Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.39.00 has just been released!


This build adds Official Controller Support, the ability to craft new Medicinal Buffs, new Farmable Plants and more!

Dual-analogue style Controllers are now officially supported in this update. You can view the controller mapping in the Input settings menu. See the patch notes for more info and the changes to the input system.

You can craft a new item – the Coconut Flask. These flasks can be used as an ingredient together with native plants to craft Medicinal Buffs, which you will find in the new Consumables crafting category. There are 5 new medicinal buffs: Antidote, which cures poisoning; Gauze, which stops bleeding; Aloe Salve, which prevents sunstroke; Breath Boost, which increases your breath by 50% for 3 hours; and Shark Repellent, which repels Sharks for 12 hours. The medicinal buffs use three new plants: Pipi, Wavulvula and Ajuga. These are small native plants that can be found growing in the ground cover around the islands. All of the recently added plants are farmable as well so you can collect and grow these new plants to make your medicines.

The Sunburn status effect has had some more tweaks in our efforts to really dial in the new environmental effects. The Sunburn status effect has been renamed to Sunstroke as it makes more sense. To recap – your sun exposure is kept track of in-game which is shown visually as sunburn on your arm. The time it takes for you to burn is based on the UV index, the same as before. If you are exposed for longer than the time it takes to burn you’ll get Sunstroke. When you’ve contracted Sunstroke you need to find shade to reduce your sun exposure. You can keep track of your sun exposure by checking for visual signs of sunburn on your arm. Aloe plants can be used to immediately reduce your sun exposure. This can be a simple way to prevent Sunstroke if you pay attention to the sunburn arm effect and re-apply every so often so it doesn’t escalate into Sunstroke. The other option is to be pro-active and craft Aloe Salves which will completely prevent any sun exposure and Sunstroke for 12 hours. Sleeping in a Shelter is a quick way to remove Sunstroke if you’re unable to craft a salve.

– If you get Sunstroke you need to reduce your sun exposure by finding shade or using one of the items below, otherwise you will stay sun stricken.
Aloe resets your sun exposure. This can essentially prevent Sunstroke if you pay attention to your sunburn arm effect and re-apply Aloe every ‘x’ hours (‘x’ is based on the UV intensity).
Aloe Salves completely prevent sun exposure and Sunstroke for 12 hours.

There’s also been heaps of tweaks, so be sure to see the patch notes to catch them all.
Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Mission Maps not being added to a new world when selecting New Game->Random.
– Fixed Item Info UI appearing incorrectly after saving options.
– Fixed Driftwood Half Wall crafting ingredients.
– Fixed Snake AI behaviour errors when close to a player.
– Fixed Snake rattle audio spamming.
– Fixed Watch not refreshing player effects list.
– Fixed Fire Torch burning underwater.
– Fixed Detail Foliage not generating when starting a game.
– Fixed Player Speech playing when underwater.
– Fixed Palm Tree not cutting when climb UI is displayed.
– Fixed Palm Tree stumps stopping placing building constructions.
– Fixed Small Plants stopping placing building constructions.
– Fixed Skinnables not casting shadows.
– Fixed Labelmaker input field being limited to 8 characters.
– Fixed Labelmaker not refreshing Hud UI immediately after renaming.


– Added new Consumables crafting category.
– Added new Input Remapping UI.
– Added Switch Item key.
– Added Sprint Toggle functionality and input option setting.
– Added Crafting Subcategory Icons.
– Added Radial UI display for incomplete constructables.
– Added Watch Effect indicators for positive and negative effects.
– Added Sunblock Arm Effect.
– Changed Sunblock duration to 12 hours.
– Changed Sunburn duration to 7 hours.
– Changed Sunburn Calorie and Hydration deduction from 350 to 200 per game hour.
– Changed Hunger depletion time from 3 to 2 game days.
– Changed Health Regeneration effect time to regenerate full health from 29 game hours to 7.
– Changed Health Regeneration effect to activate only when Hunger and Thirst are above 6 bars and no negative effects.
– Changed calorie and thirst reduction while Sleeping to be based on semi-realistic ratios.
– Changed Snake to now Poison player.
– Changed Boar spawn chance from 10 to 20%.
– Changed Coconuts to be consumed on use.
– Changed Coconuts to only provide Hydration.
– Changed Potato to be farmable.
– Changed Potato to no longer require Cooking.
– Changed Potato Calories from 100 to 200.
– Changed Logs Health from 150 to 100 units.
– Changed Stone Tool crafting combination to only require 1x Rock.
– Changed Stone Tool from ‘Invincible’ to have Durability.
– Changed Stone Tool damage from 3 to 5 units.
– Changed Fire Torch fuel from 6 hours to 12.
– Changed Bed model to be on a wooden frame when placed.
– Changed Smoker to be interactable like the Fire Spit and Hooks. You can now attach 5 items.
– Changed Smoker to cook smokables while smoking.
– Changed Climb UI to display the actual key binding instead of ‘Jump.’
– Improved Watch positioning in relation to the camera which adjusts with field of view.
– Updated Potato item model.
– Updated Steel Raft Floor deprecated model to new Clay building tier.


– Added official Controller Support!
Please note that the Cartographer has limited functionality with a controller and the Map Editor is not supported.

– Added new Input System.
There have been some big changes to the input system which is now much more efficient than the old system. It’s fairly boring to talk about but a big deal; supporting multiple controllers is another step towards supporting multiple players in the scene. The changes to the input system potentially affects a lot of other systems so we appreciate your bug reports as always.

– Added Coconut Flask water bottle!
– Added Antidote consumable. Stops Poison.
– Added Gauze consumable. Stop Bleeding.
– Added Aloevera consumable. Stops Sunstroke.
– Added Breath Booster consumable. Boosts underwater Breath by 50% for 3 hours.
– Added Shark Repellent consumable. Repels Sharks for 12 hours.
– Added Ajuga farming plant!
– Added Pipi farming plant!
– Added Wavulavula farming plant!


– Added Coconuts to Map Editor.
– Added Coconut Flasks to Map Editor.
– Added Aloevera plant to Map Editor.
– Added Pipi plant to Map Editor.
– Added Wavulavula plant to Map Editor.

– Updated Intro Private Jet interior models and textures.
– Optimised Intro Private Jet scene resources and asset loading.


  1. Hello, this 0.39 update is very impressive, I must say, but has a major problem with food. Since is no longer possible to preserve meat by smoking it, it makes no sense using a smoker. Besides that I noticed that we can’t eat coconuts either, so what I’m asking is for you to make stones edible, because we have a lot of those. It seems you are always finding new ways of disencourage players instead of adding some really new features.

  2. My meat is smoked. Try putting your cooked meat back in. I had one that only cooked, and adding it back made it smoked as well. Even stored in crates it has stayed fresh.
    What is the Wavulavula for? I have found no use, although it says it’s medicinal in the game.
    Please make the next update the one that allows modifying rafts. We have too much to carry with meds, etal. We need storage crates on the raft to hold the necessities while exploring.

  3. Hi beam. We need the islands to be as they used to be “BIG” because small ones do not look good because of aesthetics and for very few resources with bigger islands we could investigate the island more thoroughly and it would be more exciting to investigate those giant islands. Thank you for your attention

  4. I have a problem with poisoning in the game. I get poisond very quick, and I can’t get enough of the plants “pipi” before I die. Besides, this plant “pipi” is very rare, I only found one plant till now, and before I can grow a second one, I’m dead.

  5. Hello again. I was thinking that this game lacks more vegetation more types of trees, types of palm trees ect

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