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6d5bd265280a08b49467b1f57117237a6c6a8595Hi everyone,

A new stable build 0.28.00 has just been released!


IMPORTANT: There are notes below covering the new save game location and instructions for copying over your previous save data. Please follow these instructions if you wish to preserve your old save game.

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch.
If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, here’s some of the new features included:

New Mining System, New Roofing System, New Clay and Rock minable resources and Pick tool, New Brick building tier, New Furnace and Brick stations and more!

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
New Clay resource, Brick building tier, Furnace and Brick station
New Roofing system[ http]
New Mining system and Minable resources[ http]

We had been receiving emails about players not having user permissions to write world or map data. There were a few possible causes for the error, but the most common seemed to be when the game was installed in the Program Files folder and the user account didn’t have sufficient privileges or security settings. So from this stable build on we’ve changed the location of the game’s save data. You will need to do a simple copy-paste to move your old save folder to the new location. A quick guide can be found here —

This also allows players with multiple users (brothers, sisters, friends, etc) to have their own unique save game data if they have their own user account on the PC.

Also a small note for Mac users: In testing we have noticed that the game needs to be launched from the Steam app or a desktop shortcut created by Steam. If the game is run directly from the .app file, Steam fails to register as initialised and you will see an error message in the game.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.21 has just been released!


This build features the new Inventory menus!

The new inventory size is 9 usable slots and 1 slot reserved for your hands. For this build we’ve left the inventory size at 15 in code, so you will be able to store more items than are visible in the new inventory menu. This is so players with a full inventory won’t lose any stored items. The next update will fix the inventory slots at 9 so you will need to make sure you drop all the extra items out of your inventory so they don’t get lost forever.

A lot of icons have been re-rendered for the new inventory menu but there are still a few to go so please excuse any icons that look out of place.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Changed Crab to yield 1 small meat instead of 1 medium meat.
– Restored Bandage crafting combination temporarily to ‘Tools’ crafting subcategory.


– Fixed possibility of entered world seed not matching saved world seed due to value clamping incorrectly.
– Fixed possibility of not being able to pick up an item in your free hand when inventory full and item didn’t match any types stored in the inventory.
– Fixed possibility of opening crafting menu, inventory or watch when operating Raft causing various incorrect behaviour with held item.
– Fixed being able to drop your hidden held item when operating the Raft.
– Fixed being able to drag Fruit and Coconuts when attached to trees.
– Fixed items attached to other structures (like Buckets) being used as crafting materials.


– New Inventory Menu!



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.20 has just been released!


This build features a new Crafting Menu, Loom, Tanning Rack and more!

The new Crafting Menu is the replacement for the larger crafting menu. Please note that it is not the new ‘Quick-craft’ crafting menu that will be coming soon. The new menu displays and organizes combos and materials much nicer and cleaner than previously. The new menu will also auto-select the required tool for the crafting category if it’s available in your backpack (for building, farming, etc). This means no more forgetting to equip the tool and having to awkwardly close the crafting menu, equip the tool and reopen the crafting menu. Crafting as a whole should be cleaner and a little quicker.

There’s also the new craftable Loom and Tanning Rack stations. These stations are standalone items like your Campfire and will also appear as ingredients for some craftable items like Cloth and the new Leather item. If one of these stations are within your crafting radius, they will count as a crafting material and you will be able to craft the more advanced items. Along with these two new stations are two new items – Rawhide and Leather. Rawhide is obtained from Boars and Sharks. With a Tanning Rack you can use the Rawhide materials to craft Leather in the Crafting Menu. Similarly, you can use the new Loom to turn Fibrous Leaves into Cloth. The crafting combos have been revised to use the new Leather material for most of the refined tools.

There’s also a new and better Shark spawning system with more consistent placement and spawning. We’re playing with some more interesting and dynamic Shark behaviours, like Sharks attacking your raft if you attack them!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed fall damage occasionally calculating distances incorrectly. This should fix players dying from randomly flying in the air until we figure out what is causing the issue!
– Fixed allowing players to update a map you’re saved on via the update map dialogue which would clear the save data for that map.
– Fixed Palm Top display name changing to ‘Log’ when separated.
– Fixed Sharks occasionally colliding with rafts unintentionally.
– Fixed Sharks spawning outside of a zone biome.
– Fixed Sharks roaming under islands.
– Fixed Sharks attempting to reach Players on land.
– Fixed Sharks taking double damage.
– Fixed Sharks exploring deeper than intended.


– Revised Crafting combination materials.
– Improved Players movement in water, more fluid.
– Reduced size of Tarp item by 50%.
– Reduced Boat Motor Engine volume.
– Added experimental ability so Sharks will attack Rafts (A shark will dive down signalling an imminent attack).
– Added ability for Sharks to respawn over a period of set hours/days.
– Added new Shark follow and dynamic spawner for areas outside of zone bounds.
– Added new Shark patrolling system with adjustable territory.
– Added Shark patrolling spawners to map editor (adjustable territories will come in future).
– Added ability for Sharks to be aggressive on first Player encounter.
– Increased chance for Players to encounter sharks.
– Removed Shark health regeneration.


– New Crafting Menu!

– New Tanning Rack station!
You can now craft a Tanning Rack. The Tanning Rack is used to turn Rawhide into Leather. The Tanning Rack is a crafting material and will be included in your available crafting materials if the station is within your crafting radius. Rawhide can be obtained from skinning Boars, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks which can then be crafted into Leather for crafting more advanced items. Refined tools now require leather.

– New Loom station!
You can now craft a Loom. A Loom is used to craft Cloth from Fibrous Leaves. Cloth will eventually replace Tarps for most crafting combinations.

– New Rawhide item!
– New Leather item!


Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.18.02 has just been released!

By popular demand this update features new Craftable Furniture! Craftable furniture hasn’t been very high on our list as it’s not something that screams ‘survival’ but we appreciate that being able to craft furniture signifies you’ve reached a point where you’ve made it past pure survival and can afford to spend resources to make your island existence more comfortable. There are also plans in the future for things like stick storage, cabinets and baskets to help with organisation once the new storage UI is completed.

This update also features a new Fire Torch. A Fire Torch can be lit by interacting with a Camp Fire. They can also be used to light extinguished Camp Fires and also other unlit Fire Torches. Fire Torches last approx. 3 game hours at the moment and we’re finalizing the best way to show when a torch is burnt out so keep this in mind. We have been reluctant to add craftable light sources in the past as each additional light brings a performance hit with it so be mindful of this before you decide to light up your island!

There’s also the new craftable Hook. Hooks can be attached to your construction walls. Attachable objects like Lanterns and the new Fire Torches can be attached to these hooks. The new Shelves function similarly to Hooks and can be snapped to the walls of your constructions to allow objects to be placed on top. There’s also a variety of new chairs and tables for you to craft.

We’ve revised how you interact with stations and some objects. For example, previously you would interact with a coconut to remove it from the tree. Now you press your pickup key to pick it off. Similarly for Spits and Water Collectors – you interact with the Spit or Collector to attach an item initially and press the pickup key on the item to remove it and pick it up. This is much clearer and unifies the interacting mechanics so you will always interact to use an item with another and the pickup key will always pick an item up.

That’s it for this update.
Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed dialogue input fields accepting a seed value larger than supported.
– Fixed Raft crafting knock objects around.
– Fixed objects ‘moving’ incorrectly when picking off Spears.
– Fixed Sun appearing as a ‘cone’ at certain times of day.


– Revised mechanics for Fruit to pickup to remove from trees instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Spit to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Water Collector to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Increased Young Palm percentage.
– Improved dragging responsiveness.


– Added new craftable Fire Torch item.

– Added new craftable Wood Hook item.

– Added new craftable Wood Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Plank Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Shelf item!

– Added new craftable Wood Chair item!
– Added new craftable Wood Table item!
– Added new craftable Plank Chair item!
– Added new craftable Plank Table item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Table item!




Hey everyone,

The latest stable build 0.15 has just been released!

Hi everyone,

This update focuses on a section of our roadmap to reclassify tools into two new categories, Crude and Refined. Eventually this will change the focus from finding the good tools, to allowing you to craft them. A refined version of a tool is created by upgrading the existing Crude version. The combo’s to upgrade to refined tools will likely be adjusted when we introduce smaller sundry items like leather and leaves in the future.

We’ve also been hard at work on improving loading times between islands and generating better billboard representations of the islands you’ve discovered. These developments aren’t ready for this release but we’re seeing very promising improvements. The progressive loading and dynamic billboard generation should hopefully be ready for the next update. There’s also some exciting developments with our concepts for the new main menu design, which won’t only improve the aesthetics but will also affect how you enter the game in a cool new way.

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Fixed being able to switch items with hotkeys while operating a vehicle.
– Fixed bird landing spots causing a hiccup when loading between zones.
– Fixed projectiles stuck in mid-air when crafted.


– Significantly reduced the performance overhead when creating new items at runtime.
– Categorized new and existing crafting items into Crude and Refined.


– Added new Speargun item!
– Added new Speargun Arrow item!
– Added new Airtank model.
– Added new Stone Tool model.
– Added new Refined Knife model.
– Added new Crude Axe model.
– Added new Refined Axe model.
– Added new Crude Spear model.
– Added new Refined Spear item!
– Added new Fishing Spear item!


– Upgraded to Unity 5.4.


Hey everyone,

The latest stable build 0.14 has just been released!


Quick Summary: Fires can only be started with Kindling. Individual animals can no longer be cooked or smoked without skinning them for meat first. More details below…

This update introduces the new Fire Lighting and Skinning systems! The processes of lighting fires and obtaining edible meat from animals has been broken down into two new mechanics. To start a fire, you now need to gather wood to craft Kindling. When you have Kindling equipped, you can use it on a fire to begin using a basic wooden hand drill to light your tinder. After a number of continuous and successful attempts you will have lit your fire.

To obtain edible meat all animals now need to be skinned. Individual animals can no longer be cooked or smoked without skinning them for meat first. To skin an animal you will need to craft a Knife. When you have your Knife equipped, you can use it to interact with a dead animal to ‘skin’ them, gathering meat. Different animals have different sizes and amounts of meats you can gather from them. All animals are now tied into this new system: fish, crabs, birds, boar, snakes, etc. These new systems will be tied into your skills in the future things to affect things like success rates and availability.

The paddling animation is also back in this update. As we’ve mentioned before, the paddle is no longer a unique item that you carry around, but is part of operating the Life Raft vehicle. The paddle will equip when you operate your Life Raft.

Weather has also been restored. There’s no new work on the weather as yet, but it is back and functioning which should help with your water situation!

There’s been some smaller changes behind the scenes in an effort to track down/alleviate some users problems with picking up interactable items like buckets. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing problems.

It’s worth mentioning that this update is a little smaller this week as we took a week off for personal time to refresh and regroup. We’re also working on a new roadmap so we’ll keep you posted!

Have fun! 🙂

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Fixed bright white screen flash at certain camera angles.
– Fixed items not un-highlighting under some scenarios.
– Fixed single coconut remaining when chopping down palms.
– Fixed being able to stab multiple animals onto spear.


– Added support for item specific interactions, knife skinning, fire lighting materials, etc.
– Restored Paddle animations.
– Restored Weather.
– Reduced Grass popping.
– Reverted Torch back to an item that needs to be equipped.
– Renamed Water Collector and Water Still to Water Distiller and Solar Still.


– Added new Skinning system!
To skin an animal you must have a knife equipped. You can then use the Knife on a dead animal to skin it. In the future, skinning will be tied into your skills. If you have the required skinning skills, you will succeed and be rewarded with meat and other items. If you don’t have the skills required, you will fail. Repeatedly attempting and failing to skin an animal will result in you destroying the animal, leaving you with useless scraps. You will unlock the ability to skin larger animals as your skinning skills increase.

– Added new Fire Lighting system!
Camp fires now take a bit of effort to light. You will need to craft the new Kindling item. When you have Kindling equipped, you can use it on a Camp Fire to attempt to start a fire. Starting a fire takes a number of attempts and has a failure rate which will later be tied into your fire lighting skills. To successfully light a fire you must repeatedly use the hand drill without any failures. Camp Fires can be extinguished by interacting with them with no items in your hand.

– Added new Meat item!
– Added new Kindling crafting item!
– Added new Snake ragdoll!


– Changed Game Launcher executable’s .NET framework to 2.0 for better compatibility.



Hey everyone,

The latest stable build 0.13 has just been released!

This update introduces new Bows and Arrows, Throwable Spears, Boars, Snakes and more! There’s a new game launcher, custom deferred translucency, new grass models, new terrain textures and new foliage items.

Animals can now be hunted with the new Bow and Arrows and Throwable Spears! You can hunt the existing and new animals on your island by charging and firing the new bow and spear. Larger animals will take multiple hits from projectiles to take down, whereas smaller animals can be picked off with less. Be careful as throwing or firing the new projectiles at solid materials like steel or rock will break the projectile! Killed animals won’t do anything for now, but hold onto them as a new skinning mechanic is coming very soon. All of the new item’s animations are also placeholders for now.

With the new bows and spears in this update it became apparent we needed a ‘charging’ mechanic. With the need for a few tweaks to the interacting system, we took the opportunity to incorporate a lot of changes that we’ve had the skeleton of for a while and have been waiting to implement and incorporate with the recent player animations. The entire interacting system has been improved. Interacting has been remapped to the same key as the [Pickup] key by default. This is to avoid confusion and prevent users from doing things like accidentally eating uncooked or poisonous food when trying to interact with objects. With the new changes if you accidentally pick an item up there’s no harm done. So now if an item is interactable you can press the [Pickup] like normal to pick it up or hold down the [Pickup] key to interact with it. A notorious bug has also been fixed that’s been around since the game was first released where you could continue to use an item on another even if you weren’t looking at it.

There’s been some work on the inventory in preparation for a new system. We’ve added individual inventory stack sizes for different types of items. So far only the arrows make use of this feature, allowing you to carry 24 arrows per slot at the moment. We added the ability to select free hands. This is a feature that was requested a while ago and is useful if you have a full inventory and don’t want to be running around with something in your hands. Your hands also act as an inventory slot now, able to hold 1 item. This means you can have a full inventory and 1 item in your hand. The inventory hotkeys can be a bit confusing at the moment with how items sort themselves in the inventory, but hotkey mechanics will soon be changing entirely.

The lighter has been removed as it ended up being an incompatible thorn with the new changes and there’s a new dedicated fire lighting system coming in the next update. Enjoy the easy fire starting for this update. It’s essentially the same as it was before, without a magical infinite lighter in your hand.

This update also addresses two concerns from community feedback – #1 Not being able to launch the game in DirectX 11.0 mode from the desktop and #2 Dropped items being thrown forward. The necessity for a new launcher was realised after it was brought to our attention that Steam would not show you the dialog prompting you to pick which graphics API you wanted if you were launching the game from the desktop or a separate shortcut outside of Steam. The issue has now been addressed with a custom game launcher. This launcher is separate to the Unity engine as the engine doesn’t support changing graphics API’s once launched. You can pick your graphics API and fullscreen mode in the launcher. More details are in the patch notes below.

There’s also overall performance improvements from our new deferred translucency implementation and a 20-30% reduction in draw calls which should help to balance out the need for more accurate physics calculations for the new projectiles.

That’s it for this update, have fun!

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


– Added new holding animation for larger objects.
– Added new grass quality setting toggle.
– Added polarising filter for more vibrant daytime sky.
– Added individual inventory stack sizes for different item types.
– Added additional notification if trying to place a construction with environmental obstructions.
– Added ability to navigate through items in an inventory slot.
– Added ability to select free hands by selecting empty inventory slot.
– Added ability to select free hands with the Tilde [~] key.
– Added ability to close crafting menu again with [C] key.
– Added ability to carry large objects like logs.
– Added missing colliders to prop trees and plants.
– Changed interacting to use the [Pickup] key.
– Changed crafting menu to stay on the crafting page you left.
– Improved dropping items from inventory and reduced throwing effect.
– Improved Watch animations – smoother with better viewing positions.
– Improved Ragdoll animals saving. Ragdolls now save bone positions to reduce flipping out on load.
– Restored unique colours for different crafting modes.
– Removed unnecessary structure proximity check for smaller constructions.
– Reduced ocean shore fade for more dynamic waves close to shore.
– Reduced GPU loads on main menu screen by locking to 30FPS.
– Removed Sharks regaining health.


– Fixed Alt+Tab destroying a depth texture and breaking fog and underwater effects.
– Fixed camera jitter after loading a game.
– Fixed artefacts from camp fire particles.
– Fixed artefact with fog clipping through ocean waves when floating.
– Fixed unnecessary Hobo Stove proximity checks.
– Fixed being able to use items on objects far away, chopping trees, etc.
– Fixed bug where interacting would think you were still looking at a container.
– Fixed a small possibility of not being able to craft when a shark was nearby.
– Fixed Sharks dissapearing from leaving a biome and not be saved correctly.
– Fixed Items being out of view while crouched.
– Fixed holding Items not following the camera when looking up or down.


– Added new Bow and Arrow items!
The simple bow is intended for mid-range damage. It’s sighted with the cursor and bow sight for approximately 15 meters. Arrows will break if shot into hard surfaces like rock or steel.

– Added new Throwable Spear item!
The spear is intended for close to short range damage. Spears will break if shot into hard surfaces like rock or steel.

– Added new Snake animal!
The new snake will attack and inflict damage if you get too close. Watch where you step, avoid the long grass and listen out for any aggressive snake sounds when scavenging your island! The snake can’t be killed at the moment.

– Added better Crab intelligence!
Crab AI has been improved and they no longer have a “nest”. Crabs can be found individually on shorelines and will behave much more naturally, exploring the island, avoiding the player …and whatever else crabs do. Crabs do not currently respawn so ration them carefully.

– Added new Boar animal!
Tiny wild boar can be found on larger islands. They are very shy and very quick!

– Added new Aiming mechanic!
When a fireable object like the new Bow or Spear are equipped, you can hold the secondary action button (right mouse click by default) to enter aiming mode. You then fire the item as normal with the left mouse button.

– Added new Pickup animation!
A small addition but helps with feedback so items aren’t just disappearing into the inventory.

– Added Deferred Translucency!
Previously we were rendering translucent objects in forward rendering. There was a significant overhead as translucent objects needed to be rendered separately for proper translucent lighting (as it is not supported natively by Unity) and then blended with the deferred objects. Now all translucency is rendered in deferred. All users get translucency now, so win-win. The translucency option has been removed as the performance impact is negligible.

– Added dedicated Game Launcher!
Due to player feedback about not being able to select DirectX versions when launching the game from desktop shortcuts, a custom game launcher has been added. The new launcher allows you pick the DirectX version for all scenarios, not only when launching from the Steam library. You can also pick the fullscreen mode you prefer. Exclusive mode is better for performance and users running SLI setups, however Alt+Tabbing is not supported under DirectX 11.0 with exclusive mode. The Borderless Window option is available for players who want to use DirectX 11.0 and need to stream or access background tasks with Alt+Tab. The old Steam launch options have been removed.

– New Grass models!
– New Ground Cover models!
– New Sand terrain texture!
– New Sand and Pebbles terrain texture!
– New Young Palm Tree plant model!
– New Potato Plant plant model!


– Reduced draw calls significantly, improving overall performance.
– Restored resolution and vsync options in game.
– Refactored and improved interacting backend.
– Character Spine IK is now more responsive.
– New hitbox system for animals.
– Improved Shark trigger detection.