6d5bd265280a08b49467b1f57117237a6c6a8595Hi everyone,

A new stable build 0.28.00 has just been released!


IMPORTANT: There are notes below covering the new save game location and instructions for copying over your previous save data. Please follow these instructions if you wish to preserve your old save game.

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch.
If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, here’s some of the new features included:

New Mining System, New Roofing System, New Clay and Rock minable resources and Pick tool, New Brick building tier, New Furnace and Brick stations and more!

We’ve covered the new features in the patch notes below and you can also read more on the new features in our previous experimental patch notes here:
New Clay resource, Brick building tier, Furnace and Brick station
New Roofing system[ http]
New Mining system and Minable resources[ http]

We had been receiving emails about players not having user permissions to write world or map data. There were a few possible causes for the error, but the most common seemed to be when the game was installed in the Program Files folder and the user account didn’t have sufficient privileges or security settings. So from this stable build on we’ve changed the location of the game’s save data. You will need to do a simple copy-paste to move your old save folder to the new location. A quick guide can be found here —

This also allows players with multiple users (brothers, sisters, friends, etc) to have their own unique save game data if they have their own user account on the PC.

Also a small note for Mac users: In testing we have noticed that the game needs to be launched from the Steam app or a desktop shortcut created by Steam. If the game is run directly from the .app file, Steam fails to register as initialised and you will see an error message in the game.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team



664c843d70247e904dc6fc548241468fefc8d375Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.26.00 has just been released!

This build features the new Roof Building System! The new Roof system is the final piece to constructing an authentic looking island hut! There’s two new types of roofing – Wood/Thatched and Clay/Brick. There’s 4 different roof pieces available so you can fill in most designs. We’ll get a guide up soon showing some examples of the different possibilities. Don’t forget that you can rotate building pieces with the Q and E keys when placing. It will be important to remember to use these keys so you can place roof pieces in the correct orientation with all the different placement possibilities. These keys can also be reassigned in the input settings.

We’ve removed the Structural Support mechanics in this build. From a developer perspective it is rewarding and cool for us to create a realistic structural support system but overall it has seemed rather unnecessary in the game. Contrary to popular belief, Stranded Deep is not intended to be a building simulator. We’ve found that players who don’t want to create unrealistic floating structures generally don’t. Those that want to build floating houses are doing no harm either. The final nail in the coffin was that the structural support system confuses and frustrates a lot of players. We get regular emails about failed placements with us pointing them to the guide. So starting from this build we’ve removed all structural support. The only minor structural support that remains is that doors on archways need to be removed before destroying the archway.

The next build will feature a new tool and a new way to gather some resources!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed occupied or invalid building connectors blocking valid connectors behind when placing.


– Removed Structural Support.
– Changed Steps placement to use rotating keys.
– Moved Wedge Foundations and Wedge Floors into Foundations and Floors crafting categories.


– New Roof building system!
– New Wood Roof Middle building piece!
– New Wood Roof Corner building piece!
– New Wood Roof Wedge Corner building piece!
– New Wood Roof Cap building piece!
– New Clay Roof Middle building piece!
– New Clay Roof Corner building piece!
– New Clay Roof Wedge Corner building piece!
– New Clay Roof Cap building piece!


Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.25.00 has just been released!


This build features an all new crafting resource – Clay! There’s also a completely new building tier, 2 new crafting stations and more!

In this update we’ve introduced a new Clay resource. This has opened up a few more crafting possibilities and helps with our goal to move towards everything being craftable in the game instead of only being able to find some critical items as loot. As a result, buckets have been replaced with the new Clay Water Bottle. The Steel tier has been replaced with a new Clay Bricktier. As awesome as the Steel tier might have looked SD is not a game like Rust, you never reallyneeded to craft a Steel bunker… It also raised legitimate questions as to how a player would remove and transport huge chunks of steel and affix them! Yes, we still have Shipping Container Doors but they’re awesome. We still needed a top tier for progression so now the top tier is Clay Bricks. We’ve found the Clay Bricks actually feels more solid and homey than the Steel anyway which is good. The Water Distiller has been made obsolete and we’ve increased the collection rate of the Solar Still as well as fixing a small bug which had been increasing collection times of the still. We’re changing things up with the water collections side of things so bear with us while we make adjustments.

We have to emphasize that we’re not actually focusing on building at the moment. It’s more a result of getting smaller systems out of the way as we can while we work on the bigger more time-consuming systems. The next update will feature the new roofing system.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed Water Still resetting timer when re-entering an island causing much longer waits.
– Fixed Shipwrecks not spawning on Small Islands.


– Added Hammer mechanics to Tutorial.
– Added shadows to Crafting Ghost for better sense of placement depth.
– Increased Solar Still collection rate to every 2 game hours.
– Replaced Buckets with new Clay Water Bottle.
– Replaced Steel building tier with new Clay building tier.


– New Building Tier – Clay Bricks!
The Steel building tier did not fit the survival theme of Stranded Deep so it has been replaced with a Clay Brick tier. Clay can be found on islands and turned into Bricks with a Furnace and Brick station. Clay will be better introduced into the world later in development after testing.

– New Clay resource item!
– New Clay Water Bottle item!
– New Clay Bricks building item!
– New Brick Foundation building item!
– New Brick Floor building item!
– New Brick Wall building item!
– New Brick Half Wall building item!
– New Brick Windowed Wall building item!
– New Brick Arch building item!

– New Brick station!
– New Furnace station!

– New Great White Shark animal!


Hi everyone,

A new stable build 0.24.00 has just been released!


This build features expanded Building mechanics and the new Storage system!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch – the new Storage system. In case you missed our rundown of the new feature in the experimental patch notes, the mechanics are very simple and fast – if you’re looking at a container, press [Tab] to open it to display a similar radial style menu as the backpack inventory. The basic radial mechanics are the same as the inventory, except now you will see a small backpack at the bottom that you can click on to toggle between your backpack and the storage container and vice-versa. Clicking on items in either ‘container’ will transfer the item to the other container. Most containers will be able to be picked up, but containers cannot store other containers.

Every couple of months we pause to revaluate the project to make sure we’re on the right track, listen to feedback and address outstanding bugs. We’ve made some adjustments in this build based on player feedback. A few players have requested the option to choose between toggling the new radial menus open vs. the existing ‘rocker’ functionality so we’ve added an option for that in the input settings. We’ve improved the Charging mechanic for projectile-based weapons so you can now stop charging a weapon without needing to wait for the charging animation to complete. It seems like a small tweak but all helps to add polish. The new Crafting menu now also keeps a bit more of a memory. Individual crafting category tabs will keep a memory of their last subcategory and scroll position until you change category. This should help speed up things like building in particular where you might use the same tab and combination multiple times. One of the bigger changes is that we’ve removed the polarizing Discovery Fog feature which you can read more details on in the patch notes below. We’re also actively working on bringing back the old Infinite Procedural Generation. Please bear with us while we work on integrating this system with the Cartographer. The Cartographer will still remain, providing a small starting world or ‘archipelago’ to start in. From there you can venture further out from the starting world and it will be infinite in any direction. We’re also working on an end game scenario which will require you to find rare items and put down roots on an island to piece together your recue.

We’ve noticed a lot of support emails coming in regarding missing subcategories in the new Crafting menu. 9.9/10 this is fixed by verifying the game files in Steam. It appears to be a problem with Steam’s version control between the updates as the problem is solved by verifying the files.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Added reminder to craft a Shelter to Save in pause menu.
– Added option for Radial Menus to choose between toggle and rocker behaviour.
– Added ability to interrupt charging sequence for projectile weapons.
– Added edit and delete buttons to custom maps in the Cartographer.
– Added tooltip to view details of maps placed in the world when hovered over.
– Added Building rotation with new key-bindings.
– Added Billboard Density quality setting.
– Changed Inventory to show slot quantity permanently.
– Changed Crafting menu to remember last subcategory and scroll position.
– Changed to not freeze movement when opening inventory.
– Increased Fibrous Leave’s inventory stack capacity.


– Fixed Dragging not using current clicked position making dragging more difficult than it should be.
– Fixed animal Ragdoll bones only saving position not physics related data, ie: stop Sharks flying when loaded. This fix is not retroactive but will take effect after your next save.
– Fixed projectiles interfering with Ragdoll physics when killed.
– Fixed floating Containers when loading a Custom Map.


– New Storage Menu!

– New Building Mechanic!
Building has been expanded and broken down. Most building pieces now have 2 different stages of construction. Once the initial building piece has been placed you use your Hammer on the piece to finish off constructing it. This new mechanic will tie into player and weather effects in a future update. Incomplete walls and floors won’t protect you as well from the elements as completed pieces. Likewise, lower tiers will offer less protection from sun and rain than higher tiers. Weather effects will also deteriorate building pieces so you will have to repair your structures as they’re damaged. This provides a purpose and motivation to find better building materials that offer better protection and resistance to weather. The new system has been integrated with the Wood, Plank and Corrugated tiers. Driftwood and Steel are yet to be completed as we’re re-evaluating and finalizing the base and highest tiers. Existing building pieces also have additional LOD’s.

– New Loot Containers!
Added new Wood Crate, Small Locker, Large Locker and Console models. Added these new containers to Shipwreck and Sea Fort generation. Locker and Console containers are fixed and cannot be moved like Wood Crates. We will also be expanding these with craftable storage like woven baskets and a few more types of containers that you can find by exploring now that the new Storage system is completed.

– Removed Discovery Fog.
The Discovery Fog has been a polarizing feature. Some players liked it, others disliked it, others didn’t mind it and it just plain confused the rest. It did serve a technical purpose to hide un-generated islands and their billboards suddenly popping in. It also helped performance by having less billboards on-screen, however once you’ve discovered the islands in the area around you they all end up being drawn anyway. In any case, the feature has been removed. Now we generate the billboards as soon as a zone is visible and we’ve also added a Billboard Density setting to control the quality and amount of billboards generated for a zone for different systems. Further optimizations to this will be coming with our work on bringing back the infinite generation.



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.23.00 has just been released!


This build features an all new Storage system!

The mechanics are very simple and fast – if you’re looking at a container, press [Tab] to open it to display a similar radial style menu as the backpack inventory. The basic radial mechanics are the same as the inventory, except now you will see a small backpack at the bottom that you can click on to toggle between your backpack and the storage container and vice-versa. Clicking on items in either ‘container’ will transfer the item to the other container. Most containers will be able to be picked up, but containers cannot store other containers.

The new Wood Crate in this build replaces previous loot containers. We will be expanding on this with craftable storage like woven baskets and a few more types of containers that you can find by exploring.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Changed to not freeze movement when opening inventory.


– New Storage Menu!
– New Wood Crate storage container!



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.21 has just been released!


This build features the new Inventory menus!

The new inventory size is 9 usable slots and 1 slot reserved for your hands. For this build we’ve left the inventory size at 15 in code, so you will be able to store more items than are visible in the new inventory menu. This is so players with a full inventory won’t lose any stored items. The next update will fix the inventory slots at 9 so you will need to make sure you drop all the extra items out of your inventory so they don’t get lost forever.

A lot of icons have been re-rendered for the new inventory menu but there are still a few to go so please excuse any icons that look out of place.

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Changed Crab to yield 1 small meat instead of 1 medium meat.
– Restored Bandage crafting combination temporarily to ‘Tools’ crafting subcategory.


– Fixed possibility of entered world seed not matching saved world seed due to value clamping incorrectly.
– Fixed possibility of not being able to pick up an item in your free hand when inventory full and item didn’t match any types stored in the inventory.
– Fixed possibility of opening crafting menu, inventory or watch when operating Raft causing various incorrect behaviour with held item.
– Fixed being able to drop your hidden held item when operating the Raft.
– Fixed being able to drag Fruit and Coconuts when attached to trees.
– Fixed items attached to other structures (like Buckets) being used as crafting materials.


– New Inventory Menu!



Hi everyone,

A new experimental build 0.20 has just been released!


This build features a new Crafting Menu, Loom, Tanning Rack and more!

The new Crafting Menu is the replacement for the larger crafting menu. Please note that it is not the new ‘Quick-craft’ crafting menu that will be coming soon. The new menu displays and organizes combos and materials much nicer and cleaner than previously. The new menu will also auto-select the required tool for the crafting category if it’s available in your backpack (for building, farming, etc). This means no more forgetting to equip the tool and having to awkwardly close the crafting menu, equip the tool and reopen the crafting menu. Crafting as a whole should be cleaner and a little quicker.

There’s also the new craftable Loom and Tanning Rack stations. These stations are standalone items like your Campfire and will also appear as ingredients for some craftable items like Cloth and the new Leather item. If one of these stations are within your crafting radius, they will count as a crafting material and you will be able to craft the more advanced items. Along with these two new stations are two new items – Rawhide and Leather. Rawhide is obtained from Boars and Sharks. With a Tanning Rack you can use the Rawhide materials to craft Leather in the Crafting Menu. Similarly, you can use the new Loom to turn Fibrous Leaves into Cloth. The crafting combos have been revised to use the new Leather material for most of the refined tools.

There’s also a new and better Shark spawning system with more consistent placement and spawning. We’re playing with some more interesting and dynamic Shark behaviours, like Sharks attacking your raft if you attack them!

Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


– Fixed fall damage occasionally calculating distances incorrectly. This should fix players dying from randomly flying in the air until we figure out what is causing the issue!
– Fixed allowing players to update a map you’re saved on via the update map dialogue which would clear the save data for that map.
– Fixed Palm Top display name changing to ‘Log’ when separated.
– Fixed Sharks occasionally colliding with rafts unintentionally.
– Fixed Sharks spawning outside of a zone biome.
– Fixed Sharks roaming under islands.
– Fixed Sharks attempting to reach Players on land.
– Fixed Sharks taking double damage.
– Fixed Sharks exploring deeper than intended.


– Revised Crafting combination materials.
– Improved Players movement in water, more fluid.
– Reduced size of Tarp item by 50%.
– Reduced Boat Motor Engine volume.
– Added experimental ability so Sharks will attack Rafts (A shark will dive down signalling an imminent attack).
– Added ability for Sharks to respawn over a period of set hours/days.
– Added new Shark follow and dynamic spawner for areas outside of zone bounds.
– Added new Shark patrolling system with adjustable territory.
– Added Shark patrolling spawners to map editor (adjustable territories will come in future).
– Added ability for Sharks to be aggressive on first Player encounter.
– Increased chance for Players to encounter sharks.
– Removed Shark health regeneration.


– New Crafting Menu!

– New Tanning Rack station!
You can now craft a Tanning Rack. The Tanning Rack is used to turn Rawhide into Leather. The Tanning Rack is a crafting material and will be included in your available crafting materials if the station is within your crafting radius. Rawhide can be obtained from skinning Boars, Tiger Sharks, and Great White Sharks which can then be crafted into Leather for crafting more advanced items. Refined tools now require leather.

– New Loom station!
You can now craft a Loom. A Loom is used to craft Cloth from Fibrous Leaves. Cloth will eventually replace Tarps for most crafting combinations.

– New Rawhide item!
– New Leather item!

UPDATE 0.19!

85fc85513166ff54fc6a6b5c117514633d2b38abHi everyone,

A new stable build 0.19.00 has just been released!

This build transitions our latest work on the experimental branch to the stable branch. If you haven’t been following the progress of our experimental branch, here’s some of the new features included:

New Procedural Island Loading, new Discovery Fog, new Trees and Bushes, better Island generation, new Furniture including Tables, Chairs and Shelves, new Fire Torches, new Hooks, new Main Menu design …and more!

One of the large new features is the new Progressive Loading system! This is a huge feature. Loading an island is now spread out across multiple frames to minimize the performance hit. This drastically reduces the loading hitch when approaching an island. You will see a small decrease in fps as some CPU power is used to load in all the new objects progressively, but this is still much better than the single large hitch. This had been getting worse as time went on as more objects were added and particularly as island sizes got larger – something that we hadn’t really planned for or ever intended. We’ll still be keeping islands on the smaller size as that was our plan, but the overall experience of traversing between islands is much smoother now.

When playing this build hopefully you will be able to see why we’ve been working on the things we have been – The new terrain billboarding system, the new discovery fog and the new progressive loading all work together for a much nicer and more polished experience overall.
We know work on these core systems is admittedly not as exciting as general content, but the end result is that loading hitches are minimal and islands don’t pop in anymore – That’s a huge improvement and we’re pretty happy about it 🙂

We don’t want to repeat ourselves too much from previous patch notes so check out the patch notes for the latest experimental builds which go into more detail about the new features:
Progresive Loading, Discovery Fog and New Trees
New Main Menus
Custom Map Fixes
New Furniture, Fire Torches and Hooks

If you have been following the experimental branch, this build features more work on the new main menu UI including a new notification system. We’ve also included a new rudimentary tutorial to go over some basics when you first start the game. The tutorial is optional and can be turned off in the gameplay settings. This is a temporary tutorial until the new intro/tutorial is completed. We’ve included the patch notes between the last experimental branch for consistency.

Also, if you’re having any problems with the game please check out our new troubleshooting guide.
Have fun!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

0.16.H2 – 0.19.00 STABLE CHANGE LOG

– Fixed multiple items missing shadows.
– Fixed Custom Map objects not loading correctly.
– Fixed Custom Maps loading physics objects incorrectly.
– Fixed dialogue buttons going off screen from map loading error messages overflowing.
– Fixed chance of getting stuck in menus when a dialogue window would obscure another dialogue.
– Fixed dialogue input fields accepting a seed value larger than supported.
– Fixed dynamic Terrain Billboards not unsubscribing from zone owner when pooled, causing some distant billboards to turn off incorrectly.
– Fixed Raft crafting ghost knock objects around.
– Fixed objects ‘moving’ incorrectly when picking off Spears.
– Fixed Sun appearing as a ‘cone’ at certain times of day.
– Fixed Sun reflections not aligning with Sun when moving away from starting zone.
– Fixed Grass generating on Sea Forts.
– Fixed player walking and floating on fish while swimming.
– Fixed Dragging and flying on Rafts, Logs, etc (not including Sharks).
– Fixed unable to drag capsized Rafts on rare occurrence.
– Fixed door spawning inside wall on Sea Fort.
– Fixed Loot spawning percentages. Loot containers will 100% spawn an item now.
– Fixed no feedback animation when drinking from a Coconut.
– Fixed Intro end sequence explosion audio.
– Fixed Stingray hitboxes when spearing or shooting.


– Reduced the game’s Memory footprint by almost half.
– Improved creation and loading times of Worlds and Maps significantly.
– Reduced overhead for detection of a Custom Map when loading a zone’s objects.
– Reduced overhead when creating items when loading back a zone.
– Reduced overhead when loading back interactive objects.
– Reduced overhead when connecting raft pieces.
– Revised mechanics for Fruit to pickup to remove from trees instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Spit to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Revised mechanics for Water Collector to pickup to remove attached object instead of interact.
– Improved Dragging responsiveness.
– Improved Ladder climbing mechanics.
– Adjusted Cliff Rock texture to blend better with other rocks.
– Added large Cliff Rocks generating on larger islands.
– Added Ladder rotation support. You can now climb tilted palm trees.
– Added a dialogue to select existing or random world on New Game.
– Changed collision layers for building to allow placing on terrain details like rocks (use with caution).
– Changed collision layers so animals now avoid large cliff rocks.
– Disabled toggling Fullscreen mode in game.
– Reduced Bat and Seagull audio by 50%.
– Reduced player footstep audio by 20%.


– Added new Progressive Loading functionality!
Loading in a new area is spread across multiple frames to lower the performance hit. At this stage, travelling via a raft with a boat motor may still cause some hitches. This is because they are the fastest means of travel and we need to tweak the system based on that. Every other method of travel – swimming, life raft and sail raft should all be much nicer.

– Added new Discovery Fog system!
Undiscovered areas of the world will remain shrouded in the atmosphere until you discover them, lifting the fog and revealing the area. Any areas that you have discovered will remain visible and help you navigate. You will still need to keep track of your travels as undiscovered areas can obscure discovered areas.

– Added new Soilmap system!
Foliage should generate in a more natural form with vegetation layers. Pines will surround cliff faces to create a forest while palms surround the outer layers of the forest. Younger plants will spawn on the outside of forest borders.

– New Main Menu UI
At this stage it’s very much a work in progress and not complete. One change you will notice is that there is no more ‘My Game’ option. We realised that this screen could be too overwhelming for new players who just wanted to get into the game. The world editing functionality from the previous ‘My Game’ menu and map editing from the previous ‘Map Editor’ menu have now been combined into the new ‘Cartographer’ menu. From the Cartographer you can customize your world, create a new world and create and edit maps like you used to. The new menu layout is hopefully clearer and more concise.

– New Notification System.
– New temporary Tutorial.

– Added new Columnar Pine tree!
– Added new Young Columnar Pine tree!
– Added new Coca bush!

– Added new craftable Wood Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Plank Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Shelf item!
– Added new craftable Wood Chair item!
– Added new craftable Wood Table item!
– Added new craftable Plank Chair item!
– Added new craftable Plank Table item!
– Added new craftable Corrugated Table item!
– Added new craftable Fire Torch item.

– Added new craftable Wood Hook item.
Allows any attachable item to be attached. Useful for attaching lanterns and fire torches.


– Added game version validation to maps.
– Patched to Unity 5.4.1p4


– Restored Deep Sea biome.
– Restored Sea Forts in Deep Sea biomes.
– Restored Whales in Deep Sea biomes.
– Removed Snakes from Small Island Biomes.
– Removed Boars from small Island Biomes.
– Increased Young Palm and Yucca generation for Small Island Biomes.
– Reduced Bat and Seagull audio by 50%.
– Reduced player footstep audio by 20%.


– Fixed possibility of loading a physical object with no rigidbody causing errors.
– Fixed Grass generating on Sea Forts.
– Fixed player walking and floating on fish while swimming.
– Fixed Dragging and flying on Rafts, Logs, etc (not including Sharks).
– Fixed unable to drag capsized Rafts on rare occurrence.
– Fixed door spawning inside wall on Sea Fort.
– Fixed Loot spawning percentages. Loot containers will 100% spawn an item now.
– Fixed no feedback animation when drinking from a Coconut.
– Fixed Intro end sequence explosion audio.
– Fixed Stingray waypoints causing them to leave a Biome.
– Fixed Stingray hitboxes when spearing or shooting.


– More Main Menu UI
Continued work and revisions to new main menu layout and design.

– New Notification System.

– New temporary Tutorial.