0.70.00 Stable Update! Workshop, Community Maps, FIGS and Russian Localizations!

Update 0.70.00 Splash

Hey everyone,
A new stable build (0.70.00) is up!
The new 0.70.00 update transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch, including new Steam Workshop support, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian LocalizationsPermadeath and lots of bug fixes and polish. Be sure to have a read of the patch notes below if you haven’t been playing on the experimental branch…

For more info on how to use the Steam Workshop with Stranded Deep, see our previous patch notes here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/313120/announcements/detail/1693846457241619523
Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.68.01-0.70.00 Experimental Change Log
Bug Fixes

– Fixed rare possibility of invalid ranges being used for date and time.

0.65.06-0.70.00 Stable Change Log
Bug Fixes

– Fixed a large bug where Achievement progress data wasn’t persisting across multiple sessions. This meant you would have to complete some achievements in one session or any progress would reset when the game re-loaded. This affected the following achievements:
‘Call Me Ahab’
‘Working With My Hands’
‘Lean Mean Crafting Machine’
‘Industrial Fashion’
‘Fish Are Friends’
’Island Hermit’
– Changed ‘Hunter of The High Seas’ Achievement to achieve when boss creature killed, not when trophy crafted. Previously, trophies could be crafted on custom islands = no achievement.
– Fixed no maps appearing in Cartographer map list if any map failed to load.
– Fixed Cartographer map source buttons not localized.
– Fixed Cartographer exception caused by Steam callback executing code out of order.
– Fixed Grouper Fish not dither fading when skinned.
– Fixed Crafting Ghost not being visible underwater.
– Fixed Crafting not using smallest material stack first. This would leave unmerged stacks in your backpack on occasion…
– Fixed Buoyant objects being marked out of range and being destroyed incorrectly.
– Fixed Trophy icons missing in inventory.
– Fixed Boss display names showing ‘Shark’.
– Fixed Projectiles not breaking when hitting metal seaforts.
– Fixed Projectiles scale being skewed when piercing/attaching to an object with custom rotation and scale. This was potentially causing numerous bugs from undefined behaviour.
– Fixed Rafts not being able to deconstruct/destroy.
– Fixed Raft staying anchored when a deployed raft anchor was destroyed.
– Fixed Raft Floors taking no damage if they are attached to other floors.
– Fixed Raft Anchor creating non interactable duplicates.
– Fixed Flare Gun having no audio effects.
– Fixed Flare Gun shooting animation causing character T-pose.
– Fixed Farming Plotnot producing fruit until a game is reloaded.
– Fixed Giant Crab attacking when they aren’t facing the player.
– Fixed Boar getting stuck underwater.
– Fixed Footstepsplaying the wood sound when standing on a whale.
– Fixed Audio sources not being pooled if not in range of a listener.
– Fixed Dialogue window message text not using correct font.
– Fixed file permissions dialogue message not being localized correctly.
– Fixed receiving fall damage when jumping out of water after a high fall.
– Fixed player skill notification label overflowing.


– Added better Unicode/Cyrillic font support for foreign localizations.
– Added missing Achievement icons.
– Added animation to Boat Motor.
– Changed held item to hide when climbing.
– Restored Distant Plane visual effect.
– Changed Flare Gun to shoot a hovering projectile that provides useful light.
– Optimised Land Animals AI when not in proxmity.
– Improved Boar dust particle trail.
– Reduced swimming Audio volume.
– Added key bindings for Fire Lighting.
– Changed Fire Lighting failure to only happen on ‘Hard’ game mode.
– Changed Cartographer world map slots to display (!) icon if map needs updating.
– Restored Distant Plane visual effect.

New Features

– Added new Steam Workshop integration!

– Added Official Community Map Support!
As part of Steam Workshop integration.

– Added official French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian localizations!
Please note, there are a few newer terms that are not localized which will be addressed shortly.

– Added new Permadeath game mode!

– Added new hat for Hard mode players.

– Added new craftable Light Hook to allow attaching lights to custom rafts.

1 thought on “0.70.00 Stable Update! Workshop, Community Maps, FIGS and Russian Localizations!

  1. I cant save my progress in stranded deep it shows an error the it cant save my progress contact beam team
    Plz help

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