Console Update & Relaunch Trailer

Hey everyone,

Console update: Everyone involved in both development and publishing has been working hard and pushing forward any way we can. Right now, there’s some delays out of our control. It’s been killing us that we haven’t been able to reply to you all with some new news or a release date. We have a great community and we know a lot of you are hanging out for console news. We want to be as transparent and open as we can about the process with our community–it’s important to us. As of today, the console release is tentatively planned for the end of March; which could honestly push back a few weeks into beginning of April.

In the meantime, we’re re-releasing our initial console trailer which shows the new team involved–we’re self-publishing alongside our good friends at North Beach Games who have a ton of experience with the publishing stuff!

TL/DR: It’s definitely coming to consoles; development is going great, but the logistics are killing us right now.


Hold tight!
:: Beam Team



5 thoughts on “Console Update & Relaunch Trailer

  1. Oh dear god no! Please wait for next generation… Lord knows we as many new games as possible but we don’t need a 2nd generation full of sales next to Life of Black Tiger!!! This generation has been pure ass with a side of greed. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF MARY WAIT!!!

  2. I’m super stoked to be able to play on PS4!

  3. when is it coming for console

  4. Finally… [Refreshing xbox store every 10 minutes] 🥺

  5. Hope it comes out soon

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