Hey everyone,

A new experimental build (0.61.00) is now live with some important fixes.

This build adds Crafting Material Refunding!

The billboard ‘blobs’ bug has also been addressed in this build. The fix required objects to save some extra data. Previously saved objects won’t have this data saved so the blobs will persist for these objects until they are re-saved by leaving the island or by saving the game.

We have been getting some reports of the Crafting key not working on the stable branch. The short explanation is that Unity changed/moved some internal code and thought this would be OK to release to the public. However, any third-party plugins need to be recompiled for the new changes to work properly… Tobii eye-tracking has been identified as a common problem at the moment. Please try to update, disable or completely uninstall this plugin if you’re having trouble.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed possible cause of objects flying off when loading.
– Fixed Billboard ‘blobs’ remaining on some objects when returning to islands.
– Fixed Construction placement being super glitchy.
– Fixed Motion Blur post effect not working.
– Fixed Loading Ticker orientation.
– Fixed Sharks not losing interest when players are out of reach.
– Fixed Sharks attempting to attack invalid targets.
– Fixed Sharks getting stuck under terrain.
– Fixed Hammerhead Shark attack and damage animations not playing.
– Fixed Fish Traps not loading caught fishes.
– Fixed Fish Traps not catching all types of fish.
– Fixed Crabs and Birds not being draggable after being speared.
– Fixed Crabs not pickupable when speared.
– Fixed Birds not dying when hit with a Fishing Spear.
– Fixed Brick Wedge playing metal footstep sounds.
– Fixed Container Shipwreck mast ladder.


– Improved Billboards allowing you to see dynamic constructions from further away.
– Improved Shark avoidance.
– Improved Shark jitter when circling players.
– Added Shark nudge attack for when the player is close proximity.
– Changed Skinning to also allow skinning if a Refined Knife is in your inventory.
– Increased Mineable Rock and Mineable Clay resource spawn chance by 25%.


– Added new Crafting Material Refunding!


– Fixed Post camera not rendering in HDR, clamping some post effects.

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