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Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Experience terrifying encounters both above and below an endless environment. Come face to face with some of the most life threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play.

Scavenge. Discover. Survive.


  • Generate an Infinite Number of Procedural Worlds – Explore Pacific islands, reefs, and bottomless ocean trenches filled with detailed biomes!No two worlds are the same – You can generate a completely new and randomized world at any time. You can also mix your own maps created with the map editor in with the procedurally created maps in the world for a more customized experience. If you feel like sharing, you can even share your world seed with other players.* Please note, currently the generated world size is limited to 6.25km2 but the final world size will be much larger.
  • Dynamic Weather and Day-Night Cycle – Struggle to navigate stormy seas or enjoy basking with a coconut on a sunny afternoon.
  • Unique Physically-based Crafting System – Harvest resources to create equipment by combining them together in the physical world – no crafting slots!
  • Unique Physically-based Building System – Settle on an island and construct a shelter or venture the seas with your own built raft.
  • Detailed Survival Aspects and Interaction – Manage your vitals of hunger, thirst, blood, and health against the harshness of mother nature.
  • Random Loot and Collectables – Search sunken shipwrecks and islands for interesting and rare equipment.
  • Hunting and fishing – Spear small animals in the shallows or risk the depths with a spear gun in search of larger meals. Starve an island of resources or maintain and manage its growth.

The things we want and things we know you want!

  • Dealing with bugs -A lot of effort has been put into making sure your Stranded Deep experience is as bug free as possible, however the game is in an Early Access stage of development, so there will be bugs. We will be doing our best to squish them.
  • Performance – Optimizing performance is an important ongoing process that will continue through the Early Access period.
  • Island and Terrain Variety – Creating more unique biomes and biome parameters for different procedural generations.
  • More Wildlife – Incorporating more fish and shark species and more interesting island wildlife like birds, snakes and lizards.
  • An End-game Scenario – Making it possible to complete a series of optional tasks and progress through the world in an attempt to be rescued.
  • Co-operative Gameplay – Where you can band together as a team of misfits and ration your supplies or eliminate each other one by one.
  • Improved User Interface – All of the in-game UI is temporary and will be replaced with a more fitting theme.
  • Occulus Rift Support
  • Controller Support


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1,960 thoughts on “STRANDED DEEP

  1. ZMacZ says:

    Heh, yes there’s a chair in the game..
    But nope, you can’t sit on it for a feeling of relaxation…
    Would be a nice respite from the sharks..

    I still fly out of the water when I see ’em..

    And even God mode not going into that deep darkness,
    somehow it’s still too forbidding..
    I stick to the wrecks that are near the coast,
    and fish like 3 steps out from the beachline..
    yesterday I amde a short breakthrough though..
    Went swiming to an offshore wreck,
    but still, the feeling of being anywhere over 10 seconds away from a
    safe position land/raft, is still very uneasy..

  2. Dave says:

    Hey, my wife and I just bought this game yesterday and we are still playing on 0.44.00. Just wondering how to get the updates on the game… Need help asap! Thank you.

  3. özgür says:

    Hello there, I bought this 2 hours ago and played it for 1 hour..
    I thought I should return it and I decided to return it to back because of movement bugs that happens moving around trees and big rocks.
    And then, I wanted to visit game store page on steam and checked the next level pictures of game, I wanted to take back my return request.
    Now, I want to keep this game but please fix those movement bugs and try to add multiplayer.

  4. Brendan says:

    Just want to include my voice with all of the others saying that you’ve made a really amazing game. You guys are sitting on so much potential. Coop gameplay needs to happen. It would just be criminal not to add it.

  5. Hussain Alkazimi says:

    It says that there is an error on this world. Go to something for more details. I went there and there is another detail. Is this happening just to me or is it a bug or something.

  6. Hussain Alkazimi says:

    I open up Stranded Deep that I have bought from Steam. First thing that comes up is a warning telling me that “There were errors loading the world. Please go to the Cartographer menu for more details”. So I go to the Cartographer and an error pops up telling me “There were errors loading the world: Error validating world folder structure: ValidateWorldFolder:: Missing or incomplete folder for map [MAP_INTERNAL_MISSION_0]”. So what do I do to fix this. Please help me, I just got the game and I’m happy to continue playing it until I accidentally deleted my world so I thought that I could start a new one but this is what’s happening to me. My Steam Username is iraqi_boss on Steam. Please help me as soon as possible.

  7. Hussain Alkazimi says:

    I have a problem about the game. Something doesn’t work. Please contact me (226)526-8157

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I think i have just found a bug. I chopped down all the palm trees on one island and also removed the tree tops from the trees. Than i stacked all the trunks on one huge pile.. My problem: When i go to another island (need resources) all he trunks disappear.
    Please help.

  9. Hussain Alkazimi says:

    That happend to me to. I don’t know why

  10. ZMacZ says:

    Hmm..looks like they flown up into the sky when the island gets reloaded..
    They don’t stay on teh ground, but somehow the motion from initial placement
    after the island reloads bumps them into the sky.
    I set my visual to max, and watched them go poof..
    They go higher than even the chopper can fly, and then they rain down elsewhere..
    Only the bottom ones remain..
    I think the problem is with caching..
    When the stuff get’s reloaded, it’s better to skip the motion part..
    This only works when a literal save of variables is done for each island’s temp save..
    Then upon restoration you’d use the exact same variables for each part and then skip the motion part, then when all parts are back in place, re-engage the motion engine..
    This would work too for the player errors, where you fall through the island and start drowning. using the exact variables, load, then re-engage the motion engine.
    with all motion ended, to be sure..)

    And yes, I needed a break from stranded deep, because I started to see brances and rocks everywhere IRL, and felt the need to pick them up and take them with me, just in case.. 😀
    (that’s ‘overgamed’ for me..)

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