1099dffa04f97ca3fdb934a9b500a98973c4f044Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.33.00 has just been released!

This build features new Missions!

There is only a single mission in this experimental update for testing the core mechanics, however there are a variety of missions in the works and they will all eventually tie into the end-game scenario.

You will need to generate a new world to generate a mission tile which appears as a skull in the Cartographer. Mission areas in the world are identified by a specific structure – a Sea Fort at the moment. You will find a mission pin-board somewhere within the Sea Fort. Interacting with the pin-board will show you details of the mission and allow you to accept or decline the mission. If you accept the mission and leave the zone, you will fail the mission. Missions can be failed and reattempted as many times as needed.

You will also notice a new panel in your crafting menu – the Story panel. Here you will find and unlock special combinations upon completing missions or story related objectives.

Please note, the Sea Fort mission marker is not billboarding currently. This will be fixed before the new missions are released on the stable branch.

We would suggest stocking up on spears and bandages for the new mission!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Added new Crab attack behaviour. Crabs now do damage.
– Changed Bandages to restore 2 bars of health when healing Bleeding status effect.
– Reduced Weather frequency from 70% to 35%.


– Fixed Dialogue Window audio sources not being assigned to UI mixer channel.
– Fixed Intro scene Audio sources not being controlled by audio mixer and settings.
– Fixed Audio sliders not immediately updating when slider value changed.
– Fixed Audio settings not being applied on main menu start.
– Fixed Player Footsteps audio not controlled by effects audio setting.
– Fixed incorrect icon for Clay Roof Wedge in crafting menu.
– Fixed being able to pick up un-cut Logs.
– Fixed a possible cause of Smoker bugs.


– New Missions!

– New Trophies!
Unlock and collect special trophies for completing difficult missions.

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