Hey everyone,

A new stable build 0.48.00 is up!

The new 0.48.00 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch. Our recent efforts have been focused on polishing and bug fixes. Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Improved Loading times significantly for macOS and Linux systems.
– Fixed loading screen not waiting for Intro assets to load before fading in.
– Fixed Key Bindings not saving and loading properly for different input categories.
– Fixed main menu Audio Settings not loading properly.
– Fixed Items highlighting/selecting while held.
– Fixed Hud UI not hiding previous selected object details when moving over to an unselectable object.
– Fixed Lantern not lighting constructions.
– Fixed Sharks soundtrack continuously playing.
– Fixed Sharks disappearing from custom islands.
– Fixed Camera Rotation during player death sequence.
– Fixed Spears not collecting attached fish when highlighted.
– Fixed various Crafting items colliding with Player stopping placement.
– Fixed Pipi Plant LOD culling distance.
– Fixed Bush object in map editor.
– Fixed Sharks Jumping out of the water repeatedly when unable to grab player.
– Fixed Ambient Soundtracks playing repeatedly.
– Fixed Seagulls soaring when taking off.
– Fixed Fish blocking interaction when held.
– Fixed Map Editor Objects missing textures and meshes.


– Changed vertical Mouse Sensitivity to 0.75% of horizontal sensitivity.


– Added new Nighttime Soundtrack.
– Added new Daytime Soundtrack.
– Added new Main Menu Soundtrack.
– Added new Pause Menu Soundtrack.
– Added new Eel Boss Soundtrack.
– Added new Shark Boss Soundtrack.
– Added new Squid Boss Soundtrack.


– Upgraded Unity version to 2017.4.7f1.
– Replaced ancient DirectX 9.0 support with OpenGL.

3 thoughts on “0.48.00 STABLE BUILD!

  1. hello how can I cook potatoes not understood help can you help me? thank you so much

  2. To be fixed last update 48 lagga too is blocked also yes i 7 envy gt 1030

  3. Rain no longer waters my crops. 😦 This does not make any sense.

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