0.63.00 Experimental Update: New Achievements!

Hey everyone,

A new experimental build 0.63.00 is up!

This build features new Achievements!

As this is an experimental build with ongoing bug testing we may reset some achievements at our discretion so don’t get super attached to them at this stage. The new achievements may or may not be retroactive so start a new game if you want to ensure you achieve all achievements correctly. Importantly, any stats or achievements don’t count on custom islands!

Note: This build introduces new meat provenance/source. All previously saved meat will default to be from crabs.
Note: Some achievements are missing icons at the moment: Backpacker, Look What I Have Created!, Day 50, Day 100.

Also, there’s a lot of changed happening with the Steam store refresh so bear with us on the patch notes while we get used to all the changes.

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team



  • Fixed progressive Loading not getting correct player speed, resulting in objects still being loaded when you approach an island.
  • Fixed performance hit from aerial camera in animated Loading scene.
  • Fixed possible washed out Screenshot screens.
  • Fixed dark edges on Volumetric Clouds.
  • Fixed Meat objects missing shadows.
  • Fixed Container Shelf shelves not moving with the shelf.
  • Fixed Container Shelf not updating positions when removing an existing shelf.
  • Fixed using items whilst climbing ladders and ledges.
  • Fixed OpenGL support for Windows builds.




  • Improved Loading speed of zones when starting or loading a game.
  • Changed Boot intro to allow skipping intro menu faster.
  • Changed Billboards to match parent scale. Note: Custom editing of object scale is unsupported.
  • Added damage effect to Farming Plots.
  • Added material refunding to Farming Plots.




  • Added new Provenance/source for meats.
  • Added new Achievements!




  • Majorly optimized object finding speed when loading.
  • Added pretty JSON formatting.
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