Update 0.44.00 Splash

Hey everyone,

A new stable build 0.44.00 is up!

The new 0.44.01 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch. If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, we’ve recently added a new Fuel Still, new Animal Traps, new Fish Schools, new Ocean Current and more!

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes on the News page.

A short recap —

The new Fuel Still uses Potatoes to distil a crude ethanol fuel which can be used to power Vehicles. If you use combustion propulsion for your Rafts or Gyro you will probably want to start growing Potato crops ready to be distilled to ensure you have enough fuel for travelling. This functionality goes hand-in-hand with the re-introduction of the new Fueling System. Like the good old days of Stranded Deep you will need to find and use Jerry cans to carry fuel and refill vehicles again.

This build also features new Fish Flocks!. The new flocks are part of our on-going work on the new fish system. The new flocks of small detail fish that can be found around shore-lines and reefs which help to add more life to the underwater environment in SD.

Thanks to Paul and Felix, our friends at Only Sound, we are completely overhauling the sound effects in Stranded Deep. See below for a complete list of implemented audio effects and be sure to let us know what you think. Please note that some sounds are missing and some are WIP.

This update builds on the last with a new, more efficient and easier to work with Audio FX system now running behind the scenes. There’s also a new Sea Snake and some more new SFX included.

The Fish Trap is back! The new Fish Trap does not require bait but does require assembling once placed in the water. Dismantle the Fish Trap and drag it to a new location to catch different species of fish. It is a slower alternative to Rod and Spear fishing so can take a few hours to catch something.
The Bird Snare allows you to catch seagulls whilst you’re doing other activities. The snare triggers when a seagull lands on it and can then be collected and skinned.
The Water Still has been adjusted to a more realistic design. You will now have to place foliage such as Palm Fronds and Fibrous Leaves into the bottom compartment while the top section will collect the evaporated droplets. This setup works similar to the Fuel Still Boiler.
There’s also a new Ocean Current feature where all buoyant objects are affected by and move with the current. Rafts will automatically move at the ocean current speed which is approximately 1 knot. Sails will move rafts at the wind speed if raised, approximately 4-5 knots. It is possible to lose floating objects if you let them sail off into the horizon. This is where the recent addition of the Sea Anchor may come in handy!

Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.43.02-0.44.00 EXP. LOG

– Changed Water Still to be drinkable on-site.
– Reduced Farming Plot water usage by half.


– Added new Splint craftable item! Can be used to heal Broken Bones.

0.41.00-0.44.00 STABLE LOG

– Added Hunting crafting menu category.
– Added new Drowning player effect.
– Added dynamic Footstep audio for different surfaces.
– Added auto-centering for Boat Motor.
– Added position and rotation smoothing to Fish movement to remove jitter when avoiding obstacles.
– Added Gyrocopter pieces to Loot generation.
– Added Map Editor objects for Medical Items, Farming Hoe, Fishing Rod, Bobber, and Vehicle Parts.
– Updated Boat Motor model.
– Improved Fish avoidance AI.
– Changed Oxygen and Drowning system.
– Changed Stick Farming Plot water servings from 5 to 4.
– Changed Plank Farming Plot water servings from 5 to 8.
– Changed Corrugated Farming Plot water servings from 5 to 8.
– Changed Farming Plot water to deplete 1 serving every 12 hours.
– Changed Farming Plot water to not deplete if raining instead of adding water servings.
– Changed Farming Plot to start with 1 water serving instead of being full.
– Changed Solar Still to require Palm Fronds.
– Removed Gyrocopter pieces from Mission rewards.
– Changed Gyrocopter to be craftable like Boat Motor.


– Fixed excessive trailing numbers displaying in Inventory for item health/durability.
– Fixed visual bugs when Charging weapons in various scenarios, half-charged, post-charged, etc.
– Fixed pressing Esc not quitting Fire Lighter sequence.
– Fixed pressing Esc not quitting Mission menu.
– Fixed Mission starting audio repeating over and over.
– Fixed Farming Plots not removing water when sleeping.
– Fixed Farming Plots not loading incomplete part of interval.
– Fixed Water Still not adding water when sleeping.
– Fixed Steps not placing on Foundations and Floors.
– Fixed Player camera not initialising position immediately when created.
– Fixed modified Input key bindings not applying when opening a new game session.
– Fixed Birds flying through items and displacing objects.
– Fixed Footsteps playing when sailing.
– Fixed Rafts being pushed or launched by player.
– Fixed Construction Wedge pieces not allowing proper placement.
– Fixed Gyrocopter flying at wrong angles.
– Fixed Buoyant objects not getting cleaned up properly.
– Fixed bug in Fish AI that was severely reducing effectiveness of avoidance in tight spaces.
– Fixed bug where Fish environment bounds weight was overriding avoidance.
– Fixed Player not moving with Raft when climbing ledge.
– Fixed a bug where Boat Motor audio would continue if stopping immediately after starting.
– Fixed Boat Motor only applying rudder deflection when key pressed.
– Fixed Smoker hit box for interacting.
– Fixed Sharks attacking rafts too frequently.
– Fixed Sharks respawning every time an island was revisited.
– Fixed Raft decal spelling mistake.
– Fixed some Map Editor objects missing meshes and materials.
– Fixed bug on loading where Sharks listening to game time events were called before being initialized, causing random errors.


– Added new Fuel Still constructable item!
Create ethanol fuel for Vehicles.

– Added new Fuelling System!
All Vehicles using combustion engines now require fuel to run. A full tank of fuel (4 potatoes) will average 4 trips to an island (there-and-back) for the Boat Motor and 2 trips for the Gyro.

– Added new Water Still!

– Added new Fish Trap!

– Added new Bird Snare!

– Added new Ocean Current!
– Added new Anchor craftable item!

– Added new Fish Flocks!
– Added new Sea Snake!
Sea snakes work the same way as the Lion Fish in that they will poison the player within proximity. Sea Snakes cannot be harvested.

– Added Vehicle Engine loot item.
– Added Vehicle Electrical Part loot item.
– Added Vehicle Filter Part loot item.
– Added Vehicle Fuel Part loot item.

– Added Clay Brick Door building item.
– Added Clay Brick Steps building item.

– Added new high quality Sound Effects!
– Added Axe sound effects.
– Added Knife sound effects.
– Added Stone Tool sound effects.
– Added Hammer sound effects.
– Added Footstep sound effects.
– Added Jump sound effects.
– Added Land sound effects.
– Added Climb Ledge sound effects.
– Added Climb Ladder sound effects.
– Added Climb Tree sound effects.
– Added Swim Underwater sound effects.
– Added Boar Movement sounds.
– Added Boar Death sounds.
– Added Boar Damage sounds.
– Added Snake Attack sounds
– Added Snake Warning Hiss sounds.
– Added Crab Movement sounds.
– Added Crab Attack sounds.
– Added Shark Movement sounds.
– Added Shark Attack sounds.
– Added Squid Movement sounds.
– Added Squid Attack sounds.
– Added Eel Movement sounds.
– Added Eel Attack sounds.
– Added Smoker Attach meat sounds.
– Added Campfire Ignite sound.
– Added Campfire Extinguish sound.
– Added Campfire Refuel sounds.
– Added Solar Still Refill sounds.
– Added Palm Tree Harvest sounds.
– Added Ficus Tree Harvest sounds.
– Added Pine Tree Harvest sounds.
– Added Yucca Harvest sounds.
– Added Driftwood harvest sounds.
– Added Boat Motor sounds.
– Added Ambient Raft sound.
– Added Coconut hit and break sounds.
– Added Sail and Sailing sounds.
– Added Eating sound.
– Added Drinking sound.
– Added Drinking Medical sound.
– Added Shark movement sound.
– Added dirt Footstep sounds.
– Added Seagull flock audio.


– Fixed Smoker logging an unnecessary error for empty smokable positions.
– Changed Player audio to use new Audio system.
– Changed Player footsteps audio to use new Audio system.
– Changed Player status effects to use new Audio system.
– Changed Player speech to use new Audio system.
– Changed Boss audio to use new Audio system.
– Changed Audio system to cull single FX out of range of listener.
– Changed Audio system to pause/resume persistent FX based on range to listener.
– Rewrote Audio FX system for an easier workflow and to be more efficient.
A refactored soundtrack and new environment zone audio system still to come.


  1. Really good job ! My girlfriend and me, are very happy to this game, i’m very hurry to play next update !

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