Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.23.00 has just been released!


This build features an all new Storage system!

The mechanics are very simple and fast – if you’re looking at a container, press [Tab] to open it to display a similar radial style menu as the backpack inventory. The basic radial mechanics are the same as the inventory, except now you will see a small backpack at the bottom that you can click on to toggle between your backpack and the storage container and vice-versa. Clicking on items in either ‘container’ will transfer the item to the other container. Most containers will be able to be picked up, but containers cannot store other containers.

The new Wood Crate in this build replaces previous loot containers. We will be expanding on this with craftable storage like woven baskets and a few more types of containers that you can find by exploring.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Changed to not freeze movement when opening inventory.


– New Storage Menu!
– New Wood Crate storage container!

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