0.64.00 Experimental Update: New Hog, Giant Crab, Localization and more!

Update 0.64.00 Splash.png

Hey everyone,

A new experimental build 0.64.00 is up!

This build features new Localization! This build is highly experimental as the localization work has been all-encompassing. We will be monitoring bug reports closely and we appreciate the feedback.

You may not notice much as everything is still being localized in English for this shakedown build. One of the most obvious changes you will notice is that actions will display controller specific glyphs for supported controllers.
In the near future we will be releasing and supporting a set of official localizations. The next update will feature tools for the community to author and translate their own localization assets which players will be able to subscribe to.

This build also adds a new Leaderboards menu! This is something that has been running in the background in the last build so the leaderboards are already populated with lots of results. The leaderboards display rankings relative to your friends so open it up and see who’s the best survivor so far!

There’s also some great new animals, a better tutorial, improved fire lighting mechanics and nicer particle effects! See the patch notes for more info.

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Controller assignments not reloading properly when using two controllers of same model.
– Fixed Controller assignments only loading for controllers connected at start.
– Fixed Water Still not providing fluids when drank.
– Fixed Container Door not refunding the correct object when destroyed.
– Fixed Fuel Still not placing on foundations or floors.
– Fixed Wood Floor not being rotatable.
– Fixed Roofs occasionally unable to place next to each other.
– Fixed Fish preventing construction placement.
– Fixed Fish blocking item selection when picking up items.
– Fixed Camera flipping upside down when standing on rafts.
– Fixed not being able to place some crafted objects (during forced placing when Inventory full).
– Fixed spelling mistake for craftsmanship skill notification.


– Changed Item Attack Animations to only play if the object is damageable.
– Changed Beds to only allow sleeping at night.
– Changed Beds to always wakeup between 4am-7am.
– Changed Smoker size by decreasing it 30%.
– Changed Crab texture.
– Changed Crabs to respawn after 3 days.
– Changed Boars to respawn after 1 week.
– Changed Snakes to respawn after 1 week.

New Content

– Added new Localization!
Huge WIP. Including new controller glyphs for supported controllers.
Note: Any unsupported controllers will fall back to XB glyphs.

– Added new Leaderboards!

– Added new Tutorial!

– Added new Fire Lighting mechanics.
Lighting Fires is now done by alternating the use item and drag item buttons repeatedly. A progress bar displaying the friction indicates the success rate of lighting a fire. Fire lighting animations, audio, particles, and lighting have all been updated as well.

– Added new Hog animal!
Unlike the small island boars these Giant Boars will protect the pact and hunt you down. They are very aggressive but provide a nice amount of leather and large meat.
Note: Requires an unvisited island or a new world to generate.

– Added new Giant Crab animal!
Giant Crabs have a very hard shell which will break spears and arrows. Aiming for their eyes is the only soft spot. Giant Crabs can also take damage from melee tools. These grumpy crabs think they own the island – Show them whose boss!
Note: Requires an unvisited island or a new world to generate.

– Added new Land Animal Spawners.
Crabs, Snakes, Boars, and Hogs will now respawn after a number of set days.
Note: Requires an unvisited island or a new world to generate.

– Added Land Animal Spawners to Map Editor.

– Added Raft Jumping Velocity when standing on rafts. You will no longer fall off your raft when jumping.

– Added new Blood Damage Particles when damaging animals.
– Added new Wood Damage Particles when harvesting resources.
– Added new Metal Damage Particles when damaging metal objects.
– Added new Leaf Damage Particles when harvesting plants.
– Added new Coconut Particles when splitting.
– Added new Boat Motor Particles the water wake and engine steam.
– Added new Water Still Particles when the still is collecting water.
– Added new Fuel Still Particles when the still is collecting fuel.
– Added new Smoker Particles when food is being smoked.

Dev Notes

– Remove trailing commas on last json elements.

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