Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.25.00 has just been released!


This build features an all new crafting resource – Clay! There’s also a completely new building tier, 2 new crafting stations and more!

In this update we’ve introduced a new Clay resource. This has opened up a few more crafting possibilities and helps with our goal to move towards everything being craftable in the game instead of only being able to find some critical items as loot. As a result, buckets have been replaced with the new Clay Water Bottle. The Steel tier has been replaced with a new Clay Bricktier. As awesome as the Steel tier might have looked SD is not a game like Rust, you never reallyneeded to craft a Steel bunker… It also raised legitimate questions as to how a player would remove and transport huge chunks of steel and affix them! Yes, we still have Shipping Container Doors but they’re awesome. We still needed a top tier for progression so now the top tier is Clay Bricks. We’ve found the Clay Bricks actually feels more solid and homey than the Steel anyway which is good. The Water Distiller has been made obsolete and we’ve increased the collection rate of the Solar Still as well as fixing a small bug which had been increasing collection times of the still. We’re changing things up with the water collections side of things so bear with us while we make adjustments.

We have to emphasize that we’re not actually focusing on building at the moment. It’s more a result of getting smaller systems out of the way as we can while we work on the bigger more time-consuming systems. The next update will feature the new roofing system.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Water Still resetting timer when re-entering an island causing much longer waits.
– Fixed Shipwrecks not spawning on Small Islands.


– Added Hammer mechanics to Tutorial.
– Added shadows to Crafting Ghost for better sense of placement depth.
– Increased Solar Still collection rate to every 2 game hours.
– Replaced Buckets with new Clay Water Bottle.
– Replaced Steel building tier with new Clay building tier.


– New Building Tier – Clay Bricks!
The Steel building tier did not fit the survival theme of Stranded Deep so it has been replaced with a Clay Brick tier. Clay can be found on islands and turned into Bricks with a Furnace and Brick station. Clay will be better introduced into the world later in development after testing.

– New Clay resource item!
– New Clay Water Bottle item!
– New Clay Bricks building item!
– New Brick Foundation building item!
– New Brick Floor building item!
– New Brick Wall building item!
– New Brick Half Wall building item!
– New Brick Windowed Wall building item!
– New Brick Arch building item!

– New Brick station!
– New Furnace station!

– New Great White Shark animal!

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