0.60 stable

Hey everyone,

A new stable build 0.60.00 is up!

The new 0.60.00 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch, including a new Female Character, Player Skills, Player Exp, Game Modes, new Sharks and heaps more! Take a look at the patch notes below, especially if you haven’t been playing the experimental branch as there’s a lot of new stuff!!

Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.54.01-0.60.00 EXP LOG



– Fixed not being able to pick up or remove Spoiled meat from containers.
– Fixed being able to open Quick Craft when Crafting menu open.
– Fixed ‘S’ key moving left instead of backward when Quick Craft menu open. Note: You will need to reset input settings to default or older saved settings will reload the incorrect mapping.
– Adjusted shadow bias to reduce slenderman effect on character Shadows.

0.51.00-0.60.00 STABLE LOG



– Fixed Loading Screen tip spelling mistake.
– Fixed Cartographer tooltips not showing.
– Fixed Crafting Menu tooltips not showing.
– Fixed Audio sources playing outside of their range.
– Fixed Audio Sources playing the wrong sound on objects.
– Fixed Audio Effects being cut off prematurely.
– Fixed Rafts not ejecting passengers when overturned.
– Fixed Rafts allowing operation whilst in the water.
– Fixed Raft Damage Sounds playing incorrect leaf damage sound.
– Fixed Raft Sea Anchor LOD’s.
– Fixed Fire Torch breaking game interaction when crafted.
– Fixed Sharks fleeing behavior not working correctly.
– Fixed Sharks jittering when attempting to attack rafts.
– Fixed Corals spawning above ocean water level.
– Fixed Corals collider interfering with Rafts.
– Fixed Construction not allowing close placement.
– Fixed not being able to place Constructions on connectors in third person mode.
– Fixed missing damage sounds for Brick constructions.
– Fixed Farming Crops providing double yield of fruit on load.
– Fixed being able to drag objects attached to Spear.
– Fixed Projectile colliders having no effect when stuck in a moving object (spear in coconuts, etc).
– Fixed important bug where Projectiles could go missing when re-parenting.
– Fixed possible scenario of not picking up all Crafting Materials.
– Fixed pause menu audio playing over Soundtracks.
– Fixed Trunks and Palm Fronds not reloading correctly inside Containers.
– Fixed Palm Bunches colliding with player.
– Fixed Labelmaker renaming objects to previous object’s name when name not changed.
– Fixed Aloe Salve not being consumed on use.
– Fixed Item LOD displaying incorrectly after using vehicles.
– Fixed Compass closing lid after using vehicles.
– Fixed Lionfish collider being hard to select.
– Fixed dead Lionfish not poisoning player.
– Fixed Fish Traps being placed and set in open water.
– Fixed Driftwood Piles being unable to harvest.
– Fixed Pickaxe mining Driftwood Piles faster than axes.
– Fixed Mineable Resource display name spelling mistake.
– Fixed Mineable Rocks and Clay flying off when harvested.


– Removed Spear interacting. Can now pick objects off Spear.
– Nerfed UV/Sun Exposure. Overly complicated and hard to understand.
– Changed watch UV indicator to show if you are protected from sun or not. Underwater or in shade will show “None”.
– Improved Watch feedback. Low/critical vitals will now flash.
– Improved Watch feedback. Removed rounded values on vital bars. Easier to monitor which vitals are depleting.
– Added SPF (Sun Protection Factor) vital to watch.
– Removed Sleep vital from watch. Had no effect in-game. You can still sleep through the night.
– Removed clock screen from Watch. Waste of screen space. The clock, date and UV now appear as a top bar that is always visible on any screen.
– Increased Watch size on screen.

– Combined Tarp and Cloth to be the one ‘Cloth’ item.
The reason for this change is so that valuable survival structures such as Water Stills no longer depend on the world generation. Cloth will spawn much as the same as tarps did but more importantly can be crafted from the Loom.
* Note old Tarps will still be in your saved game and will later be removed automatically.

– Changed Stations to allow placement on foundations and floors.
The Campfire, Smoker, Loom, Furnace, Brick Station, and Tanning Rack, can now be placed inside your houses.

– Added Spoiled Food fly particles and green colouring.
– Changed Food spoiling from 5 days to 3.
– Changed Food names to only display one prefix for cooking, smoked, and spoiled.
– Changed Smoker to disable attaching smoked foods.
– Changed Campfire to disable attaching cooked foods.
– Changed Lion Fish to spawn more rarely.
– Changed Sea Snakes to spawn more rarely.
– Changed Reef Sharks to spawn more rarely.
– Changed Stingrays to spawn more rarely.
– Reduced Tiger Shark aggression by 40%.
– Reduced Great White Shark aggression by 30%.
– Reduced Cod Skinning meat quantity from 2 to 1.
– Changed Ajuga plant model.
– Added distant billboards for Missions.
– Added new Levelling Up UI and sound effect.
– Added Damage Sounds for crafted Stations.
– Added Damage Effect for stations.
– Increased Paddle LOD.
– Increased Poisonous Starfish LOD distance.
– Changed Rock Item holding position.
– Changed main menu Time Played label to show days, hours and minutes.
– Changed default Controller Layout. ‘Show Watch’ is now Y/Triangle. ‘Inventory’ and ‘Crafting’ Menu are bound to L and R bumpers.
– Changed Private Jet Intro.


– Added new Intro Screen!

– Added new Main Menu and Loading Screen visuals.

– Added new Female Character!
Select from the new character gender option when creating a new game to play as either a male or female character. Co-operative gameplay will assign both genders but these can be alternated from the gender option. Changes are purely cosmetic.

– Added Female Voice-over audio clips.
– Added Clean Character Clothing models for the intro Private Jet scene.

– Added Game Difficulty settings!
Select three types of game difficulties from the new Difficulty option when creating a new game. Please note these settings cannot be changed once the world has been created.

Normal Difficulty
Play Stranded Deep the way it was meant to be played whether you are new or experienced.

Hard Difficulty
Play Stranded Deep with more of a challenge. Vitals deplete faster, side effects are more dangerous, resources are harder to harvest, and creatures do more damage.

Creative Difficulty
Play Stranded Deep without worrying about your vitals or taking any damage. You will still need to harvest and scavenge resources but without the constant threat of dying. You are invincible! Also you wear a nice hat so everyone knows you like it easy.

– Added Animal Difficulty settings!
Select three types of animal difficulties from the new ‘Animal Difficulty’ option when creating a new game. This option is separate to the games difficulty setting for those who like to customise their experience. Please note these settings cannot be changed once the world has been created.

Normal Animals
Animals behave naturally set to the standard difficulty.

Passive Animals
Sharks and Snakes will not attack. Bosses will still attack.

Removed Animals
Sharks are removed from the generation and will not spawn. Bosses will still be generated.

– Added new Player Stamina!
Stamina is displayed by a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen when sprinting or sprint swimming. Once stamina is drained the bar will turn red and a cool down penalty will be applied until Stamina is fully replenished. Sprinting and sprint swimming require and consume stamina. Stamina can be increased by training the ‘Physical’ skill (see below).

– Added new Player Skills!
Skills make surviving easier and unlock different content. Skills can be viewed from the new Player Skills watch screen.

Hunting Skill
Hunting skill level effects the amount of damage melee and ranged weapons do to creatures in the world. Hunting experience can be gained by killing creatures. The more dangerous the creature, the more experience.

Cooking Skill
Cooking levels effect the amount of calories foods give. A higher cooking level will give more nutrients. Cooking experience is gained by cooking foods.

Harvesting Skill
Harvesting levels effect the amount of damage done to resources when using tools. A higher harvesting level will gather resources quicker. Harvesting experience can be gained from harvesting resources such as trees, rocks, clays, scrap, and wood.

Physical Skill
Physical levels effect your stamina and oxygen. Higher physical levels increase how long you can sprint and hold your breath underwater. Physical experience can be gained by swimming and building structures with a hammer.

Crafting Skill
Crafting experience is gained by crafting items, and building structures. The more advanced the object or structure you craft, the more experience is gained. Certain crafting combinations are now locked until the crafting level requirement is met.

– Added Sprint Swimming for faster underwater movement.

– Added new Toolbelt craftable items and Hotkey bar!
Each tool-belt level unlocks more hotkey slots and the next level tool-belt. Keyboard uses 0-9, controller uses D-Pad for first 4 slots. There are two ways to bind an item to a hotkey slot, #1: Hold the item and hold the hotkey for a second or two, #2: Select the item in the inventory and hold the hotkey for a second or two. You should hear a confirmation sound when the item is bound.

– Added new ability to pin a Crafting Combination to the screen with RMB.

– Added Yucca Cuttings on wild Yuccas which can be planted in farming plots.
Yucca Cuttings can be found on wild Yucca and planted in a Farming Plot. Cultivating Yuccas take 48 hours to grow and provide 6 Fibrous Leaves each harvest. Fibrous leaves are used in Water Stills to provide water, making this a viable farming source for water, rope, and cloth.
* Note Yucca Cutting’s will only spawn on unexplored islands or newly created worlds.

– Added Yucca Farming to farming plots.

– Added new Goblin Shark!
– Added new Whale Shark!
– Added new Hammerhead Shark!
– Added new Giant Grouper fish!
– Added new Turtle!

– Added new Yacht Shipwreck!
– Added new Polynesian Shipwreck!
– Added new Plane Shipwreck!
– Added new Tanker Shipwreck!
– Added new Survivor Shelters from past survivors.
– Restored Wollie Easter egg.
– Restored Divers Slate Easter egg.
– Restored Parcel Easter egg.

– Added Spyglass loot item for getting a better look at far objects.

– Added new Container Shelf Stacker craftable item.
This can be placed on rafts, structures, or terrain. Each shelf allows for 3 storage containers to be stored securely.

– Added new Raft Canopy to provide shade on custom built rafts.
– Added new Raft Controls.
– Added new Raft Animations.

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