Update 0.36 Stable!

A new stable build 0.36.00 has just been released!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch. If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, we’ve recently introduced new Missions!. These are fun objectives that you can complete to earn trophy rewards. These missions will also be tied into the upcoming end-game scenario.

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
0.35.00 New Giant Squid Mission
0.34.00 New Megalodon Mission
0.33.00 New Missions

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.32.00-0.36.00 STABLE CHANGE LOG

– Added new Crab attack behaviour. Crabs now do a very small amount of damage.
– Changed Bandages to restore 2 bars of health when healing Bleeding status effect.
– Added Double-tap functionality to lock forward movement when W key double tapped.
– Added ability to Drop items directly in Inventory menu.
– Added dedicated Inventory select and drop key-bindings.
– Added new Radial UI to display water and fuel amounts.
– Added simple Oxygen UI when underwater.
– Updated Hud UI.
– Changed Translucency rendering method reducing performance overhead.
– Implemented new Post-FX stack, significantly reducing performance overhead for effects.
– Added proper Ambient Occlusion quality settings.
– Added new Temporal Antialiasing effect!
– Reduced Weather frequency from 70% to 35%.
– Replaced Bed with new Sleeping Bag.


– Fixed Dialogue Window audio sources not being assigned to UI mixer channel.
– Fixed Intro scene Audio sources not being controlled by audio mixer and settings.
– Fixed Audio sliders not immediately updating when slider value changed.
– Fixed Audio settings not being applied on main menu start.
– Fixed Player Footsteps audio not controlled by effects audio setting.
– Fixed incorrect icon for Clay Roof Wedge in crafting menu.
– Fixed being able to pick up un-cut Logs.
– Fixed a possible cause of Smoker bugs.
– Fixed any objects created by a generation helper spawner not billboarding, ie: Sea Forts, Mission Markers, etc.
– Fixed Farming Plots not reinitializing plant progression immediately after loading game.
– Fixed Farming Plot dirt decal positions not initializing properly.


– Added new Eel Mission!
– Added new Megalodon Mission!
– Added new Giant Squid Mission!

– New Trophies!
Unlock and collect special trophies for completing difficult missions.

– Added Sleeping Bag craftable item!
Replaces the Bed. Please note there is a ‘no-mans’ land area between islands where you won’t be able to save.


– Upgraded to Unity 5.6.3.
– Fixed Developer Console not suspending other menus when open.


– Added ability to snap smaller constructions like Camp Fires to Foundations.
– Added menu option for Auto-walk feature.
– Changed Auto-walk to cancel if backwards key pressed.
– Audio volume now fades in and out when sleeping.
– Added smoother Shoreline Generation.
– Added more variation to Island Generation.
– Added Shark Ragdoll Buoyancy.
– Increased Small Island generation size by 10%.
– Increased Large Island generation size by 20%.
– Increased Rock item spawn rate.
– Increased Stick spawn rate.
– Increased Tarp spawn rate.
– Increased Yucca spawn rate.
– Increased Shipping Container spawn rate.
– Changed Clay Minable Resource to spawn in deeper ocean.
– Changed Driftwood resource to spawn ‘Stick’ instead of ‘Driftwood Stick’.
– Changed Driftwood tier to require ‘Stick’ instead of ‘Driftwood Stick’.
– Changed Skinning animation.

– Improved general performance.
– Changed object category list to be sorted alphabetically.
– Added Time of Day slider.
– Added Ficus Trees.
– Added Boar.
– Added Snake.
– Added Crab.
– Fixed objects missing Preview Icons.
– Fixed object LOD’s not working.
– Fixed ocean Waves not updating with changes.
– Fixed Grass spawning on Seafort bridge pieces.
– Fixed object normal placement.
– Fixed object drag-and-drop’ collisions.
– Fixed memory leak.


– Fixed possible cause of Skinning failing if animal moves.
– Fixed VSync and Fixed Frame Rate settings not loading on main menu.
– Fixed audio volume not fading in properly when loading a game.
– Fixed Inventory not playing full sound when trying to switch item with a full inventory.
– Fixed Cooking and Smoking sounds being 2D.
– Fixed Animals colliding with interactive objects.
– Fixed Driftwood Stick spawning under terrain.
– Fixed Projectiles stuck in animals colliding with objects and rafts.
– Fixed Giant Squid colliding with Buoy.
– Fixed Ficus Plants colliding with player.
– Fixed Shoreline Rocks mission collision.
– Fixed Mineable Resources missing collision.
– Fixed Driftwood decal not spawning under driftwood resources.

9 thoughts on “Update 0.36 Stable!

  1. are we ever going to be able to craft walls, roof etc. on rafts ?

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  4. Multiplayer please.

  5. Please make fire smoke disable able, causes lots of lag for me. Also, can you make the maps bigger, there’s not much to do and I’ve already beaten the missions. I got the game last week, also achievements on steam are broken for me wat do

  6. What would make this game very good is:

    – Islands much larger (there would be more things to do)

    – more vegetation

    – Better animations: take, drop, walk, etc.

    With that I would say that it is a very good game, more than it already is.

  7. Its an awesome game but it would be more fun playing it with a friend.
    Thank You

  8. Fkrih

  9. Thank you for the announcement. This update is quite important for the users of this program! I hope it is going to be stable!

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