You may have seen our Trello page ( where we throw around concepts and ideas and check off features that make it into the game. However, there’s a bit of a difference between our feature concept wall and the features that have been planned for the game. So we’ve put together a clearer roadmap listing the planned features.

This roadmap is intended to give players an idea of where the game is headed and what it is going to be. The time lines are general and the features under each time line are listed in no particular order or priority over another.

There may be a few smaller additions to the list as we remember loose ends, but for the most part the list encompasses our plans for this Stranded Deep 🙂

Stay Alive!

Currently working on.

Short Term Goals

  • New Skinning System – Incorporate all animals with new skinning system to be able to skin all animals for meat resource.
  • New Fire Lighting System
  • New Snake Ragdoll
  • New Meat Item
  • New Fire Lighting Materials Item
  • New Crude Spear Item – A simple spear made from a wood stick with a sharpened tip.
  • New Crude Arrow Item – A simple arrow made from a word stick and leaves.

Mid Term Goals

  • New Skills Tree System – A ‘behind-the-scenes’ skills tree that will affect the difficulty and your ability to skin animals, craft new items and start fires. Skill points will be accumulated by performing the related to the skill.
  • New Crafting Menu System – A new crafting menu design going back to the roots of Stranded Deep. The new crafting menu will only display discovered crafting combinations.
  • New Crafting Recipe Book System – A supplementary and optional reference for the crafting menu with hints for possible crafting combinations for newer players.
  • New Roof Building System – A new dedicated roofing system. 
  • New Inventory System – A new radial inventory design.
  • New Storage System – A new storage display for containers. The new display will move away from 3D based storage to a 2D based system that is incorporated with the new inventory UI for transferring items.
  • Weather – An improved weather system with large waves and thunder for storms. Global wind. Final details still to be finalised.
  • Farming – There are a variety of new plants that have been researched and picked for their specific medicinal qualities. These plants will be used to craft medicinal drinks and salves to cure illnesses and remove the need to loot medicine.
  • Paddling – The paddle will be incorporated with a paddling animation into the raft use.
  • Sailing – Sailing will be based on the global wind direction and speed.
  • Fishing – A new fishing spear will be added. Details to be finalised.
  • Looting – The focus on loot will be addressed and repurposed so that loot will provide bonus items for players who explore, rather than containing critical items for survival.

Long Term and Ongoing

  • Achievements – The game will focus on achievement based progression. Unlocking these achievements will be optional and will not affect the gameplay for players that want a sandbox survival but it will also offer a way for players to master the game. Most of these achievements will be separate from Steam achievements. The in-game achievements will be unlocked progressively as you achieve them. The achievements will only persist for a single game play-through, meaning if you die before completing all achievements you will have to restart from the beginning. Successfully completing all of the in-game achievements will unlock the “Master Survivor” (working title) Steam achievement. There will be general Steam achievements for accomplishments that aren’t tied to the progression of the game.
  • New Tutorial – A proper tutorial focusing on getting new players up to speed with the games mechanics in a realistic setting.
  • Player Character – The player character will be polished further as new features require and systems progress.
  • Environment
    • Detail Follow Spawner – The existing detail follow spawner will be improved and expanded to increase draw distance and reduce popping. Detail LOD’s and fading/stippling.
    • Foliage Placement – Foliage placement will be improved with more realistic clumping and placement.
    • Foliage – Foliage is currently being redesigned for a more authentic pacific island aesthetic. Further LOD and billboard optimisation.
    • Billboards – Dynamic island billboards will be generated when leaving an island. Constructions will have better billboards to eliminate “jetty” artefacts when too far away from building origin. Shipwrecks will be incorporated with the existing billboard system.
  • Progressive Loading – Loading different map zones in the world will be split over multiple frames to lessen the performance impact of loading in a new zone, reducing the current hitches.
  • Discovery Fog – Undiscovered islands will be hidden in a shroud of fog until revealed.
  • Audio and Particles – Both audio and visual elements will be addressed and polished.
  • Animals – Better spawning and LOD’s.
  • Player Effects – New player effects to represent different states and events. On-screen visuals for damage, water effects, health cues, etc. Further expansions to player’s status effects being displayed on arms.
  • Rollover Notifications – More discrete icon-based UI notifications that are optional to display the full notification message.
  • Coop – A much requested feature. Many of the details are yet to be finalised, but 2 player co-op is planned.
  • New Main Menus – The main menu will be reconfigured. World editing and Map editing will be broken out into sub menus where players who want to make use of those features can, and those that don’t can jump straight into the game.
  • Controller Support – Controller support will be addressed after the new menus have been integrated.
  • Reclassifying Craftable Items – Craftable items will be reclassified into two tiers: Crude and Refined. Crude tools will be upgradeable to refined tools.


  • New Crude Spear Gun Item – A crude spear gun macgyvered from crafting materials and loot items.
  • New Crude Spear Gun Arrow Item – A dedicated fishing spear arrow made for the spear gun.
  • New Leather Item
  • New Cloth Item
  • New Rat Animal
  • Watch – Incorporate a basic player compass on the watch as an additional mode.
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