moment and we’re finalizing the best way to show when a torch is burnt out so keep this in mind. We have been reluctant to add craftable light sources in the past as each additional light brings a performance hit with it so be mindful of this before you decide to light up your island!

There’s also the new craftable Hook. Hooks can be attached to your construction walls. Attachable objects like Lanterns and the new Fire Torches can be attached to these hooks. The new Shelves function similarly to Hooks and can be snapped to the walls of your constructions to allow objects to be placed on top. There’s also a variety of new chairs and tables for you to craft.

We’ve revised how you interact with stations and some objects. For example, previously you would interact with a coconut to remove it from the tree. Now you press your pickup key to pick it off. Similarly for Spits and Water Collectors – you interact with the Spit or Collector to attach an item initially and press the pickup key on the item to remove it and pick it up. This is much clearer and unifies the interacting mechanics so you will always interact to use an item with another and the pickup key will always pick an item up.

That’s it for this update.
Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed dialogue input fields accepting a seed value larger than supported.
– Fixed Raft crafting knock objects around.
– Fixed objects ‘moving’ incorrectly when picking off Spears.
– Fixed Sun appearing as a ‘cone’ at certain times of day.


– Revised mechanics for Fruit to pickup to remove from trees instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Spit to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Water Collector to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Increased Young Palm percentage.
– Improved dragging responsiveness.


– Added new craftable Fire Torch item.

– Added new craftable Wood Hook item.

– Added new craftable Wood Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Plank Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Shelf item!

– Added new craftable Wood Chair item!
– Added new craftable Wood Table item!
– Added new craftable Plank Chair item!
– Added new craftable Plank Table item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Table item!

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