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Balancing Act

This last week or so we’ve been consolidating all the items in the game.
There’s a long list of things to check off for every item – physics, LODs, layers, tags, names, materials, animations, audio, scripts and functionality, texturing, particles and more needed to be confirmed and tested working. Theres a few specific items to finish off, with more functionality we want to add, but even so there’s been a large, large chunk checked off the todo list, so that’s a good feeling 🙂

I’ve also been tidying up the shaders for our new terrain that Ben covered last update. The standard terrain shader softly blends between the different textures…

Terrain Blending_1

Quite simple.. and quite ugly :/ In real life, sand doesn’t just linearly fade into rocks. It falls into the cracks, filling them up, with rocks poking through. With our new terrain system, we’ve been able to incorporate better and more realistic methods to blend between textures while saving some performance at the same time. Win win 😀 ..add some displacement effects and things should really pop and look pretty sweet.

Terrain Blending_2


The long process of balancing items in the game has also begun. Variables like durability, health and damage need to be balanced against each other for all items. No doubt, this is going to be something that continues well into early access development, as we continue to adjust and tweak variables as the game progresses and more players give us their feedback.

We’ve also been nailing down the progression of the game; From your first moments on the plane, familiarising yourself with the controls and mechanics, to the first time you set foot on an island and need to find a crude cutting device to cut down a tree to create a fire, craft a better weapon, etc. The natural progression of the game is also something that needs to be well balanced. It is possible to get straight out there to find some awesome tools and weapons.. but if you haven’t set up some kind of home base, at least a basic food supply, etc, chances are you’re going to die pretty quickly.

So all in all, it’s been a productive few weeks, moving us ever closer to that release build 🙂


Cool shot


Stay Alive!
:: Sam

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