Stranded Deep’s new PR Representative

Hey everyone,

My name’s Samson and I’m the new Public Relations representative for Beam Team Games. I will be here to keep a greater presence on the forums and discussions so that the dev’s can focus more on giving you the content you want. I will also be posting some awesome stuff to their social media pages; amazing user-created content and exciting new developments. So keep an eye out!

I’m really excited to be on board with Beam Team Games and Stranded Deep. The developers are constantly coming up with exciting new things to develop and release for you guys and I’m sure the content will only continue to add to the immersive and gripping world of SD.

The dev’s really appreciate the great community of users they have got here and want to continue to provide great content and support.

See everyone around

Stay Alive!
Samson | BeamTeamPR

1 thought on “Stranded Deep’s new PR Representative

  1. the development progress of SD is glacial at best. Gave up on it months ago.

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