8bbeed41544de06fcde4012e92c02493d9a8e999Hi everyone,

A new stable build 0.32.00 has just been released!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch.
If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, here’s some of the new features included:

New Quick Crafting Menu, Weather Effects, Plank Station, Leather Waterskin, Damage Indicators and more!

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
0.31.00 Weather Update
0.30.00 Quick Crafting Menu Update
0.29.00 Player Effects, Waterskin and Plank Station Update

Please note – We’ve changed the shoreline generation going forward in this build. Previously generated islands have very bumpy underwater areas and the larger waves will create unpleasant visual artefacts on these areas! It is also possible that your previously saved islands will re-generate slightly different.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Updated Weather Events to save and load state correctly.
– Reduced required attempts to start a Camp Fire.
– Changed Crafting to only use items in the area in front of you.
– Changed Watch to display the player’s status effects on additional screen.
– Changed Sail and Motor placement to use rotating keys.
– Increased Clay Waterbottle servings from 4 to 5.
– Added new Main Menu soundtrack.
– Added Inventory functionality to display health, durability or servings.
– Changed Walls, Arches, Doors, etc to allow 180 degree rotation when placing.
– Updated Icons in Crafting menus.


– Fixed not being able to pick up Logs after saving.
– Fixed Ocean colors changing incorrectly when weather event assigned but not active.
– Fixed Mouse Sensitivity resetting when drawing weapon.
– Fixed Clay Foundation collider interfering with Steps placement.
– Fixed being able to craft building combos without Hammer, Hoe, etc.
– Fixed not being able to place Hooks and Shelves from previous build.


– New Quick Crafting menu!
To open the new Quick Crafting menu press and hold the crafting menu key [C] for a short moment, similar to the interacting mechanic. The Quick Crafting menu won’t display if you don’t have any craftable combinations from the materials in front of you or in your backpack. If you press the crafting key [C] once without holding it, it will open the regular crafting menu.
Similar to the large crafting menu, the Quick Crafting menu uses any tools in your hands to enable and prioritize combinations shown. For eg: if you have a Hammer equipped, the Quick Crafting menu will display any available building combinations first. Likewise, if you have a Hoe equipped farming combinations will be displayed first and so on.

– New Storm Weather Effect!
With lightning and large ocean waves!

– New Plank Station!
To craft planks by riving logs.

– New Leather Waterskin item!

– New Player Effects!
Sunburn, Heatstroke, Cold, Flu. These are long term effects, not meant to annoy, but definitely there. Adds feedback with sounds effects and animations…
This will be incorporated more fully with building tiers in a future update. Offer less protection from the elements.

– New Game Over Screen.

– New Death animation.

– New New Day Notifications!

– New Damage Indicators!
Subtle damage indicators to help visualize where the damage is coming from.

– New Container name stencils!
When containers are renamed it is now shows their name as a themed stencil on the side of the container for easier object organization.

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