0.66.00 Experimental Update. New Steam Workshop Support!

Update 0.66.00 Splash.png
Hey everyone,

A new experimental build 0.66.00 is live with Steam Workshop support!

The uses of this new feature are primarily for:

  • Publishing new language assets for the recently added localization support; and
  • Publishing your own maps for other users to subscribe to and download.

To upload a new item to the Workshop you can use the Stranded Deep Workshop Tool. Details on where to download and how to use it can be found in our guide here:

download.pngStranded Deep Workshop Tool

We’ve also published a guide to authoring new localization and map assets here:

downloadCreating Localization Assets

Please note that subscribing to an excessive amount of maps will bog down the Cartographer. We’re looking into ways to optimize this.

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.66.00 Change Log

– Changed Cartographer world map slots to display (!) icon if map needs updating.
– Changed Fire Lighting failure to only happen on ‘Hard’ game mode.

New Content

– Added new Steam Workshop integration! WIP.

– Added Official Community Map Support!
As part of Steam Workshop integration.

0.64.05-0.66.00 Change Log
Bug Fixes

– Fixed seeing Main Menu background texture switch.
– Fixed regression errors from not creating user Maps folder if doesn’t exist.
– Fixed missing Palm bunch inventory icon.
– Fixed exclusive and borderless Fullscreen modes not being enforced properly.
– Fixed Mouse not working in menus for users with touch screens.
– Fixed exceptions being thrown by external Steamworks library.


– Added missing Achievement icons.
– Added key bindings for Fire Lighting.

Dev Notes

– Possible fix for bug where localization file isn’t loaded and text labels show localization terms.
Only happens on starting game after Steam update, so added better handling for localization file in case Steam is leaving updated files open or in use.

1 thought on “0.66.00 Experimental Update. New Steam Workshop Support!

  1. Why is this email entitled “Team Games” and not not Beam Team Games?

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