If there’s anything you need to know about Stranded Deep we’ll make sure it’s here. Enjoy!

Crafting and Building

Stranded Deep will feature a unique physically-based crafting and building system. Great care has been taken to minimize, even eliminate, most of the in-game UI. You will be able to craft a variety of crude weapons and tools such as spears, axes, knives, bows and even crossbows. And then there’s an assortment of everyday items to figure out how to craft. You will also be able to build a diverse range of unique shelters and rafts.

Resource Management

Stranded Deep is based on an ocean environment with a multitude of small islands and atolls. There’s nothing stopping you from setting up shop on an island, but keep in mind that there’s limited resources for every island and it will be quite possible to expend them all if you’re not careful. That said, some plants will grow back if you allow them.


In Stranded Deep, you will only be able to carry limited supplies. This will mean you have to prioritise the items you’re carrying for the task at hand. If you’re going fishing for example, you’ll only want to take your spear so you’ve got lots of room in your backpack for your big haul. There will definitely be items you do not want to lose 😉

Health System

Stranded Deep features a realistic calorie-based nutrition and stamina system. You need to be careful though, because all consumable food in the game will spoil over time, including any fruit you cut down, fish you catch or animals you kill. Salt water is also pretty bad for you, so you’ll need to distill it. If you eat food that has spoiled or drink water that is not prepared correctly, there’s a high chance you’ll experience some nasty side effects!
You are also affected by the weather around you. The sun beats down on you during the day and you’ll want to keep by a fire at night.

Advanced Animal AI

Stranded Deep features a variety of land and sea animals. From crabs and lizards to schools of fish and sharks. Their behaviors are all modeled off their real-life counterparts and will react to your presence based on their personality.


You will be able to fish for animals with items you create; in fact it will be essential for your survival.


Stranded Deep is heavily focused on exploration and survival, rather than the current trend of defending yourself from zombies, mutants or raiders. There’s an infinite world of different environments and structures such as shipwrecks to explore.

Graphic Content

Stranded Deep aims to be as realistic as practically possible for a video game (within reason – it’s a game, not a simulator!). With that in mind, the graphic content featured focuses mainly on survival scenarios. Some of those scenarios include killing and skinning animals and being attacked by said animals. There will however, be no unnecessary non-survival violence.

Brutal reality

If you don’t eat, you will die. If you stay in the sun and get dehydrated, you will die. If you hurt yourself and don’t treat it, you will die. If you’re silly enough to get in the way of a shark, chances are you will die. You get the picture.

Open World

The world of Stranded Deep is infinite and completely procedural from the islands to the trees themselves! Every new game will be a new experience with new places to explore, easter eggs to find and achievements to accomplish.

Co-operative Gameplay

Co-op is something that we have liked the sound of for a while and is definitely something we’re interested in. However, this will definitely be a post-beta feature if it is incorporated.


Stranded Deep features a HDR linear physically-based lighting system, enabling high-quality realistic lighting. A physically accurate atmospheric scattering model has been incorporated for the sky and atmospheric fog, along with a large range of effects including skylight global illumination, bloom, light streaks, ambient occlusion, depth of field ..and many more!
The ocean in Stranded Deep also incorporates a lot of advanced rendering techniques, currently including wave animations based off real-life wave models, volumetric fog illuminated by the sun and moon, water extinction with realistic transitions from island to deep ocean environments, dynamic caustics, sub-surface scattering through the waves and realistic blending with the shore.

A lot of time and effort has been put into the visual aspects of Stranded Deep. We want to create a beautiful game with great gameplay, one that will immerse you in the environment so you can feel the sand in your toes, the water lapping at your ankles and the hot sun burning down on you.


Stay Alive!

:: BEAM Team Games

194 thoughts on “Details

  1. WRT says:

    How do i get palm fronds, i can’t chop down palm trees and so i can’t get palmfronds. Now i cant make a bed or house…

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    breakable rock

  4. Anonymous says:

    It would be great if Co-op was incorporated, as having friends to play with in this kind of scenario would definitely increase the play-ability and enjoyment. Please consider adding this ASAP! 🙂

  5. zloba says:

    Please tell me if the game is going to have a map? it can be a notebook in the inventory with an ability to write there down some crafting recipies AND THE MAIN THING to draw a map there. Or a lootable item. It also supposes new crafting features such as burning wood and stics to write there and a lot of fun stuff. Players can even maintain their daily diary there to get even better immersed into the game. Please implement this feature. It will also always save some shred of hope to find ur own island if u are lost and are not a scavenger-pirate. Kindest regards, A.

  6. PxStorm says:

    Grab a note book and make you’re own.. you have and sun and moon as fixed guide points. Survive 🙂

  7. Minty_AUS says:

    11 hours playing and my friends and I love it. Looking forward to more as it comes & hopefully Co-Op / Multiplayer in the future.

  8. You should so do CO-OP play, due to you would be the only game like this out there that have this feature which would give you advantage upon others, and also I have a few friends that are only really wanting to play this game with friends

  9. ggbro says:

    WRt are you using an axe or knife because those are the only things that can cut trees. also when you do cut the log with the palm leaves on them

  10. Anonymous says:

    dead game

  11. techsmyth says:

    No developments since September? Last I saw, they updated the game engine…but it was buggier and not any fun…what gives?

  12. Benjamin says:

    We are still waiting for the DEV team to say SOMETHING.

    . Post something on their Facebook?
    . Post an update here?
    . Make some announcement on Steam?

  13. PowderPony says:

    Hey guys, we paid for the game – I’m not expecting things to be finished when I buy an early access title. But I expect at least some progress. No blog since a month? No gameplay updates since ….. ? Whats going on? At least drop some new items every now and then and let us know you’re still working on it.

    Early access does not mean: “Develop until the sales decay, then drop the game and move on”
    You have a duty!

  14. Anonymous says:

    …welcome to Steam Greenlight..! :S

  15. Anonymous says:

    Played it for about 10 hours now .. archieved everything there was to archieve…HUGE amount of bugs !! But the game has enormous potential..a pity the developers ve given up on that…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Add more content please i love you game allready

  17. MV-Play says:

    Thanks for the recent updates and bug fixes. Great Game!

  18. The- Unknown says:

    Question, can you make the bubbles over sunken ship more visible?

  19. Anonymous says:

    arcos e bestas? só eu. pescar? não funcionou ainda, jangada alem de não conseguir meu bote sumiu da areia. 70+ horas, esperando novidades,por favor continuem o trabalho.

  20. Whassup says:

    These guys really need to add land animals like kangaroos, breedible and tamale rabbits which u feed potato to tame and more. It’s so lonely on the islands and it would make it so much more realistic

  21. I like what u guys are doing, keep it up. I know you’re on a strike for the holidays, but i sorta understand, ya wanna be with yo families right? anyway, coop is cool, much playability, such fun, it’s a good idea, but prob difficult, eh? my only issue is the fact that the game got updated a few weeks ago, and things were added, but then other things were taken out? can’t cut down palm trees? no more motors? no more doors or windowed walls? that interests me very very much, but i still play 😀 can’t wait till u guys get back after the holidays.

  22. Anonymous says:

    When will you have your next update ready? The game is really neat but needs a lot of work. I want to recommend that you add the ability to craft some sort of storage container like a crate, a chest, a barrel, or other things.

  23. Anonymous says:

    everytime you guys have an update all the things ive collected go away and the game wont work right unless i start a new game. Thats pretty crappy considering ive spent alot of time on one profile. oh and one more thing( shouldnt be able to cut down palms ,ive cut down countless by accident when their to close to a wood source or lashing source.

  24. barplancom says:

    Thought I’d leave some feedback and ideas on ver . 10 H2 as I just explored the entire world and ran out of things to do/find and few wrecks to explore.
    1. The island and World need to be MUCH bigger. In 21 days game survival time I explored the entire map and was left wanting more.
    2. Crabs need to re-spawn. They don’t seem to at all.
    3. Walking speed needs to be a tad faster. I think 3 is the best speed.
    4. Things like walking speed, discoverable item density, day speed, sleep time, etc. should be settable to increase or decrease difficulty.
    5. Should allow multiple save points.
    6. Need more items, like marker bouys, speargun, bow and arrow.
    7. Animals? Rats, lizards, snakes, birds.
    8. Like the boat motor, you should be able to find in wrecks items like a battery, chassis, vacuum tubes, speaker, microphone, wire, etc to rebuild a basic radio. You could even power it with potatoes or lemon juice from a lemon tree and some iron scraps. Once you have the basic radio (which would require you to find a lot of parts), you could call for help. With enough potato power, you could reach a ship or the mainland for assistance. Once help was contacted, occasional airdrops would deliver MRE’s canned goods, batteries to improve radio range, maybe a gps, tents, lights, a generator even? You get the idea.
    9. An end game. Once you have the basic radio and begin to receive air drops, you would need to build an advanced radio beacon to allow a the rescue ship to find you. Eventually a wandering ship would make it’s way to your location and end the game.
    10. Heavy Weather. Wind effects. Not sure if shade does you any good.

    Overall good improvements in 10 H2. This could be a great game. I think my biggest attraction is the water effects. The new boats work great but could turn a little faster. You really get the feeling of being on a boat.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. Burns says:

    If you work co op. Everyone will buy your game

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    MOZELI SE BEZ ISTALIRANJA IGRIXCA IGRATI ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..



  28. Anonymous says:


  29. It would also be good in map editor if the crabs actually spawn and the palm tree in map editor bring back the bent ones from previous builds and also make them have coconuts! map editor palms dont have coconuts¬

    Also it would be nice to have the turquoise water back at beach areas i liked that!

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Matt says:

    The game is definitely worth it

    one query though!
    my rig is running off a Geforce GTX 670 which i thought would handle it. However it heats up to around the 80 degrees mark (Celsius).
    Only fear is overheating the old girl but please do let me know if you think this is okay or whether i need to upgrade.

  32. abby says:

    do you mind a release on xbox one / ps4 ?
    that would be so awesome

  33. Morkul says:

    You need to publish the game on GOG!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Some suggestions:

    1. Dynamic weather changes. Currently experiencing steady waves, never calm periods.

    2. Severe weather patterns, eg. tropical thunder storm. A tropical storm could break down crafted items (eg. distiller), scattering the base materials on the ground, requiring routine maintenance.

    3. Ability to break down crafted items to reclaim some items (buckets, tarps etc). Currently a crafted construct disappears completely when broken down.

    4. Wounded animals should leave a blood trail (above ground and under water), and wounded animals (eg. sharks) should have visible wounds. Currently impossible to tell if an animal has been hit by a weapon, except an arrow.

    5. Larger islands, with waterfalls. Still need to filter water, even from fresh source.

    6. Bubbles marking shipwrecks impossible to see in waves. Possibly emergency marker buoys floating above.

  35. me gustaría el juego cooperativo , que haiga como dice el anterior comentario tormentas tropicales con vientos muy recios que afecten las construcciones del naufrago o que lo ponga en peligro, seria muy bueno incorporara mas animales en especial salvajes y que no sean fácil de capturar, ,también seria muy bueno en el juego que los materiales como rocas, palos sueltos aparezcan después de un venda mar o que haya una herramienta que destruya rocas o artefactos fuertes de romper, que esta herramienta se pueda crear con los mismos materiales de las islas. para mi seria mejor que no existiera la creación o editar islas ya que he visto que eso consume muchos recursos en el dispositivo gráfico por eso insisto que la creación sea hay misma en la isla en el transcurso del juego, como las materias primas para hacer el acero o el hierro construir herramientas para elaborar madera de construcción
    de lo demás el juego es una elegancia y se que ud tiene muchas ideas mas

  36. I would like the cooperative game, as the previous comment says, tropical storms with very strong winds that affect the constructions of the shipwreck or that endanger it, it would be very good to incorporate more animals especially wild and not easy to capture, It would also be very good in the game that materials like rocks, loose sticks appear after a sea band or that there is a tool that destroys rocks or strong artifacts to break, that this tool can be created with the same materials of the islands. For me it would be better if there was no creation or edit islands since I have seen that it consumes many resources in the graphic device so I insist that the creation is there on the island in the course of the game, as the raw materials to make the Steel or iron build tools for building timber
    Of other things the game is an elegance and I know you have many more ideas

  37. HappySurvivor says:

    Stranded Deep is a great game!
    I really enjoy the visuals and ease of crafting.
    Needs re-spawning animals, from something like a den or animal parents.
    It definitely needs co-op, that would make the game even more fun than it is.
    And islands that are larger with lots of animals and places to explore inland would be awesome.
    Thanks for the fun! Nice job! 🙂

  38. StonyLantern says:

    Please institute Co-op during the beta, even if its just a test server or something!!!

  39. Purchased this for my son as a Christmas gift, and have only played alongside of him for an hour or so, but I am very impressed. We have struggled to find challenging and enjoyable games that don’t incorporate ridiculous amounts of gratuitous violence and foul language. Stranded Deep is a great solutuon! In my opinion, while cooperative play could certainly add another dimension to the game, it goes against the premise of a lone survivor trying to make it through another day.
    I can suggest that at some point the player might be given an opportunity to customize their character, perhaps at least choosing the character’s sex and ethnicity.
    I also wonder if the engine behind the “world generator” might be adapted to other environments, such as a jungle, desert, or even arctic locales? Perhaps that would constitute grounds for a completely new game.

  40. James says:

    “You need to publish the game on GOG!”


  41. Noemí says:

    The game I always wanted to play! … but still in 2018 nobody has translated it. Thousands of Spanish speakers are disappointed.
    I like the English language, I learn, but it is not my mother tongue, many things I do not understand.
    And everyone asking: When in Spanish?
    Even look for the way to do it myself, IDEAS?
    Translate the game into Spanish !!! almost 500 million are native speakers, we hope you have us in mind, please.
    Por favor… amo este juego!

  42. Rob says:

    first, i buys it few days ago and love it.. great potential!
    my idea about things missing…
    -a way to ignite (tool) torch without the absolute need of a camp fire
    -what could be really interesting is to craft a storage, also ability to attach woodcase to raft, so we will able to carry things on the raft without beeing nervous to lose everything . or when hunting sharks at night, having lights around will help (torch, solar, ect)
    -raft need to be reworked. i build a raft as large as a barge, bnut cannot carry barely anything without sink it… not logic, need to rework raft physics and carrying capacity.
    -more flexibility with hooks on building, also add it to the raft so we can attach thing like torch or tools, ect
    -a lighthouse, also torch and solar lights need to be seen far, but right now i see it only when im really close, meaning few meters, unlike true lights in black pitch nights

  43. Rob says:

    almost forgot, maybe a little more plant for antidote.. “almost everything” may poison you, and the fork is available only when you have leather. not always lucky to find some in early start. just a little more , a very little

  44. Mike says:

    It would be nice to be able to harvest rainwater, and/or add other ways to collect water.

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