Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.21 has just been released!


This build features the new Inventory menus!

The new inventory size is 9 usable slots and 1 slot reserved for your hands. For this build we’ve left the inventory size at 15 in code, so you will be able to store more items than are visible in the new inventory menu. This is so players with a full inventory won’t lose any stored items. The next update will fix the inventory slots at 9 so you will need to make sure you drop all the extra items out of your inventory so they don’t get lost forever.

A lot of icons have been re-rendered for the new inventory menu but there are still a few to go so please excuse any icons that look out of place.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Changed Crab to yield 1 small meat instead of 1 medium meat.
– Restored Bandage crafting combination temporarily to ‘Tools’ crafting subcategory.


– Fixed possibility of entered world seed not matching saved world seed due to value clamping incorrectly.
– Fixed possibility of not being able to pick up an item in your free hand when inventory full and item didn’t match any types stored in the inventory.
– Fixed possibility of opening crafting menu, inventory or watch when operating Raft causing various incorrect behaviour with held item.
– Fixed being able to drop your hidden held item when operating the Raft.
– Fixed being able to drag Fruit and Coconuts when attached to trees.
– Fixed items attached to other structures (like Buckets) being used as crafting materials.


– New Inventory Menu!

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