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Stranded Deep Wiki

Hi everyone,

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been working alongside Gamepedia & Curse as well as some very talented editors to get the official Stranded Deep Wiki up and running.

It’s come along way but theres still plenty left to do. If you would like to get involved or need some help surviving head on over to the Official Stranded Deep Wiki.



Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

Sound Collaboration


Beam Team is excited to announce new collaboration with our friends from Only Sound.

What does this mean for Stranded Deep?
Over the next few months we will be working closely together to completely transform and enhance the overall sound for the world of Stranded Deep.

We know this is a much needed change; early Stranded Deep sound effects have struggled with consistent volume, quality, and theme – so you can expect all of these to drastically improve!

We are confident these changes will bring a whole new level of immersion so keep an eye out for these changes over the next few months.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team



Hey everyone,
A new experimental build 0.40.01 is up!
The new 0.40.01 update has been up on the experimental branch for a few days now. It adds a new Fishing Rod and Bobber, a completely new Fish System, a revamped Life Raft, restored Paddle and more!

This update features the new Fishing Rod and Fish System! You can now craft a Fishing Rod and use it to catch fish! Fishing is a completely new game mechanic where you cast your line towards a group of fish, wait for a bite and then begin the struggle to reel it in! The Fishing Rod requires the new Bobber item to be used, similar to the how the Bow uses Arrows.

The Fish system has also been completely overhauled and is more efficient. There is only one fish in this update for basic testing of the new fishing mechanics. The fish have very basic AI so expect some unusual behaviour. The revamped fish system has been created to support large fish flocks which will be coming next update. Spear fishing is not supported in this build.

We’ve majorly pimped your ride for this update. We heard you like paddles, so we’ve restored the Paddle as a physical item and it also has a new dedicated attachment on the Life Raft to stow it away so you don’t lose it. We’ve added a new Storage container to the Life Raft which is filled with basic supplies when starting a new game. This will make it easier for us to balance the game, while not making it too difficult in the beginning. There’s also a new Sea Anchor item fitted to the Life Raft which you can deploy to prevent the raft moving position.

Sails have been split into separate Sail and Rudder components. A Sail adds forward propulsion, while a Rudder controls the direction. A raft will now begin moving whenever a sail is raised. There is a new wind and ocean current system coming in the next update – just didn’t quite get it finished before the xmas/ny holidays. It features much more realistic sailing, including using the wind, tacking upwind, etc. The Sea Anchor will also come into full effect once the ocean currents are fully implemented. For now, we don’t recommend using multiple sails at once as it could result in some unusual glitches.

Eating too much of the same food within a small window can now cause Diarrhoea. Eating and drinking Coconuts and eating Potatoes are the only foods that cause Diarrhoea for now.
You will need to discover how much you can eat over a period of time. Once enough time has passed since you last ate that kind of food, you can go back to eating it again.
Diarrhoea and Vomiting instantly removes one bar of fluids from your vitals. If you get Diarrhoea, it will completely deplete your fluids within 1 game hour, at which point you’ll get the Dehydration status effect also. So it will be important to manage your fluids during that game hour if you get Diarrhoea!

In other development news, we’ve teamed up with the guys from OnlySound to produce more immersive and awesome sound effects which should start appearing in the game soon. We’ve also got some more exciting collaborations that we’ll update you on through the year!

Note: We fixed a few shenanigans from the previous input update. Please reset your input to defaults before reassigning new custom inputs as they could load back incorrect assignments.

Note: For those of you that the caught the early release of 0.40.00, we’ve removed the new brutal mode, where logs and palm fronds weren’t splitting 😉

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Player being able to continue eating when about to Vomit or Poop.
– Fixed scenario where Vomiting would stack, breaking movement controls.
– Fixed Tooltips being left behind onscreen when Crafting menu closed.
– Fixed Containers staying ‘open’ if opened and then switched to Inventory storage.
– Fixed Inventory opening after closing Storage when ‘Toggle Radial Menus’ setting is enabled.
– Fixed not being able to assign modifier keys in Input settings (right shift, right ctrl, etc).
– Fixed Input reassigning removed bindings to first controller element instead of ‘none’.
– Fixed Input not reverting to previous input bindings when cancelling recent input changes.
– Fixed Input options menu being set to dirty when first selected.
– Fixed Input error when assignment timeout.
– Fixed Fish possibly floating above ocean from player movement in some cases.
– Fixed Underwater Audio continuing after death.
– Fixed Boat Motor not moving backward.
– Fixed Player not crouching when using Boat Motor.
– Fixed Gyrocopter compass showing wrong heading.
– Fixed Gyrocopter not turning off.
– Fixed Camera snapping when interacting with vehicles.
– Fixed being unable to pickup Pipi and Potato farming plants.
– Fixed Pipi plant display name when planted.
– Fixed floating Farming Plants.
– Fixed medical Breath Boost unable to be consumed.


– Restored Paddle as a physical item.
– Added support for multiple players to control and ride on Vehicles.
– Added unique Action Descriptions when interacting with items, i.e. Hold to Refill, Open, Operate, Attach, etc.
– Improved object layout when splitting Splittable objects.
– Renamed Coconut Half to ‘Coconut Food’.
– Renamed Coconut to ‘Coconut Drink’.
– Changed Green Coconut to require hitting to ‘open’ again.
– Changed Coconut to split into Coconut Food when hit or thrown with force again.
– Changed Coconut to give you Diarrhoea when too many are consumed.
– Changed Coconut Food to give you Diarrhoea when too many are consumed.
– Changed Potato to give you Diarrhoea unless cooked.
– Changed Palm Top to give you 5 Palm Fronds instead of 4.
– Adjusted Boat Motor and Gyrocopter engine volume.
– Updated Smoker model.
– Changed Sailing mechanic to require a Sail and Rudder.
– Changed Spear Animations.
– Changed Stick Farming Plot model.


– Added new Fishing Rod and Fishing Rod Bobber craftable items!
– Added new Fishing Mechanic!
– Added new Fish system!
Better quality, more efficient fish animation.

– Added new Diarrhoea status effect!
– Added new Life Raft model.
– Added new Sea Anchor to Life Raft!
Damps ocean movement. Will come into full effect with the addition of ocean currents.

– Added new Storage to the Life Raft!
– Added new attachment to the Life Raft to stow a Paddle.

– Added more realistic Raft Paddling.
The player now sits more forward on the Raft and controls it as you would in real life. Your forward controls move the raft forward as usual, however to change direction you need to rotate your raft by paddling left and right.

– Added new Raft Rudder craftable item!
– Added new Sail model.

– Added new Food Ration Tin food item.


– Added much better quality Dither fading.
– Optimised Splittable objects.
– Optimised input and physics for Vehicles that aren’t being operated.



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.39.00 has just been released!


This build adds Official Controller Support, the ability to craft new Medicinal Buffs, new Farmable Plants and more!

Dual-analogue style Controllers are now officially supported in this update. You can view the controller mapping in the Input settings menu. See the patch notes for more info and the changes to the input system.

You can craft a new item – the Coconut Flask. These flasks can be used as an ingredient together with native plants to craft Medicinal Buffs, which you will find in the new Consumables crafting category. There are 5 new medicinal buffs: Antidote, which cures poisoning; Gauze, which stops bleeding; Aloe Salve, which prevents sunstroke; Breath Boost, which increases your breath by 50% for 3 hours; and Shark Repellent, which repels Sharks for 12 hours. The medicinal buffs use three new plants: Pipi, Wavulvula and Ajuga. These are small native plants that can be found growing in the ground cover around the islands. All of the recently added plants are farmable as well so you can collect and grow these new plants to make your medicines.

The Sunburn status effect has had some more tweaks in our efforts to really dial in the new environmental effects. The Sunburn status effect has been renamed to Sunstroke as it makes more sense. To recap – your sun exposure is kept track of in-game which is shown visually as sunburn on your arm. The time it takes for you to burn is based on the UV index, the same as before. If you are exposed for longer than the time it takes to burn you’ll get Sunstroke. When you’ve contracted Sunstroke you need to find shade to reduce your sun exposure. You can keep track of your sun exposure by checking for visual signs of sunburn on your arm. Aloe plants can be used to immediately reduce your sun exposure. This can be a simple way to prevent Sunstroke if you pay attention to the sunburn arm effect and re-apply every so often so it doesn’t escalate into Sunstroke. The other option is to be pro-active and craft Aloe Salves which will completely prevent any sun exposure and Sunstroke for 12 hours. Sleeping in a Shelter is a quick way to remove Sunstroke if you’re unable to craft a salve.

– If you get Sunstroke you need to reduce your sun exposure by finding shade or using one of the items below, otherwise you will stay sun stricken.
Aloe resets your sun exposure. This can essentially prevent Sunstroke if you pay attention to your sunburn arm effect and re-apply Aloe every ‘x’ hours (‘x’ is based on the UV intensity).
Aloe Salves completely prevent sun exposure and Sunstroke for 12 hours.

There’s also been heaps of tweaks, so be sure to see the patch notes to catch them all.
Have fun 🙂

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Mission Maps not being added to a new world when selecting New Game->Random.
– Fixed Item Info UI appearing incorrectly after saving options.
– Fixed Driftwood Half Wall crafting ingredients.
– Fixed Snake AI behaviour errors when close to a player.
– Fixed Snake rattle audio spamming.
– Fixed Watch not refreshing player effects list.
– Fixed Fire Torch burning underwater.
– Fixed Detail Foliage not generating when starting a game.
– Fixed Player Speech playing when underwater.
– Fixed Palm Tree not cutting when climb UI is displayed.
– Fixed Palm Tree stumps stopping placing building constructions.
– Fixed Small Plants stopping placing building constructions.
– Fixed Skinnables not casting shadows.
– Fixed Labelmaker input field being limited to 8 characters.
– Fixed Labelmaker not refreshing Hud UI immediately after renaming.


– Added new Consumables crafting category.
– Added new Input Remapping UI.
– Added Switch Item key.
– Added Sprint Toggle functionality and input option setting.
– Added Crafting Subcategory Icons.
– Added Radial UI display for incomplete constructables.
– Added Watch Effect indicators for positive and negative effects.
– Added Sunblock Arm Effect.
– Changed Sunblock duration to 12 hours.
– Changed Sunburn duration to 7 hours.
– Changed Sunburn Calorie and Hydration deduction from 350 to 200 per game hour.
– Changed Hunger depletion time from 3 to 2 game days.
– Changed Health Regeneration effect time to regenerate full health from 29 game hours to 7.
– Changed Health Regeneration effect to activate only when Hunger and Thirst are above 6 bars and no negative effects.
– Changed calorie and thirst reduction while Sleeping to be based on semi-realistic ratios.
– Changed Snake to now Poison player.
– Changed Boar spawn chance from 10 to 20%.
– Changed Coconuts to be consumed on use.
– Changed Coconuts to only provide Hydration.
– Changed Potato to be farmable.
– Changed Potato to no longer require Cooking.
– Changed Potato Calories from 100 to 200.
– Changed Logs Health from 150 to 100 units.
– Changed Stone Tool crafting combination to only require 1x Rock.
– Changed Stone Tool from ‘Invincible’ to have Durability.
– Changed Stone Tool damage from 3 to 5 units.
– Changed Fire Torch fuel from 6 hours to 12.
– Changed Bed model to be on a wooden frame when placed.
– Changed Smoker to be interactable like the Fire Spit and Hooks. You can now attach 5 items.
– Changed Smoker to cook smokables while smoking.
– Changed Climb UI to display the actual key binding instead of ‘Jump.’
– Improved Watch positioning in relation to the camera which adjusts with field of view.
– Updated Potato item model.
– Updated Steel Raft Floor deprecated model to new Clay building tier.


– Added official Controller Support!
Please note that the Cartographer has limited functionality with a controller and the Map Editor is not supported.

– Added new Input System.
There have been some big changes to the input system which is now much more efficient than the old system. It’s fairly boring to talk about but a big deal; supporting multiple controllers is another step towards supporting multiple players in the scene. The changes to the input system potentially affects a lot of other systems so we appreciate your bug reports as always.

– Added Coconut Flask water bottle!
– Added Antidote consumable. Stops Poison.
– Added Gauze consumable. Stop Bleeding.
– Added Aloevera consumable. Stops Sunstroke.
– Added Breath Booster consumable. Boosts underwater Breath by 50% for 3 hours.
– Added Shark Repellent consumable. Repels Sharks for 12 hours.
– Added Ajuga farming plant!
– Added Pipi farming plant!
– Added Wavulavula farming plant!


– Added Coconuts to Map Editor.
– Added Coconut Flasks to Map Editor.
– Added Aloevera plant to Map Editor.
– Added Pipi plant to Map Editor.
– Added Wavulavula plant to Map Editor.

– Updated Intro Private Jet interior models and textures.
– Optimised Intro Private Jet scene resources and asset loading.



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.37.00 has just been released!

This update adds more to our end-game scenario. It has always been our plan for the player to be rescued by helicopter after completing a series of objectives, but recently we thought ‘Why don’t we let the player build their own helicopter?’ …and so in this build you can now build your very own Gyrocopter in true MacGyver style!

You will need to collect all the parts to build the Gyrocopter which you can do by completing the new missions. There’s a few Gyro parts unlocked for the time being while we finish off the rest of the missions. The Gyrocopter will eventually form part of the final end-game story/event.

This update also addresses the controversial new environmental status effects. After seeing how they were playing out and listening to player feedback we realise we took a few missteps. The most obvious is that players weren’t able to manage the effects other than limiting exposure, which meant hiding under a tree or sitting next to a fire for x hours – not fun. The flu was just annoying so we’ve removed it and focused on making the sun a better and more manageable threat.

The effect of the sun on the player now correlates to a ‘UV Index’ shown on your watch. The UV Index is an indicator of harmful solar UV radiation. It ranges from Low, Medium, High, Very High and Extreme. It is affected by the time of year with the months from June-September being the most deadly. This will be tied into a game setting in the future, but just keep that in mind if you’re finding the sun too intense. There are also heatwaves which increase temperatures and the UV index. When there is a heatwave the temperature icon is replaced with a heatwave icon on the watch display. The UV index affects how quickly you burn from the sun:

11+ Extreme – 1 hour
8-10 Very High – 2 hours
6-7 High – 4 hours
3-5 Moderate – 5 hours
1-2 Low – Effectively never.

If you are exposed for the corresponding amount of time you will get Sunburn effect. This effect drains your thirst and hunger until it has worn off. The new method to remove Sunburn is to use the new plant, Aloe. You can find Aloe dotted around islands like other plants and it allows you to cure a Sunburn immediately. Aloe is also farmable. As you progress you will also be able to craft an Aloe Salve to cure and prevent Sunburn from happening. Aloe Salves will be incorporated with a new station and arm effects in a coming update. As before, you can also find shade for x game hours to remove Sunburn.

Once you have Sunburn it will deplete your thirst and hunger completely within 2 game hours. This gives you plenty of time to find shade or Aloe. Keep in mind that even when your hunger and thirst are fully depleted it still takes approx. 3 game days to deplete your health (if you have no other status effects). So you have quite a lot of time to fix your problems!

The temperature shown on your watch now displays the ‘apparent temperature’ which is how hot it actually feels based on the humidity. This temperature currently doesn’t contribute to any status effects, but we may look at restoring Heatstroke based on the apparent temperature – However, sometimes realism doesn’t equal fun!

– The higher the UV index, the quicker you burn.
– The risk of sunburn time is 10am-3pm.
– Find Aloe to cure Sunburn.
– Craft Aloe Salves to prevent Sunburn.

There’s also been some large changes to the backend to support some upcoming features so we appreciate letting us know of any new bugs you find.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Added Sunburn status effect.
– Removed Heatstroke status effect.
– Removed Flu status effect.
– Added Vertical Swimming movement with [Jump] and [Crouch] controls.
– Removed Shark respawning.
– Removed [Jump] button cancelling vehicle operation.
– Increased Underwater Breath by 15 seconds.
– Increased Water Still refill time from 0.2 hours to 1.0 hours.


– Fixed Atmospheric and Underwater Fog drawing over transparent effects – crafting ghost, smoke, etc.
– Fixed display name repeating for empty Fire Torches.
– Fixed different sound effects for Drinking and Eating.
– Fixed Quick Crafting and Crafting menu not refreshing Hud UI on close.
– Fixed Player Status Effects not saving correct display names.
– Fixed teleporting to operating position when first operating Rafts.
– Fixed being able to place Bed Shelter in mid air.
– Fixed being able to place Farming Plot in mid air.
– Fixed terrain generating sharp edges on Shorelines.
– Fixed player Super Jump when jumping near shorelines.


– Added new Aloe Plant to cure Sunburn.
– Added new Aloe Salve to prevent Sunburn.
– Added new UV Index display on Watch.
– Added new Heatwave display on Watch.
– Added new Gyrocopter craftable vehicle!
– Added Gyrocopter Frame mission reward!
– Added Gyrocopter Seat mission reward!
– Added Gyrocopter Motor mission reward!
– Added Gyrocopter Cockpit mission reward!
– Added Gyrocopter Rotors mission reward!


– Changed Player code structure to support multiple players in a scene in the future.
– Changed Watch to load from external bundle to support custom watches in the future.
– Optimized Buoyancy by calculating wave positions for all buoyant objects in a single batch.

Update 0.36 Stable!

A new stable build 0.36.00 has just been released!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch. If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, we’ve recently introduced new Missions!. These are fun objectives that you can complete to earn trophy rewards. These missions will also be tied into the upcoming end-game scenario.

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
0.35.00 New Giant Squid Mission
0.34.00 New Megalodon Mission
0.33.00 New Missions

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.32.00-0.36.00 STABLE CHANGE LOG

– Added new Crab attack behaviour. Crabs now do a very small amount of damage.
– Changed Bandages to restore 2 bars of health when healing Bleeding status effect.
– Added Double-tap functionality to lock forward movement when W key double tapped.
– Added ability to Drop items directly in Inventory menu.
– Added dedicated Inventory select and drop key-bindings.
– Added new Radial UI to display water and fuel amounts.
– Added simple Oxygen UI when underwater.
– Updated Hud UI.
– Changed Translucency rendering method reducing performance overhead.
– Implemented new Post-FX stack, significantly reducing performance overhead for effects.
– Added proper Ambient Occlusion quality settings.
– Added new Temporal Antialiasing effect!
– Reduced Weather frequency from 70% to 35%.
– Replaced Bed with new Sleeping Bag.


– Fixed Dialogue Window audio sources not being assigned to UI mixer channel.
– Fixed Intro scene Audio sources not being controlled by audio mixer and settings.
– Fixed Audio sliders not immediately updating when slider value changed.
– Fixed Audio settings not being applied on main menu start.
– Fixed Player Footsteps audio not controlled by effects audio setting.
– Fixed incorrect icon for Clay Roof Wedge in crafting menu.
– Fixed being able to pick up un-cut Logs.
– Fixed a possible cause of Smoker bugs.
– Fixed any objects created by a generation helper spawner not billboarding, ie: Sea Forts, Mission Markers, etc.
– Fixed Farming Plots not reinitializing plant progression immediately after loading game.
– Fixed Farming Plot dirt decal positions not initializing properly.


– Added new Eel Mission!
– Added new Megalodon Mission!
– Added new Giant Squid Mission!

– New Trophies!
Unlock and collect special trophies for completing difficult missions.

– Added Sleeping Bag craftable item!
Replaces the Bed. Please note there is a ‘no-mans’ land area between islands where you won’t be able to save.


– Upgraded to Unity 5.6.3.
– Fixed Developer Console not suspending other menus when open.


– Added ability to snap smaller constructions like Camp Fires to Foundations.
– Added menu option for Auto-walk feature.
– Changed Auto-walk to cancel if backwards key pressed.
– Audio volume now fades in and out when sleeping.
– Added smoother Shoreline Generation.
– Added more variation to Island Generation.
– Added Shark Ragdoll Buoyancy.
– Increased Small Island generation size by 10%.
– Increased Large Island generation size by 20%.
– Increased Rock item spawn rate.
– Increased Stick spawn rate.
– Increased Tarp spawn rate.
– Increased Yucca spawn rate.
– Increased Shipping Container spawn rate.
– Changed Clay Minable Resource to spawn in deeper ocean.
– Changed Driftwood resource to spawn ‘Stick’ instead of ‘Driftwood Stick’.
– Changed Driftwood tier to require ‘Stick’ instead of ‘Driftwood Stick’.
– Changed Skinning animation.

– Improved general performance.
– Changed object category list to be sorted alphabetically.
– Added Time of Day slider.
– Added Ficus Trees.
– Added Boar.
– Added Snake.
– Added Crab.
– Fixed objects missing Preview Icons.
– Fixed object LOD’s not working.
– Fixed ocean Waves not updating with changes.
– Fixed Grass spawning on Seafort bridge pieces.
– Fixed object normal placement.
– Fixed object drag-and-drop’ collisions.
– Fixed memory leak.


– Fixed possible cause of Skinning failing if animal moves.
– Fixed VSync and Fixed Frame Rate settings not loading on main menu.
– Fixed audio volume not fading in properly when loading a game.
– Fixed Inventory not playing full sound when trying to switch item with a full inventory.
– Fixed Cooking and Smoking sounds being 2D.
– Fixed Animals colliding with interactive objects.
– Fixed Driftwood Stick spawning under terrain.
– Fixed Projectiles stuck in animals colliding with objects and rafts.
– Fixed Giant Squid colliding with Buoy.
– Fixed Ficus Plants colliding with player.
– Fixed Shoreline Rocks mission collision.
– Fixed Mineable Resources missing collision.
– Fixed Driftwood decal not spawning under driftwood resources.


61e2af7fcdb46d2a42c4d0d6a4741feb34ae9e32Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.35.00 has just been released!

A small reminder that if you’ve been playing the stable branch and would like to play the latest experimental updates, please see the instructions here — Opting into Development Branches

This build adds a new Giant Squid Mission! We realised that it has been a bit of a pain in the butt to have to restart every time we release a new mission so in this update we’ve added the ability to drag and drop mission maps into the world through the Cartographer.

Please note! If you have existing mission tiles in your world that you haven’t visited yet, you will need to drag and drop a mission tile onto that tile. If you don’t do this the mission tile will be empty!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Farming Plots not reinitializing plant progression immediately after loading game.
– Fixed Farming Plot dirt decal positions not initializing properly.
– Fixed Collision between animals and items (Seagulls and crabs pushing items).


– Added ability to Drop items directly in Inventory menu.
– Added dedicated Inventory select and drop key-bindings.
– Added new Radial UI to display water and fuel amounts.
– Updated Hud UI.
– Changed Translucency rendering method reducing performance overhead.
– Implemented new Post-FX stack, significantly reducing performance overhead for effects.
– Added proper Ambient Occlusion quality settings.
– Added new Temporal Antialiasing effect!
– Changed Driftwood piles to be mineable resources.


– Added new Giant Squid Mission!

Please note! If you have existing mission tiles in your world that you haven’t visited yet, you will need to drag and drop a mission tile onto that tile. If you don’t do this the mission tile will be empty!

More Info:


3a7d2afa5feecacc66b6eb4550e85a0461f514adHi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.34.00 has just been released!

This build adds an additional Mission! We’ll be continuing to focus on the new mission system on the experimental branch until it’s ready to push to the stable branch. We’ve changed how missions get saved and loaded in this build so if you’ve visited or saved on a mission zone previously, there’s a good chance it won’t load back correctly in this build. We’ve also added a new save point next to the mission trigger.

The recently added player effects have been adjusted in this build. Players didn’t seem to be aware that the ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Cold’ pre-cursor effects were warning signs and didn’t have any immediate effect. So we’ve now rolled them all into single effects – Flu and Heatstroke.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Added Save Point to Mission location.
– Added Double-tap functionality to lock forward movement when W key double tapped.
– Added simple Oxygen UI when underwater.
– Adjusted Sunburn and Cold player status effects.
– Reduced Crab attack radius.
– Replaced Bed with new Sleeping Bag.


– Fixed any objects created by a generation helper spawner not billboarding, ie: Sea Forts, Mission Markers, etc.


– Added new Megalodon Mission!

– Added Sleeping Bag craftable item!
Replaces the Bed. Please note there is a ‘no-mans’ land area between islands where you won’t be able to save.


– Upgraded to Unity 5.6.3.


1099dffa04f97ca3fdb934a9b500a98973c4f044Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.33.00 has just been released!

This build features new Missions!

There is only a single mission in this experimental update for testing the core mechanics, however there are a variety of missions in the works and they will all eventually tie into the end-game scenario.

You will need to generate a new world to generate a mission tile which appears as a skull in the Cartographer. Mission areas in the world are identified by a specific structure – a Sea Fort at the moment. You will find a mission pin-board somewhere within the Sea Fort. Interacting with the pin-board will show you details of the mission and allow you to accept or decline the mission. If you accept the mission and leave the zone, you will fail the mission. Missions can be failed and reattempted as many times as needed.

You will also notice a new panel in your crafting menu – the Story panel. Here you will find and unlock special combinations upon completing missions or story related objectives.

Please note, the Sea Fort mission marker is not billboarding currently. This will be fixed before the new missions are released on the stable branch.

We would suggest stocking up on spears and bandages for the new mission!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Added new Crab attack behaviour. Crabs now do damage.
– Changed Bandages to restore 2 bars of health when healing Bleeding status effect.
– Reduced Weather frequency from 70% to 35%.


– Fixed Dialogue Window audio sources not being assigned to UI mixer channel.
– Fixed Intro scene Audio sources not being controlled by audio mixer and settings.
– Fixed Audio sliders not immediately updating when slider value changed.
– Fixed Audio settings not being applied on main menu start.
– Fixed Player Footsteps audio not controlled by effects audio setting.
– Fixed incorrect icon for Clay Roof Wedge in crafting menu.
– Fixed being able to pick up un-cut Logs.
– Fixed a possible cause of Smoker bugs.


– New Missions!

– New Trophies!
Unlock and collect special trophies for completing difficult missions.


8bbeed41544de06fcde4012e92c02493d9a8e999Hi everyone,

A new stable build 0.32.00 has just been released!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch.
If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, here’s some of the new features included:

New Quick Crafting Menu, Weather Effects, Plank Station, Leather Waterskin, Damage Indicators and more!

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
0.31.00 Weather Update
0.30.00 Quick Crafting Menu Update
0.29.00 Player Effects, Waterskin and Plank Station Update

Please note – We’ve changed the shoreline generation going forward in this build. Previously generated islands have very bumpy underwater areas and the larger waves will create unpleasant visual artefacts on these areas! It is also possible that your previously saved islands will re-generate slightly different.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Updated Weather Events to save and load state correctly.
– Reduced required attempts to start a Camp Fire.
– Changed Crafting to only use items in the area in front of you.
– Changed Watch to display the player’s status effects on additional screen.
– Changed Sail and Motor placement to use rotating keys.
– Increased Clay Waterbottle servings from 4 to 5.
– Added new Main Menu soundtrack.
– Added Inventory functionality to display health, durability or servings.
– Changed Walls, Arches, Doors, etc to allow 180 degree rotation when placing.
– Updated Icons in Crafting menus.


– Fixed not being able to pick up Logs after saving.
– Fixed Ocean colors changing incorrectly when weather event assigned but not active.
– Fixed Mouse Sensitivity resetting when drawing weapon.
– Fixed Clay Foundation collider interfering with Steps placement.
– Fixed being able to craft building combos without Hammer, Hoe, etc.
– Fixed not being able to place Hooks and Shelves from previous build.


– New Quick Crafting menu!
To open the new Quick Crafting menu press and hold the crafting menu key [C] for a short moment, similar to the interacting mechanic. The Quick Crafting menu won’t display if you don’t have any craftable combinations from the materials in front of you or in your backpack. If you press the crafting key [C] once without holding it, it will open the regular crafting menu.
Similar to the large crafting menu, the Quick Crafting menu uses any tools in your hands to enable and prioritize combinations shown. For eg: if you have a Hammer equipped, the Quick Crafting menu will display any available building combinations first. Likewise, if you have a Hoe equipped farming combinations will be displayed first and so on.

– New Storm Weather Effect!
With lightning and large ocean waves!

– New Plank Station!
To craft planks by riving logs.

– New Leather Waterskin item!

– New Player Effects!
Sunburn, Heatstroke, Cold, Flu. These are long term effects, not meant to annoy, but definitely there. Adds feedback with sounds effects and animations…
This will be incorporated more fully with building tiers in a future update. Offer less protection from the elements.

– New Game Over Screen.

– New Death animation.

– New New Day Notifications!

– New Damage Indicators!
Subtle damage indicators to help visualize where the damage is coming from.

– New Container name stencils!
When containers are renamed it is now shows their name as a themed stencil on the side of the container for easier object organization.