Update 0.51.00 Splash

Hey everyone,

A new stable build 0.51.00 is up!

The new 0.51.00 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch, including split-screen coop and official third person mode! Our recent efforts have also been focused on polishing and bug fixes. Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.48.01-0.51.00 STABLE CHANGE LOG

– Fixed possibility of new Billboards not finding parent (smudges).
– Fixed no shadow on Banana Plant LOD2.
– Fixed blue Ocean at night.
– Fixed Paddle low render distances.
– Fixed Sail causing extreme lag when interacting with.
– Fixed Shipping Container Door placement breaking building controls.
– Fixed Boss Missions failing and resetting incorrectly.
– Fixed Sharks disappearing on custom islands.
– Fixed Sharks not spawning in deep ocean for loaded games. Note; custom islands may need re-loading for the changes to effect.
– Fixed Poison and Bleeding Effects not displaying on arm.
– Fixed Crates and Containers not opening.
– Fixed Controller Assignment not loading properly.
– Fixed Rafts disappearing in cooperative games.
– Fixed Items not colliding with terrain objects like coral rocks.
– Fixed Watch slowly increasing in size over time.
– Fixed Items slowly increasing in size over time.
– Fixed Cartographer Shipwreck not visible for close distances.
– Fixed Intro Audio playing fire sound effects incorrectly.
– Fixed Audio volume not fading back in correctly for 3D audio sources.
– Fixed Audio panning stuck on left speaker for single player game mode.
– Fixed Drowning Audio playing continuously after a player dies.
– Fixed Player Shadow displaying two character heads.
– Fixed Player Animation snapping when dropping multiple items.
– Fixed Ladders and Ledges randomly teleporting players.
– Fixed Fire Lighting stick positioned wrong when lighting fires.
– Fixed Rain Particles not emitting correctly or follow the player.
– Fixed Pink Textures for debris when destroying building pieces.
– Fixed Seaforts not loading for custom maps.
– Fixed Cartographer camera screen appearing white.
– Fixed disabled option input button elements not greying out.


– Added notification for when a Life Raft is lost at sea.
– Added new Life Raft Passenger Seat.
– Changed Life Raft Container to start with a bandage instead of duct tape.
– Changed Life Raft clamped viewing angle from 60 to 90 degrees.
– Added Dialogue on main menu to warn users of insufficient account or folder privileges.
– Added new loading ticker animation.
– Changed Main Menu logo to proper image.
– Changed Cooking ‘Ding’ Audio to only play within proximity.
– Changed Shark Music to begin playing once a player is attacked.
– Added new Player Ragdoll for when players are knocked out or die.
Co-operative players can revive their partner by using a bandage on them before they bleed out. 
Player ragdolls behave the same as animal ragdolls and can be dragged.


– Added manual Controller Assignment.
You can now assign controllers to different players in the input menu.

2 thoughts on “0.51.00 STABLE BUILD!

  1. All bugs you fixed were complicated to correct but you coped with the task in spite of complexity!

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